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  1. he’ll probably start drinking now in anticipation .... nothing like a 2 month bender !!
  2. If you are ever in Port Elliot SA, give me a hey and we’ll set it up 👍
  3. With my records i just always slipped the vinyl into the plastic open to the right, then into the paper sleeve open the the right, then into the cover open to the right the into the outer plastic sleeve open to the right so i didnt have to do much but shake it out before a play. Since being convinced ( by my experience ) that audiophile pressings are ‘generally ‘ the bomb I’ve now begun a 90degree thing where i have to rotate every insertion 90 degrees so the openings are never in line I’m beginning to wonder if its worth the hassle?
  4. Spent boxing day with my father in law & family. He is an old folk singer from the 60’s, beatnik AF, still rocking a goatee, smoking rollies and drinking goon box, Jack Kerouac as they come. Massive jazz head, has every Miles,Chet, Bird, Coltrane etc etc from the day, first pressings all the way. Man .... F**k he stacks that s**t on top of each other after a play out of their sleeves, vinyl on vinyl, on the table, floor where ever the hell. I was in fits of anal retentive hell seeing all of this precious vinyl treated like crap, he doesnt give a toss...... but he LOVES every second of it, he’s there, he’s seen half of them live, he has stories about them in person. Im starting to think my preoccupation with cleanliness, respect for the medium, using my green Linn tape to ‘masturbate’ my Linn stylus to keep everything so clean to resolve the music has made me a boring f**k and i might be better off getting pissed & smoking and having a wow of a time ??? well i do do all of that but maybe i should just relax and stop the paranoia about a few pops and clicks ??
  5. Dude, I love Homeland but c’mon ....
  6. I very carefully took my LP12 to audition a new setup ( a bit back to front i know but it was easier than stuffing around with auditioning at home to begin with ) some time back and one of the ‘techs’ at the hifi shop didnt think the TT was setup correctly so he tinkered with it a bit, he had 40 years experience with TT’s so i let him, “it’s just physics” he told me. Long story short, after taking it back to our local Linn dealer the LP12 sung again... it may be common sense and just physics but take it to someone who works with LP12’s every day is my advice.
  7. Just back reading and noticed your comment. I was in my mates car driving back from a basketball game one night and he had some cool jazz on. I was never interested in jazz at all, the closest was a Corduroy CD from the 90’s acid jazz phase.The next day i was at a record shop and bought a copy of Dave Brubeck take five. Now about 6 months on i must have bought 50 albums and keenly listening to as much as i can to inform new purchases. Jazz was a great discovery and hope you might enjoy it as much as i’m finding it.
  8. and i forgot chilly evenings listening to My Bloody Valentine ( so sorry Kevin) and driving listening to The war on drugs
  9. I like to listen to the Sundays when its raining, Chet Baker in the morning, Dean Martin when cooking Italian, Emma Milan or Astor Piazzola when I get the pizza oven burning, Brian Jonestown massacre or Silversun pickups on hot sunny hazy afternoons, New Order early evenings, Miles late at night, Jay Z & Kanye or Snoop when i’m feeling gangsta in my shelltoes or Whitney when im watering the garden with the back door open, Boney M christmas album or About a boy sound track at all times Christmassy, Renegade sound wave Left field remix or PWEI me no fear the reaper when i want to head bang, Top Gun soundtrack or Survivor driving around with the “ragtop down so my hair can blow “ , The radio dept when i’m just kicking around the house, Enya when its foggy, and the art of noise moments in love when i want to be blown away by a seemingly 180 degree sound stage, what are other peoples specific tunes depending on the weather or activity ?
  10. that’s it for sure, added to that the surprise of not knowing what was next and sitting on the carpet with my legs crossed like back when taping straight off the radio. Hope it happens again.
  11. system ‘B’ is CD & Vinyl in another room that my son uses so i dont play on it much.
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