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  1. Tim, you better stop posting the stuff i need. you are sending me broke! looking forward to receive another one. cheers. Philip
  2. Hi Barn, As a new member, it makes me feel so good to hear fellow members opinions. Im already reading about Primaluna pres that you mentioned. This evo range must be new from the dialogue series. Really appreciate your input.
  3. Hi, $40,000. Its a lot But now I know a good sound makes me happy. If I dont have to spend that much then obviously it will be so much better for it. Phil.
  4. Hello hifi teachers, I’m new to this forum And I am introducing myself as humbly to learn about getting the best (clean and emotional) sound from the digital music, specially from streaming. I have been listening to naim uniti2 with BW 804D, mostly with tidal for about a year and For quite some time now that I have been wanting for the sound to be more smooth. Becauce I feel the sound from current system is too harsh a lot of times. So I started the journey with tubes because of the tube’s reputation with warm sound. I bought PrimaLuna dialogue hp amp to my uniti2 and it suddenly gave the sound more “authority” in everywhere. So I began to open my eyes to the world of tubes and wanting much more. Now I want to use tube pre with a better streamer. This is where I would like some advises on the set up. What is the best (I know it is different to everyone’s individual taste) set up from steaming to tube to speakers(a good match for PrimaLuna?) my budget is around 40000 and I listen mostly vocal and acoustic. I bought PrimaLuna because i can just turn it on and wait for few minutes and start listening. Perfect for my limited knowledge on tubes. Any advise and experiences will be very much appreciated it. Also I’d like buy musics that I listen from tidal, any advise where I could start will also be welcome. Thanking you guys in advance.
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