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  1. Have got a new phono pre amp on the way VISTA PHONO 2 http://www.vista-audio.com/products/phono-2/index.htm Having my Nad pp2i for a couple years with my DL110 wanted something with all the range of loadings and gain for when I change to a LOMC in near future. Boris has been excellent to deal with and even let me have a special of a discount AND free shipping to AUS.
  2. Went from a Technics SL 1600 to a Thoren TD160 Super cart is DL110
  3. Hey if looking to join the tube world for a pre has anyone mentioned the Schiit stuff ? https://www.schiit.com/products/saga-2 By all accounts I read great reviews with the urging to upgrade the tube right off the bat for excellent results.. What i like is the 5 inputs 2 outputs which you don't see often..but depending on the cart may need more gain for LOMC carts.
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