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  1. That sounds like a fair price. Let it warm up and test all functions. Try recording some music and playing it back, make sure the VU meters are working. Also make sure the reels stop on fast forward and rewind without tape spooling. Do you know the full history of the unit? as repairs are expensive. It sounds like a nice unit though. If you are in Sydney Nagravox can check it out and service it if necessary. The advantage with Revox is that spares are still available although relatively expensive. Good luck with it if you decide to purchase. Good ones are appreciating in value. Yes, a few weeks ago, I have tried with my friend (seller) some songs from Ingram Washington, Nat King Cole, and sound amazing. Rewind, Fast Forward, Pause, Play are fine For recording function, my friend have tried and what we are hearing last weeks is the result of recording itself. 2 VU meters still working very well and well-balanced, L and R. one thing that I don't know was braking system, for example when we are fast forwarding/or rewinding and then we stop, the tape is still in good tension or not, we must check again, do you mean spooling as this condition? About the history, I don;t know and I did not ask, is this question important ? but I have some reports from my friend that have checked the inner condition also all function of This PR99 is all original parts and work very well without any issue, my friend is technician of reel to reel and turntable and I can trust him Thanks
  2. ok noted..I'll visit. For price and pressing.. Pressing : many of Australian Record store sell UK/USA Press or there's also available Japan pressing? Price : How about comparin if we buying online or in Japan, maybe?
  3. so, in this time I have offer from my friend of Revox PR-99 MK1, which is in very beautiful condition both cosmetics, very mint, and the all the function working very well, The head condition is ok for it's age and have no problem with it. The offer is AUD1350, it comes with : unit, 1 pair of 10,5" reel no brand, 1 pair of NAB adapter Revox original, 1 pair of AES/EBU connector to RCA original from Revox, some 2 track, 15 LPS pre recorded tapes.. what do you think ?
  4. many thanks, I'll visit Birdland and Vintage Record both located in Brisbane?
  5. my favourite and the only one I ike just jazz, so maybe the match one only Birdland Records? Many thanks for all suggestion
  6. Happy hear that, so you prefer 819 over 919 ?
  7. I have bought AU-D707 from my friend here in Indonesia, He bought from Japan seller/website. Cosmetic is almost like new and the function as well. Well built Amp with Japan standard quality (Japan Domestic Market) Happy with it
  8. This turntable fully helped for daily spinning, good sensor for every vinyl size
  9. Hello Need name of Store in Sidney and Brisbane to buy Vinyl, and please give a little review of stores.. Many thanks
  10. Hi friends anyone here use Revox PR-99 MK1 ? what if it compared with Revox B77 all variants (MK1,MK2,MK3), balanced i/o from PR99 vs unbalanced i/o from B77, is it result in sound quality, I hear the Op-Amps design is huge different between PR99 and B77 ? Thank you
  11. anyone here use Japanes model of AU-819 named AU-D707 ? what about sound quality ?
  12. Indonesian IP difficult to sign in, I have tried so many times but it is failed But thank you for your link
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