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  1. Dear friends Compare 2 Denon integrated amplifiers: PMA-1080R vs PMA-890D / DG (old) Which is better in terms of sound quality produced? The difference between the endings R and D in Denon, does D refer to Digital, while R refers to what? Thank you
  2. dynaudio is quite expensive... my budget is between 150-250 USD
  3. yeah a lot of Japanese manufacturers are more interesting, I'm just interested in the brand because it's quite rare in the market ... for tech AV Receivers, I prefer Denon or Onkyo for music
  4. Hello, I am curious about the Cambridge Audio SX-50 speaker. I plan to combine it with the Denon PMA-1080R stereo amplifier (105 wpc). I plan to use this speaker to set the daily music, so I will use it like using Mini-Hifi, where I need practicality and ease of use without compromising sound quality. I want to ask how the BASS RESPONSE of this speaker, is it deep, punchy, and has a good low frequency response? or the bass light? The music genres that I often play are Jazz, Vocal Jazz, Classical, and the like Thank you
  5. Hello I want to try to buy a Carver HR-895 AV Receiver, does anyone here use this AV receiver? how is the performance especially for 2 stereo channels? thank you
  6. thank you for the input, yes I think, I am suitable to use this Denon PMA-1080R My speaker will try to use Cambridge Audio SX-50, I have this speaker and I will use it. Do you have experience using Denon amplifiers too?
  7. hello, do you still use until today ?
  8. Hi, why are you selling The Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 75th anniversary, does it quite good and also rare speaker? only 2000 pairs in the world
  9. Hi Felix do the Cambridge Audio SX-50 also good in bass response? quite punchy for its size? I mean bass sound from jazz music, thank you
  10. thank you for all your suggestion so I would really choose Denon PMA-1080R. Is this amplifier powerful enough with 105 watts per channel (stereo)? I will connect many analog devices to this amplifier, is it suitable? What about the sound character of this Denon PMA-1080R? thank you
  11. Hello, I plan to make a simple audio system, where my main needs are listening to music in stereo and listening to the radio. Some of the inputs that I will enter into this amplifier / receiver are: 1. Android TV Box-For Youtube 2. HD Media Player - to play from HDD Music FLAC files, etc. 3. CD Player 4. Cassette Player 5. Turntable I was confronted with 2 choices of amplifiers which actually cannot be compared face to face, namely: AV Receiver Yamaha RX-V850 and Denon PMA-1080R Integrated Stereo Amplifier In terms of musical quality, good sound character for stereo music, also good for playing analog sources (Cassette Player and Turntable) which one should I choose? Thank you
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