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  1. Bought accessories from them and would recommend for sure. Fast turnaround and postage.
  2. Some interesting new features and some much needed updates, but all overshadowed by the move to subscription. With what is essentially a file player (ie no actual content of its own) I'm not sure subscription will play well with users, particularly with existing users. Roon at least can argue that their metadata is what you're subscribing to. Audirvana Studio will be 1/2 the cost of Roon I guess so its not a lot (about $6 a month) but all these subscriptions are making my head spin... I think I'll try out the trial and see how it stacks up next to v3.5 and Roon.
  3. The amp I use has stereo sub outs so I go sub outs to Sub6. The speakers are running full range. So I guess you're going sub then amp?
  4. Sub6 owner here. I've not had any thump/crack noises at all. I always turn on the amp first (its valve so takes a few minutes to startup) then turn on the Sub6. The integration using the Contour 20 preset is great, basically never 'hear' the sub at all, its completely seamless and perfectly integrated.
  5. And people say vinyl is a PITA haha 😀
  6. I agree it does need more polish, compared to Roon its really 2nd rate. If they can get the UI to match the sound quality I'll be a very happy camper!
  7. Audirvàna will be having a Facebook launch of their new Audirvàna Studio version on Sunday May 9th 6pm CET. From the ad in the June What HiFi it appears internet radio will be introduced as well as visual updates.
  8. The UI and overall feel of Audirvana are definitely much less sophisticated than Roon. It works fine, does all the basics with no problem, I've not had any issues with v3.5 at all; it's stable and error free. But yeah, you pay a lot for Roon's superior UI and networking that's for sure. Having compared the two I think Audirvana does sound slightly better than Roon, which sounds marginally flatter.
  9. @Honreekea Definitely 3 month trial here via Audirvana; Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.44. J
  10. If you own Audirvana there's a link provided (code) in the preferences where you connect your account that gives you a 3 month free trial of Qobuz.
  11. Glad to hear you're back up and running Clay. Kompakt is an amazing DAC and an absolute hi-end bargain!
  12. Pretty much everything I'm interested in says 'Temporarily unavailable online'... hmmm Edit: 20% off appears to have finished (2nd Apr) anyway.
  13. Polymer by Plaid. One of my favourite electronic/hybrid/experimental albums and finally I have it on vinyl!
  14. Absolutely agree. If the item is shown as in stock and the item purchased before midday then the courier/post should be booked that day, with pickup the following day. The trouble is IMO a lot of retailers are promoting their business as an online seller but in reality don't have the infrastructure for online selling. Once they have the money the customer is at their mercy unfortunately.
  15. Ah, so it's just untitled album, cool. Yes I'm liking it a lot, I'll look up those others you mention, cheers!
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