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  1. Sorry my question wasnt towards running overseas amplifiers but what the difference is between an affordable ups powerboard and something from these companies like isotek and ps audio.
  2. I have been meaning to buy a ups powerboard for my system but have never gone around to doing so. Ive seen there are some crazy prices from companies like isotek and ps audio that supply power conditioners and powerboards. Is there are major difference in something affordable like the one in the photo compared to the expensive isotek powerboards that cost 3x the price?
  3. Just read through it now. Why cant we all share the same voltage around the world lol that would make things much easier.
  4. Thankyou for the information. This will definitely help in future purchases. A friend passed up on a good deal today because the amp was 220v and was unsure if it would be safe to run.
  5. Is 220v products in particular amplifiers safe to use in Australia? Is there a major difference in sound quality between 220v and 240v?
  6. I too also tried calling Andy but got the same reply. Hoping someone could do a service on my Hitachi SR 804 receiver. Love this little unit and want it to last another 30+ years.
  7. Cheers man. There awesome speakers. Very smooth and detailed. The 12inch drivers on these hit hard and allow bass to reach below 30hz. Ive brought them out to the living room which isnt acoustic friendly and yet still sound good.
  8. Further information: They have been kept in good used condition with all drivers and tweeters fully working. These speakers are smooth, detailed and pack a solid punch. They are rated 103db at 8ohms which make them very effecient and easy to drive. I have had them paired with a Luxman L80 rated at 40watts and they make the Coral BX-2000 absolutely sing! The Corals seem to be very room friendly and sound good no matter where you are in the room. Original Grills Included. Audition welcomed. Pick up only. Specifications: System: 3-way, 5-speaker Speakers: 1 x woofer
  9. Very good amp and a great price. Someone will be happy with this for sure. Glwts
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