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  1. Do you mind if I send you a PM. Would like to know more on how to order a pair from Japan if thats ok. Cheers
  2. @kelossus I have been looking up some of the big JBL blue face monitors lately. There is a pair of 4343b for sale in sunshine coast but found the drivers in the 4343b are not alnico drivers. Is there big difference in it between the ferrite and alnico drivers in regards to sound quality? Also there is a pair of JBL 4344 but are located in St Albans. Would they be something worth looking into?
  3. Oh man that would of been great. Your friend must be enjoying them. For you to sell them you must have upgraded to something really good.
  4. Thats a speaker I could definitely live with. I listen to all genres and for me a speaker needs to pull you in and make you enjoy the music. I couldnt care less about being the most detailed for me its all about enjoying the music. I hope one day I can audition them and then buy them lol. I saw the limited 250tis for sale but atm I prefer to try finding a pair locally or within reasonable driving distance first. Have you owned a pair of 250Tis before?
  5. I think ive read almost every review in the last couple of months, watched every youtube video of them and know someone that use to own them and other JBLs and he rates the 250Ti up there with the best. I also love the look of them too. I havnt heard the 250Ti in person but have heard other JBLs and they are definitely speakers I could live with for sure.
  6. Item: JBL 250Ti Price Range: Used Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Hey fellow members. I am currently on the hunt for some JBL 250Ti. I am located in Brisbane and would prefer local pickup first if possible to avoid any possible damages thru shipping/freight, before expanding my searches interstate. In saying that any info about finding a pair would be much appreciated. Cheers
  7. No worries. Didnt mean to kill the add in anyway. Cheers
  8. Sorry my question wasnt towards running overseas amplifiers but what the difference is between an affordable ups powerboard and something from these companies like isotek and ps audio.
  9. I have been meaning to buy a ups powerboard for my system but have never gone around to doing so. Ive seen there are some crazy prices from companies like isotek and ps audio that supply power conditioners and powerboards. Is there are major difference in something affordable like the one in the photo compared to the expensive isotek powerboards that cost 3x the price?
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