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  1. Hello I want to buy bookshelf speakers for daily use which means that I can use it any time. I have 2 choices, namely: Epos ELS-8 and KEF Cresta 2. For daily use and the genres I play are mostly Jazz and Blues. Both instrumental and vocal, which one is better in vocal quality (smoother) and better bass response? thanks
  2. Lenco is synonymous with AC Motor, I have an L75 and it can't be completely silent, but it doesn't disturb the sound of the motor at all
  3. Dear friends Compare 2 Denon integrated amplifiers: PMA-1080R vs PMA-890D / DG (old) Which is better in terms of sound quality produced? The difference between the endings R and D in Denon, does D refer to Digital, while R refers to what? Thank you
  4. dynaudio is quite expensive... my budget is between 150-250 USD
  5. yeah a lot of Japanese manufacturers are more interesting, I'm just interested in the brand because it's quite rare in the market ... for tech AV Receivers, I prefer Denon or Onkyo for music
  6. Hello, I am curious about the Cambridge Audio SX-50 speaker. I plan to combine it with the Denon PMA-1080R stereo amplifier (105 wpc). I plan to use this speaker to set the daily music, so I will use it like using Mini-Hifi, where I need practicality and ease of use without compromising sound quality. I want to ask how the BASS RESPONSE of this speaker, is it deep, punchy, and has a good low frequency response? or the bass light? The music genres that I often play are Jazz, Vocal Jazz, Classical, and the like Thank you
  7. Hello I want to try to buy a Carver HR-895 AV Receiver, does anyone here use this AV receiver? how is the performance especially for 2 stereo channels? thank you
  8. thank you for the input, yes I think, I am suitable to use this Denon PMA-1080R My speaker will try to use Cambridge Audio SX-50, I have this speaker and I will use it. Do you have experience using Denon amplifiers too?
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