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  1. He is..and here we were thinking he was a machine. Refreshing to see some others scoring the big runs for a change.. with Smithy just an onlooker. Aussies now with a mere 7 more to take what will be a crushing victory
  2. All this talk about playing these Paki kids in the First Test. One is not even 17. Dare they subject a baby to an away game in foreign conditions. I think not. They will go with the status quo of Abbas, Khan, Afridi and possibly the 19 year old Musa.
  3. Reckon you have it spot on about the r/handers. CA has been making a concerted effort to mix left and r/handers in our batting lineup since the start of the Ashes.
  4. Reckon you have it spot on about the r/handers. CA has been making a concerted effort to mix left and r/handers in our batting lineup since the start of the Ashes.
  5. Watched Bloom last week. I agree with this critique. Bloom lacks some finesse, but it's a really engaging series with a gripping and thoughtful premise that you'll want to see through to the end.
  6. Round 4 Shield: Blues have their Test attack as they take on WA at the SCG. Looks like it'll turn into a spinners deck by day 3.. understandably then that both sides have gone in with two tweakers. A belter at Adelaide Oval for the clash between the Redbacks and Tassie while there looks a good covering of grass at the G as the bottom of the table home side and the Bulls do battle.
  7. cultfilman

    The Ashes

    Frustrating yes. But these Ashes had their moments. Smith's herculean performances.. time and again he dug us out of quicksand. Cummins and Hazlewood's expertise with the Dukes. Stokes one off T20 like assault to snatch the game at Leeds.. The lowlites were the umpiring, shoddy fielding, specially the catching. To give Root three lives was unforgiveable. The DRS shambles.
  8. cultfilman

    The Ashes

    "Our batsmen making hay" You mean Smith and perhaps Marnus and Wade. As I see it having no confidence in his openers to build a platform for Smithy and co to go beserk with was the prime reason Paine bowled first. Had we not had a shocker in the field..which gifted the Poms at least 150 runs we were in with a big show to polish off the series and his decision w'd have been vindicated..
  9. cultfilman

    The Ashes

    27. Those with two disciplines to hone usually mature later.
  10. cultfilman

    The Ashes

    Yes sorry to say. Hopefully he is about to turn a corner. That is the best I have seen him bowl. Pressured every batsman.
  11. cultfilman

    The Ashes

    Is the series win starting to slip from our hands? Can Lyon do something. Wishing a repeat by Marsh.. had the swinging ball talking.
  12. cultfilman

    The Ashes

    Yes. Very classy by Mitch. Perhaps now the Aussie public will get behind him. Firstly he has to be more consistent with both bat and ball.
  13. cultfilman

    The Ashes

    You not happy with the inclusion of Marsh. Seems not many are. He did a decent job in the tour game.. on a tricky deck with the bat and swung the Dukes expertly. Give him a chance. He may surprise us all.
  14. cultfilman

    The Ashes

    Hats off too Tim Paine for leading us to this memorable win. He cops far too much flack from no it all keyboard warriors. They forget that he has restored respect in the Australian cricket brand.
  15. cultfilman

    The Ashes

    Now the dust has settled who in our underperforming batting lineup stays and who goes. Just taking a look at the stats. Warner 61@9.8. Does he have sufficient credit in the bank to remain. 2/10 Bancroft: 44 @11. . At least he hung a round and took some shine off the new ball. But he has a glaring tech problem that he seems incapable of rectifying. 3/10 Harris: 46 @11.5. Again he failed to get any starts of substance. 3/10 Khawaja: 122 @20. Never got out of a canter against the moving Dukes. 4/10 Labuchagne: 291 @58. The surprise packet of our side. Showed real character and tenacity and temperament when facing adversity. Great support of our master batsman. 8/10 Smith: Not mush more to say. His runs tally and average are astronomical. 10/10 Head: 191 @27. Started well then dropped off when some substance was required. 5/10 Wade: 201 @25. Made no major impact after his ton in first match. Did show some grit in last innings. 6/10. - - - Updated - - - Now lets run a ruler over our bowling attack. For mine they won us the Ashes. Cummins: 4 -24 @17.3 . Simple. Cummo lived up to his reputation as the current worlds best bowler. 9/10 Hazlewood: 3-18 @ 16.8 The big Tamworth quick has learnt from his last Ashes 4 years ago and showed it with an imposing display of seam bowling. 8/10. Lyon: 4-16 @36. other than his first test the GOAT never lived up to his reputation. 5/10 Pattinson: 2-5 @33. Below expectations. Has lost his venomous pace and presence. 5/10 Siddle: 2-5 @36. His usual wholehearted effort. But lacked the killer blow. Time for greener pasture Sids. 5/10 Starc: 1-4 @31 Other than one spell he was largely ineffective. He does tho have this nagging ability to produce a wicket from nothing and usually when needed. 5/10.
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