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  1. Not sure about the super glue, but will keep the thought as a backup I have been to Bunnings to see about the screws, but not something the have. But, I may look to swap them all, so they match Might also get some gold looking screws from the cartridge
  2. I might get a new belt as well Don’t think it’s been used, but may need a spare at some stage
  3. Hi, Just wondering if someone can give me a steer? I bought a showroom demo Pro-Ject 10 Evolution turntable. A few marks and missing stuff lead to a great price. Would like to address the issues 1. Screw missing to the acrillic lid 2. One of the magnetic feet - one of the circular magnet ps has broke in half Thanks
  4. Hi, Looking for some advice. I have Pro-Ject Evolution 10 and now fitted Quintet Black MC cartridge. This I turn is connected to a Project Phono Pre Amp Phone Box RS. What settings should I use on the pre amp, being a newbie, I am struggling with understanding the presets on the rear and/or gain dial on the front. Thanks
  5. Just bough my first records Second hand “War Of the Worlds” “Simon and Garfunkel’s - Greatest Hits”
  6. Hi, i have bought myself a turntable, phono pre amp and now looking forward to buy a few records. The reason seems strange, but when I started looking for turntable, it was on the basic that I wanted to play a record my farther gifted me when I was moving to Australia 6 years ago from the UK. Now, 6 years later, I finaly got around to buying the turntable and I can find the gifted record (Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge over Troubled Waters). Will be first on my list. So the journey begins - Just need to put it all together and connect it up Turntable Pro-Ject Evolution 10 - Mahogany Phono Pre Amp Pro-Ject Phone Box RS Power Amp Emotive Gen 3 - 7 Channel Speakers Mordaunt Short 902’ and 903’ And for the Home Surround Sound System Surround Sound Yamaha 6068 HTR Speaker Klipsch R802F, R52C, R51M and 2 x R120 SW And I also have a pair AE 101 and a 301 Bookshelf’s (not sure what to do with these) Thanks
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