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  1. Excellent speakers. Out of interest did you experiment with bringing them out into the room? (They look really close to the wall in your pics). Spenders image fantastically with space behind them.
  2. Very sad day indeed, currently listening to his back catalogue in order (quite the journey and highly recommended). As a massive Bowie fan I am well aware of Walkers influence, in fact his influence on many great artists cannot be understated. A true genius. RIP
  3. Big welcome too you! Loved your first post, enjoy the site!
  4. Good question, I will need to check it out. I know that 'Follow that Camel' was filmed in Camber Sands in Sussex UK! I think budgets were pretty limited, so it could have been anywhere.
  5. Pretty close it was Elsbels (I think I stayed their once!)
  6. Ok here's another... What was the name of the holiday destination in Carry On Abroad??
  7. Hmm (you are a tough quizmaster!), well I remember something along the lines of tiddling in and winking out of the pot/cup. After Marie both tiddled in and then winkied out (can't believe I have just typed that!) Henry said now first to 20 (he was using the game as an excuse not to fulfill his marital duties, due to Marie's habit of eating raw garlic!)
  8. Yes I did. Henry told Marie that Tiddlywinks was a pre mating ritual. Also I know the answer to your last question as I recently watched Carry On Behind. The scene was of an archeology dig (not sure of exact details) Kenneth Williams played a professor in the film.
  9. Of course! I really need to rewatch. Here's another. Name the film and for a second point... why are they wet?
  10. Brilliant, in that case you will love this site! Welcome!!
  11. Ok, you were very close with your last answer. It was Mr Bigger, and yes he fell off the stage hurting his back. I know Jim Dale played a doctor (not sure of the name however) and he was possibly sacked because he was caught in an uncompromising position with a nurse? (Maybe Barbara Windsor's character??) Wow my memory is getting worse!
  12. Terrible... (but funny!) Here's a quick question... In Carry On Doctor what is the name of Frankie Howard's character and for a second point, why did he end up in hospital?
  13. Ok I am thinking that it has to be Carry On Admiral, athough I'm not 100% sure as I have never actually watched it. Also here is another one... name the game that Henry and Marie played on their wedding night in Carry On Henry.
  14. This has been bugging me. I know I should know it, but I don't! Looks like a young Bernard Cribbins on the right... it's got me beat.
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