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  1. Have been very pleased with my current setup. Just need to get some kind of separate cabinet for the TT atm to have a less awkward setup and probably move the speakers onto the desk then. Special shoutout to @aasza for the pieces speakers rec. Quite satisfied. And the guys who rec'd the jaycar preamp as well. Thanks all of you guys. Will be back in a year when I'm inevitably dissatisfied with something
  2. Yeah I was mulling the cost of a decent avr and decided my budget was too low and it wouldn't make sense to pair it with such cheap speakers. I dunno about this whole vinyl thing. I got into it because someone gave me one of those crappy all-in-one things for free (pictured below) which gave me incentive to start buying vinyl and I ended up collecting a fair amount of music I'm loathe to part with now (even though it would make more financial sense to take the loss selling them and go purely digital). I was however extremely dissatisfied with my listening setup and disassembled the damn thing to leave just a spinning platter I'll reuse for something else. Plus I bought the project-TT last week. I'm not sure about those floorstanding speakers you linked above. This is the space I have to work with(small unit shared with housemate). https://imgur.com/a/apVzmv7 I was thinking maybe these bookshelves https://www.amazon.com/Edifier-R1280DB-Bluetooth-Bookshelf-Speakers/dp/B0719C132V for $125 aud new local pickup since it has decent reviews for it's price(which isn't aussie-inflated) and optical-in that would let me connect the TV as well as inbuilt Bluetooth that let's me stream music (especially downloaded stuff on my apple music cloud). I'd also avoid the headache of an amp/receiver since they're powered speakers. These speakers would be a stopgap for like a year-ish (or 2 since there's a bunch of Stereolab reissues I have my eye on lol) till I put away more cash/do more research.
  3. I bought this turntable and it should be here in a week. Gear I've settled on is Pre-amp: 40 shipped. Good reviews. Will not upgrade for a couple of years and perhaps never. Amplifier ($50 to $100) - I'm thinking of getting a used modern mid-range AV Receiver that had good reviews. This way I can connect my housemate's sub and TV(optical out only) to it so we can watch movies in 2.1(she has a soundbar but it's kinda muffled). Could also connect my PS3 to the AVR or run audio through TV and out AVR. Not much of a gamer anyway. Thinking amps in a modern AVR would be better than in an overpriced vintage receiver which has electronics that might crap out? Speakers: The tricky part. Someone's selling JPW Mini Monitors for 50aud( will try to haggle them down to 30aud). Internet reviews makes them seem ok if you get them for a song. https://imgur.com/s96O2AF.jpg Seller said they'd post a pic of the other speaker later tonight but I dunno if I need re-foaming and stuff? Otherwise I might not bother buying. Logic with speakers is I need some kind of stereo sound out now to tidy me over while I save up money, do research and go around listening to various speakers till I develop my taste for what I want. So why not go cheap as chips and put the money towards my speakers piggybank?
  4. @aussievintage how's the jaycar preamp holding up? Stuck between it and the behringer pp400 since the latter has a 3 year warranty
  5. The basic $399 one without a pre-amp seems hella cash. If someone else can vouch for it I will wake up in 6hrs and buy it immediately and be done with turntables. I'm so tired
  6. Ok I didn't go to sleep. I am now heading firmly towards a Rega Planar 1. Addicted to Audio has it in-stock locally for $495 and will let me zippay it. The other store that had the project debut carbon on zippay is over east and are charging 555 shipped ( or 567 with signature and insured). More expensive, risky and takes longer to get here and while the internet says it's a coin-toss between the two TT's, this one guy with an in-depth youtube review says the Rega 1 is better than the debut carbon https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=830&v=MuuOgT0XBK0 I think I'm keen on zippay since I can use the cash I have now to buy other components for the system and slowly pay the TT off and just start listening. Debut carbon in red looks hella cool though
  7. Just ignore all this. I'm gonna finish this tea, calm my ****, go to bed and put money aside for a project debut carbon and figure out speakers later
  8. Hi newbie dumbass here again seeking advice on first setup. JB HiFi has the AT-LP120 for 416.50 on sale right now which is on par with Amazon US retail. I was gonna get another store that has ZipPay to price-match them. I was also thinking of getting the Edifier R-1280DB to go with them https://www.edifier.com/au/en/speakers/r1280db-bluetooth-bookshelf-speakers-built-in-amplifier-coaxial-optical Line of thought Pre-amp on the TT + powered bookshelf speakers = more money saved. I would hook up the speakers to both the tv(optical audio) and TT and easily switch input with the remote. I live in a small unit (and will be living in small-ish spaces for the foreseeable future) hence the speakers plus the R1280s speakers seem to have decent reviews and don''t have Aus-Tax gouging. The speakers also have bluetooth which would be great for gatherings and also I can use apple music on phone to play my own stored music from the cloud. Tbh I'm tired as of searching for 2ndhand TT's, receivers, speakers etc and ZipPay gives me financial breathing room since I'm in uni. I've already got a bunch of great vinyl and just want to start playing them y'know. Worries A newer version of the TT (the AT-LP120X) is coming out this month though I don't know how long it will take to appear in Aus and I dunno if the improvements would be worth missing out on this deal. https://www.reddit.com/r/vinyl/comments/aum4gu/atlp120x/ I know I'll probably be upgrading my setup in the distant future and I will probably re-purpose my speakers for something else. Wee bit worried about the longevity of powered speakers especially with regard to the in-built amp failing and getting the dang speakers repaired. Will I be sacrificing too much fidelity by using the TT's pre-amp and the speaker's inbuilt amp? Thanks
  9. Thanks, yeah the cats here would keep me way too paranoid on a TT without a lid. I'm gonna hold out for a decent TT here or get an AT-LP120X when it comes out using zippay lol. Think I'll work backwards and start with speakers, receiver then TT last
  10. Wow that's a barg. Gonna do a deep-dive into the classifieds. I casually browsed that section but seeing people selling stuff for like 2000 dollars kinda scared me off as a uni kid
  11. Seller has it at 150 negotiable. Listed as not having a cartridge(and clearly doesn't have a headshell) so testing may be a crapshoot other than checking auto-movement of the tonearm and seeing if the platter spins(unless seller has the headshell etc and just doesn't want to part with them but would be open to using them to test). From what I've gathered the hinges of the dust-cover on this TT are prone to coming out leaving a lot of owners using the TT without one. Listed as being in good condition and the seller seems to be selling off a lot of home stuff indicating some kind of major imminent move perhaps?
  12. It's a technics sl-d2 https://imgur.com/SjkWYhF I don't have any other components. Pretty much starting from scratch other than having a pair of hd600's
  13. There's a used technics dd turntable at a decent price but it has no dust cover and cartridge. Seems like buying an aftermarket cover would be worth more than the tt itself. My housemate also has like three cats. The only idea I have is maybe putting a cardboard box on the whole thing when I'm not spinning? I don't really know what to do.
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