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  1. Thanks for the suggestions of Whest and Icon Audio. Its amazing just how many different phono pre's are available with all sorts of design philosophies.
  2. I'd suggest the amp is the weak link. Plenty of great options at under 5K...
  3. Tomorrows Harvest is my favourite BOC album. I've bought three copies of this one and unfortunately they are all quite noisy pressings, even with thorough cleaning which is unfortunate. Still, its the music that counts so can't get too bent out of shape
  4. Yep the Dyn P-75 Mk IV is on there! Its actually quite inexpensive, which is a definite plus. 👍
  5. Lots of interesting options being posted, appreciate all your input! Re the Rega Aria MK3, I had considered that as a logical upgrade but I've had issues with hum/noise with the Fono MC. Many of the options seem to use an outboard power supply so assume that would mitigate any potential for noise? Graham Slee and Manley added to the growing list (Although the Chinook is 4.5K 😰 )
  6. Primare R35 and OAD noted. Doesn't seem to be a lot of info around on the OAD that I can see.
  7. Must admit I'd never even heard of the Dynavector, the PE mode sounds intriguing! Thanks
  8. So the upgrade bug has bitten. I'm thinking of swapping out my Rega Fono MC MK2 for something a bit more serious. I run Rega MC cartridges exclusively (Ania atm, Apheta 3 down the track). Looking for a real taste of the high-end but at a more, erm, realistic cost.. so budget is around $1500 - $2600 and maybe a bit higher if something really compelling jumped out, or lower if S/H etc. So what would you have on your shortlist? And why? Cheers!
  9. +1 for some sort of solution in/around Adelaide
  10. Anybody that cares about artists being fairly treated, ie paid appropriately, shouldn't use a streaming service at all. I'm actually surprised Neil has his catalogue on such services, unless he gets so many plays it makes it worth his while.
  11. I very strongly urge anyone using Australia Post to pony up a bit extra and use Express Post. They explicitly state that they will prioritise Ex Post and that standard is subject to lengthy delays.
  12. At that price it seems worthwhile to take a punt and see how it goes... Pity it will only ship after July next year, and that's if the manufacturing goes smoothly.. could be a significant wait.
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