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  1. Further information: Shipping (Australia metro areas) and insurance allowance is included in price. Paypal fees at buyer's cost Excellent Condition Silver Aluminium Case I purchased this unit as new in July 2019 from Shenzhen Audio. It will be shipped will all original original packaging (box in box). Includes Unit itself, AU mains power cord, remote control, USB cable, 2 x wifi antenna and User Manual (English and Chinese language). The Matrix Element X can drive a set of headphones, active speakers or an amp and passive speakers. It does D
  2. OK, not sure if adding an additional component will make any improvements your system sounds pretty hi end already! I have not heard the Aqua or Passlabs but have heard the A class amplification is pretty hard to beat assuming your DAC is doing a good job. Also, youtube audio quality is probably dependant on the quality of the upload, I don't know the actual specs of audio over youtube. Anyway, good luck Mike - I am sure if you go through the various forums you will find some members with the expertise to add their opinion on what you are trying to achieve. Cheers and all the best
  3. Sure Mike, firstly I went with EX because it has a built in DAC, whereas the CX does not have a built in DAC. The combination of EX plus CX is apparently better but I haven't heard that combination yet! So with the EX you can get server, renderer and DAC in one unit. In terms of suggestions around watching YouTube performances - nice choices by the way - the solution(s) would depend on what your set up equipment is. It would help to understand what equipment you are planning on watching youtube with and what connections you already have, e.g. will it be TV, PC, apple ipad.
  4. Welcome Mike. Classical music is one category I listen to a fair bit, and I am currently playing music files FLAC 44.1 up to 96 from Antipodes EX (New Zealand based company) with a P1 CD ripper. That is, I am relying on the Antipodes for CD to digital file, purchased Hi-Res FLAC files, server, renderer and DAC functions with analogue out ready for pre-amp/amp etc. I have a couple of hi res classical recordings in particular where I find the ability of this unit to maintain very true-to-life sound from difficult sources such as piano, strings and unaccompanied voice is pretty high i
  5. No pickup or audition available - shipping only. I have included an allowance in the price which should cover shipping and insurance. Further information: I have enjoyed listening to music via roon using the Hugo M Scaler paired with the Hugo TT2 DAC on my main system for several months. However recently I added an Antipodes EX server and tried the Antipodes built-in analog outputs, despite Antipodes themselves suggesting the use of a separate DAC (I quote from the Antipodes website: “We have added one notable feature to the EX, a good sounding stereo analog output. Customers movi
  6. Welcome Jarrod I agree with @Bill125812. Stereonet is probably my main resource these days (mainly as a reader than a poster), however I also find it useful to watch video channels from elsewhere around the internet by audio enthusiasts - especially for making sense of newer gear. For example Hans Beekhuyzen presents equipment and he describes how to include it in your system with the help of network diagrams, as well as comparing and contrasting. Not all the equipment he presents is readily available here as he is based in Europe, but it you have been other
  7. Hi The_Doctor, I was just about to put my black node 2 on the classifieds and saw your post. I have had it since new. Note it is the previous generation, I have recently upgraded to the more recent model which is called a node 2i which has additional feature being apple airplay. The node 2 is a great streamer and is also a pretty good DAC. It can also serve digital out if you want to put a different DAC in to the system. There are auto firmware updates via internet, so this unit is up to date. Very reliable unit, never have had any issues. I would be willing to part with
  8. Welcome John, haha relapsed audiophile : ). I have noticed there are a few youtubers who claim to be recovering audiophiles these days. Brash's ... yes I remember them well! I can remember purchasing cassette tapes and later having to use a greylead pencil to rewind the tape on to the spool when a tape player tried chewing them up. Don't really miss that technology.
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