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  1. Boy you blokes are really into Russian silents.. and Japanese movies. No Carry On fans?
  2. Who remembers the Carry On fillums? Post whatever about them. A little quiz to start the ball rolling. name the core Carry On actors?
  3. Anyone watch Wolf Creek the series. Mick Taylor is how I envisage Ivan Milat.
  4. Any Carry On fans here. If so check out the Carrying On thread. bumping.
  5. I AM MOTHER Also headed to Sundance is dystopian Aussie sci-fi thriller I Am Mother, a film that seems familiar, story-wise, but definitely finds its own niche. Set to make a star out of its Danish lead Clara Rugaard, Grant Sputore's movie introduces viewers to a girl who has been raised in a high-tech underground bunker by a supremely intelligent robot she calls Mother (voiced by Rose Byrne).
  6. THE NIGHTINGALE Jennifer Kent's second feature is a film of darkness, visceral shocks and deep-seated pain. It's a movie that, from the moment its probing images start flickering across the screen, is impossible to forget. And yet, The Nightingale couldn't be more different from Kent's directorial debut, The Babadook.
  7. Who can name this Lancaster flick. Proved to me what a fine actor he was.
  8. oops MrBuzz already answered it. That will teach me to stay away so long.
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