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  1. This receiver is probably not capable of HDMI audio, just video passthrough. I've seen other Sony receiver STR DA1200ES has the same problem. Likely HDMI was new at that time.
  2. Firstly your centre speaker tweeter should be at your ear level. If it's placed above or below your TV/screen then tilt it to aim its tweeter towards your ear. If your floor is untreated then the reflection may cause muddy dialogue. Placing a rug may solve it. You also can raise dialogue level on your Yamaha settings or increase centre speaker level. Most people advice to stick to same brand and model for Front LCR speakers for same tonality.
  3. Yamaha RX-A2080 has up to 9.2 channel processing, while Denon AVR-X4500H has up to 11.2 channel processing which you can future upgrade to 7.1.4 if desired. Yamaha is better known for reliability, but Denon has the upper edge with Audyssey EQ which can improve sound quality better. Between the two I would go with Denon.
  4. I've seen Denon AVR 4308 sell for $500, bigger brother of 3808. I'd go with at least $400 if it's in good condition.
  5. Hi stereo.net community, I'm from Melb. I first found this forum from classified ads, but then I found myself enjoying reading some threads around. My main interest is surround speaker setup for movies and games. I also enjoy listening a bit of music, so roughly 40/40/20.
  6. Because your room is open it's better off getting ported sub, but if you must go for sealed I recommend buy one sb 2000 first then save up for second sub. Either way, dual is better than single sub as the entire room will get more even frequency response for you + family to enjoy.
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