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  1. Selling: 1 mt lengh of Chord Company Signature Digital Cable with rca plugs. This is a wonderfully dynamic cable offering an excellent soundstage and neutrality. Although I have no box the cable is in perfect condition and will be well packaged and shipped at a reasonable cost. This is a great opportunity to purchase a great cable at a low price. Donation will be given.
  2. For Sale: 2 x 3mt lengths of Chord Company Epic Super Twin Bi-Wire Speaker Cable. Selling well below its original $220RRP per meter price only because one spade developed a crack and has a temporary fix of crude solder and tape (see pic). Easily fixed of course, although it does function perfectly as is. I have used this cable in a number of systems both in biwired form and also as recommended by Chord, doubled up / non bi-wired, always with great results. This is a fabulous opportunity to grab a bargain and own one of Chord Company's most highly regarded speaker cables. Will ship anywhere at a reasonable cost. Donation will be given.
  3. These are fantastic interconnects. I have 2 pairs (rca versions) and can vouch for their amazing transparency, coherency and dynamics. GLWS
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