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  1. Glad to hear you're back up and running Clay. Kompakt is an amazing DAC and an absolute hi-end bargain!
  2. Pretty much everything I'm interested in says 'Temporarily unavailable online'... hmmm Edit: 20% off appears to have finished (2nd Apr) anyway.
  3. Polymer by Plaid. One of my favourite electronic/hybrid/experimental albums and finally I have it on vinyl!
  4. Absolutely agree. If the item is shown as in stock and the item purchased before midday then the courier/post should be booked that day, with pickup the following day. The trouble is IMO a lot of retailers are promoting their business as an online seller but in reality don't have the infrastructure for online selling. Once they have the money the customer is at their mercy unfortunately.
  5. Ah, so it's just untitled album, cool. Yes I'm liking it a lot, I'll look up those others you mention, cheers!
  6. Update on this one; Chris (cafe latte) retipped for me which fixed the problem and provided a great upgrade in the process, so a happy camper here with a straight stylus again! Quick turnaround, great to deal with, highly recommended. The new stylus is a vast improvement on the stock Ania! Cheers..
  7. Unfortunately this seems to be the norm. Not sure what the cause is, it could well be heat somewhere.
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