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  1. Item: PMC twotwo.6 Active Monitors (Pair) with Argosy Spire 420Xi stands and RC1 remote Location: South Australia Price: $5000 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Change in circumstances Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: PMC twotwo.6 RRP: $7,499 /pair Argosy Spire 420Xi RRP: $1,000 /pair Award winning active monitors from PMC. Suitable for studio or home use. High powered class D amplification for each driver and sophisticated DSP make the twotwo.6 an incredible sounding speaker for any use case. Completely neutral and with crazy detail the twotwo.6 is a true high end monitor. These have been used in a smoke free environment for both light mixing work and for music listening. Analog and digital audio inputs (XLR/RCA) as well as connections for the remote (supplied) and linking. I've put some links below for details on functions, specifications etc. Excellent condition, these have been well cared for since I purchased them in 2017 (I can PM receipt to interested buyer if required). Both boxes, manual, cords and accessories as well as the optional RC1 remote. Argosy Spire 420Xi stands are a rigid, stable solution with IsoAcoustic platforms built in. Quite large and heavy, they can be dismantled and packed if required but would prefer to keep as-is. https://pmc-speakers.com/products/professional/active/twotwo6 https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/pmc-twotwo-5-6 https://www.audiobuy.com.au/pmc-twotwo-6-active-studio-reference-monitor-pair-australia-price https://argosyconsole.com/spire/spire-xi https://awave.com.au/shop/accessories/studio-furniture-stands/argosy-420xi-speaker-stands-pair/ Located in country SA near Clare (5453) so would prefer an SA purchaser; I can deliver to most northern/central suburbs of Adelaide if required. Any shipping will have to be organised by the buyer, I'm happy to drop off to depot etc if required and can work in with buyer on this. Any questions etc welcome. Thanks! Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Are these 4m x2 (each run is 4m) or 2x 2m runs?
  3. If only I had a ginormous listening room...
  4. Wow, dreamy speakers.. wonder if I can sell my car haha
  5. Great transport. Pity its outside my budget at the moment 🤫
  6. Nobody got to hear any 500 series Fyne in Australia?
  7. Interesting.. there seems to be differing opinions on Dyns and their 'hard to drive' nature. Some seem to advocate high current as the critical element needed as opposed to power whereas some think high powered SS amps work best.. Obviously trialing amp and speaker together would be the ideal scenario but unfortunately thats not possible. Thanks for the replies!
  8. Thanks alex87 appreciate the reply. Hmm you've kind of confirmed my thoughts. It's interesting because Dyns don't really present a difficult load apart from being low sensitivity.
  9. Anyone here got experience with Dynaudio's and in particular the Special 40? I'm considering a pair and would appreciate any opinions on how they will go with a moderately powered tube amp (PrimaLuna 40W). Medium sized room at the moment (rented) but that could change. I have read that Dyn's like plenty of power so am worried that 40W just won't cut the mustard... Cheers!
  10. Beautiful speakers, if I lived in QLD I'd grab them for sure!
  11. F501 looks very interesting, 90dB sensitivity so might work well with lower powered tubes.. Wonder how tight the bottom end is on these for a medium-ish room..
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