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  1. Hi. How does the region changing work on this model? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the welcome audiofeline and RussB!
  3. Hi. Does the Sony CDP-S41 CD have a remote? Thanks
  4. Hello, I just found the Stereonet while looking for info on stereo components. My four year old has managed to munt (wreck) our Panasonic cd discman, and my TDK Tremor S-150R speaker system (probably a blessing in disguise). So I have been searching over the last couple of weeks for a new stereo. At first I listened to the Audio Pro Addon C10 which I liked the sound, but I did not really need or want a lot of it's features. Then I listened to a Yamaha NX-N500 powered speaker system which I quite liked. After that I listened to a Cambridge Audio CXA60 paired with a Focal Chorus 605 book shelf speakers and was really impressed. My wife was not so impressed by the price of the amp and speakers. So I went for second hand. I managed to find a NAD C326Bee amplifier at Cash Convertors. Then I bought some B&W V.201 bookshelf speakers that I liked the sound, from Gumtree. The first thing my son did was pull off the speaker grills and when I was not there, then he pushed in the dust caps on the speakers. My son really wanted to hear the speaker play music and imagined that the speaker cones would bounce up and down like on one of the cartoons he watches! I managed to pull the speaker dust caps back with the vacuum cleaner. I have been playing some of my Sony NW-A40 music player through the amp. Today I hooked up my Toshiba bluray player to the amp to play CD's. At first I was wondering if I had bought the right speakers and I was second doubting myself, but the speakers sounded better listening to CD's and the speakers are growing on me. The bluray player sounded quite good, but I can imagine a dedicated CD player would sound better. I may have a look for a 2nd hand CD Player. Thanks everyone. See you around!
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