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  1. Hey. You may be right but im just quoting on what i saw from the receipts. They were bought for $8000 but about $10,300 was rrp.
  2. Yes it is. They use same drivers found in wilson audio speakers (scanspeak) . The sonics are honestly one of the best speakers ive heard. Have compared them to other speakers north of 20k and the sonics are as good if not better. Combined with the m&k subs this combo is hard to beat.
  3. Further information: Posting on behalf of a friend. Fully active speakers with two miller kreisel subwoofer Speakers are about $11,000 new perth made Subs are about $10,000 new Class A nad pre amp to control speakers n subs Speakers feature scanspeaks drivers and morel tweeters with three amplifier in each speakers to drive the three drivers Subwoofers are miller kreisel mx125 This system has a unique sweet sound that outperforms setups even twice or three times its price. This setup has value for money written all over it. Open to trade for very good power amp. Feel free to message me any questions. Photos:
  4. Further information: Up for sale is my Musical Fidelity M6 500i. This amp is capable of running most speakers with ease and alot of power reserved. 500 watts class AB. Dual mono design which is basically a pre amp with two monoblock power amps in the one chassis. Two massive toroidal transformers inside. Huge heatsinks. This amp weighs around 30kg so it has some good weight for an intergrated amp. Box and original remote included. I Will probably regret selling this but I have given seperates a go and hope someone else will enjoy this amp as much as I did. Shipping avaialble at buyers expense. Photos:
  5. They are from 1960 and are very effecient. Ive paired them with my luxman but I find the sansui a better match. Much more rich and full sound and the bass hits alot harder with the sansui au 101. I dont pass 9 o'clock on the volume knob with the Sansui.
  6. Thankyou coffee. Its a very nice little amp. There a good match with the toshiba speakers. The toshibas are effecient and very easy to drive.
  7. Further information: Beautiful vintage system for sale consisting of Sansui AU 101 amplifier, Sansui SR 212 turntable and Toshiba Model SS15 speakers. All items are in good working condition. Toshiba speakers have cosmetic damage to cabinet given there age but still work very well. Selling only as a package. Photos:
  8. Further information: Selling a pair of fine german made speakers. Sound quality is something you would find in speakers costing much more. Drivers are in good working condition. There are some cosmetic damages which I have showed through photos but other than that, they still sound amazing. Specs: Nominal Impedance - 4ohm Frequency response 35 - 32 000 hz Power handling - 90-170w Option to connect through bi wire. Photos:
  9. Item: Yamaha MX-1 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Just wondering if anyone is selling a Yamaha MX-1 power amp or know of anyone that is. I am located in Brisbane but will be happy to pay for shipping if need be. Cheers Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  10. Leave speaker terminals the same way you had them. No you should be fine because you have them connected in bridge mode. If you have both 368 and 268 left in bridge mono, then you take away the preamp function of the 368 which means now you have both units acting as power amps and now have no pre amp.
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