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  1. Nice choice, great speakers. Looking at your setup there I think your speakers are just begging for some iso accoustic speaker stands to get them off that table.. I tried it with some other monitors I own and was super impressed with the result
  2. Wow @arthurp..that’s some seriously nice gear behind your Voiceboxes with that setup 😃 must be a real joy. I got the PS Stellar 700 mono blocks driving mine controlled by a PS DirectStream as a pre amp and DAC plus a few other bits n pieces...including a Rhythmic Audio 12inch servo sub, can’t wait to set it all up again!
  3. Nice setup @Odyssey, thanks for sharing.. I did try to find some second hand LS88’s at one stage but gave up as there isn’t a lot in Perth obviously, the whole LS line was great in any case. I actually stayed with Axis upon upgrading (and not due to blind brand loyalty) I bought the Axis VoiceBox S after auditioning them at Wyn’s listening room (Simply Hi-Fi). They made product of the month there and it was obvious to see why! Great to see Reilly and Serhan collaboration on this design, brilliant result. I should note these puppies do like a powerful amp behind them to bring out their best. (No pics as my system is packed up currently 😑)
  4. Cheers @Eagleeyes, nice to hear from a few of you who have had first hand experience with Axis speakers. I have had many years of enjoyment from these and couldn't have made a better investment for the money at the time IMO. I'm hoping these will find a good home with someone getting into hi-fi, not a bad place to start that's for sure..
  5. Item: Axis LS38 Loudspeakers Location: Perth Price: $375 Item Condition: Perfect condition and working order aside from one small corner dent show in picture. Always been taken care since I bought them new (~$1100) from Clifford at Audio Synergy Reason for selling: upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash only Extra Info: Australian made by John Reilly at Axis voicebox - exceptional speakers for the price. Includes a full sets of spikes and floor protectors. PICKUP only. Thanks for looking Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Hi Austy. Not sure if you still have the LS38’s... but you should be spiking or decoupling your speakers in any scenario as preciously mentioned. I have tried both extensively owning these for 22years..(bought them from Cliff at Audio Synergy in Perth) Best result I found (and also the most expensive I might add) is definitely decoupling with IsoAcoustics ISO 200 stands.. this reduces that resonant boominess, removes some mid range smear and just opens them up as far as sound stage separation. I was super sceptical at first after using spikes for eons, decoupling is a very different approach..but one Im sticking with. Enjoy
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