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  1. Yeah, always good to have both sides weigh in their experiences, especially because I have no experience with the qc35s.
  2. From what I understand about the qc35s and owning the wh1000xm3s: Qc35 - Balanced/neutral sound - Physical control buttons - Good ANC - Can pair 2 devices simultaneously Wh1000xm3 - Warm/ more engaging sound signature - Physical + gesture controls via right ear cup for volume/playback (Known to play up in very cold weather since it operates normally between 0-40 degrees) - Better battery life (30 vs 20) - Can't pair more than 1 device to it unlike the qc35s. Have to unpair or turn off bluetooth on current device. Eg. Turning off bluetooth on phone to connect headphones to laptop - Better BT range And as for reliability, the earlier batch wh1000xm2s had a recurring cracked headband issue, although most of those problems have been fixed with the xm3s
  3. Hello SNA. New to these forums and exploring upgrades to some Hd650s atm. And maybe delve into the world of speakers. Thanks for reading.
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