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  1. Hi Friend I need little review anybody who use JVC VN 900 : - how about sound characteristic? - how about phono capability, is it suitable for playing turntable? Thanks
  2. hello anyone use SANSUI AU-D707 ?
  3. hei, anybody know market price for Sansui AU-D707 in mint condition ?
  4. Hi, need advise for Sansui AU-D707 - is this amplifier powerful enough? - what is characteristic of it's sound? I mean bright, warm, or other nuance? - I usually playing Jazz music, 60% from vinyl, 30% from cassette dan the rest from CD, is this amplifier suitable? I use ADS L470/2 loudpspeaker thank you
  5. Hello I am comparing 2 amplifiers as follows ; Technics SU-8080 and Pioneer SA-9100 mainly use of the Amps is for playing the turntable so which one better feature or adjusting for Phono side, like capacitance, resistance or level and which one support MC cartridge ? Thank you
  6. I'm still confusing, some friends in Indonesia here state that is MM cartrdige, sorry if you see this question twice
  7. Hi friends Need information for Ortofon MC Q10 (pics as follows) Is this cartridge MM or MC ? Thank you
  8. Hello I plan to buy CD player, with considering class and quality, from these 3 options : 1. NAD C542 HDCD CD Player 2. Rotel RCD-1072 HDCD CD Player 3. Adcom GCD-575 TDA1541A DAC CD Player which one will be for warm, detail dan natural sound reproduction character? Thank you
  9. Hallo pak Terimakasih, cukup banyak Pak
  10. Hello Thank you(terima kasih) happy to meet you
  11. Hello thank you and happy joining this forum
  12. Is that methods comparable when I use simple a phono stage pre amp? or less maybe with that method? Thanks
  13. Hello Can I use a Pre Amplifier or Integrated Amplifier that has 2 Phono inputs (Vintage Amplifier) that I function as Phono Stage / Phono Pre-Amp? Where to connect it as follows: - Turntable 1 and Turntable 2 I connect with the pre-amp that I made the phono stage pre amp - Then output the pre amp out of the pre amp I connect to aux from another pre amp can I apply it to my system? whether the function of the bass, treble, volume, etc. from the pre amp that I entered 2 turntables (I made the Phono Pre Amp) can still be used? thank you
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