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  1. I would have been very keen if these were in Melbourne. Some things were just not meant to be
  2. Sometimes the simplest solution is the most brilliant. I hadn't thought of that. Thought about taking it off and painting it again, but not sure I could've done a good enough job, so will leave it to the new owner to do. But the turning it around, I'm pretty sure I can do that. Thanks very much
  3. No, I don't see me travelling to Sydney in the near future. If it helps, I think you can get people to deliver speakers between VIC and NSW for about $300. Last time I checked anyway.
  4. Wow. I had no idea how many people want these. I'll reply to each person in the order I received the messages. Thanks for your interest everyone.
  5. Jamo 7.7 / D590 Speakers These are probably the most famous of the Jamo speakers. They made these for about 20 years before they stopped. Then they started making them again as a 50th anniversary edition. Still one of the best speakers Jamo ever made. Each speaker has a curved lute shape. 1 x 1" tweeter 2 x 5" mids 1 x 8" woofer (down firing underneath) These are the 'beech' finish, which is the lighter wood colour. In excellent condition other than some damage to the bottom of one of the plinths (see photo). There are very big and heavy so pickup only please from 3028
  6. 4 x Neotech Locking Banana Plugs I believe these sell for $10/ea. Selling all 4 for $10. These are advertised as up to 14AWG but I'm certain they will take much bigger cables. Judging by the hole, I reckon it'll take up to 8AWG, but please do your research.
  7. Cable Talk Talk 3.1 Speaker Cables 2 x Bi Wire (4 cores) 1 x 3.5m 1 x 3m 1 x Single Wire (2 cores) 1 x 3.5m In good condition. The cables are very thick, I'm guessing round 12 AWG, maybe bigger.
  8. QED XT Evolution Reference Speaker Cables 3 x lengths approx 1m each Terminated with Nakamichi banana plugs In good condition Looks to me to be around 12 - 14 AWG, but was not able to confirm.
  9. I'm sure these will fit into your sedan. I've carried enough speakers in my car to know what speakers will fit. If your back seats fold back, you can put them into the boot. If your back seats don't fold back, you can put them across the back seats.
  10. I've had many Jamo subs which have failed. I believe the common theme is that the yellow glue they use harden over time and end up being conductive. I had taken a sub to the Jamo distributor and they charged me $80 to tell me that the amp needed replacing. The board was something like $400-500 for a SUB550 plus another $80 to install it. I took it to a guy who was supposed to be an old school technician who works at the component level. He looked at it and said the amp needed replacing and that he could do it for me if I bought a new board. I believe the most common fault is the output transistors short out and will need replacing. Then all the bad glue needs to be removed. Then find the component which cause the output transistors to be shorted to be replaced. I'm not tech, but it sounded like too much work for not worth the effort. Maybe there's smarter people than me with an easy fix, but in the end I sold off the sub for parts as I didn't see any way of fixing it econoically.
  11. Really want these. Pity they're not in VIC. Someone is going to be a Bargain with a Capital B!
  12. 1 or 2 of them? Why not the original Jamo ones?
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