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  1. You have a point Irek, I was planing on using one also to run speakers across the house but I have an avr that would do that a Denon 2801, in your answer to which amp is better, I would think for my scenario (large room size that the more watts would be better as I would expect that i would be pushing the limits at 80w but i do get you point watts vs watts quality)
  2. Hi guys my budget for an intergrated amp is flexible but I was wanting not go crazy up to 5k but would much prefer to spend less on a solid second hand unit
  3. Hi all i am looking for a good amp to drive a pair of ambience slim line 1600 ribion speakers 89db sensitivity 4ohm - the room is very large 10 meters x 15 meters lounge and kitchen. I will be needing a new avr also but mostly listen to 2.1 happy to buy a integrated amp that would drive the front speakers when using stereo and use pre out for the avr when watching a movie which would be rarely. Looking music fidelity ms6i and cambridge audio cxr200 but would I be better of to get something like the Music fidelity 6500i. I am happy to buy second hand will be listening to spotify or driver 99% of the time in stereo with sub . Thanks heaps cheers
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