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  1. Geoff, As promised, here is my feedback after you recommended the 2 x Fibbr HDMI cables for my living room setup, firstly thank you for spending time with me even though it was a smaller purchase, I really appreciate that. On to the fun part.. I connected the Oppo blu ray to the correct input on my amp as you instructed and ran the other Fibbr cable direct to the HDMI on my OLed as you also instructed, well, the result was amazing, I am getting full HDR and I watched all my recent ULTRA HD movies again on my system and the picture was brilliant, I am convinced that optic fibre is superior to copper! I will need to see you about the long HDMI I need for my Theatre room upgrade coming up. Thanks again mate and I will be in again when I'm in town next month.
  2. Hello Geoff, I have noticed you stock Fibbr cables! I just wanted to say G'day and tell you that I have used these cables before , when using long HDMI cables (10m +) there is always the unknown and the last thing you want is a cable that drops picture every now and then because you are pushing the limits of the bandwidth when playing 4K content, the Fibbr cables are amazing, not only are they extremely robust with an incredible bend radius, they just don't drop out! Anyways, thought I'd add my 2 cents, BTW - have you got some specials on ATM? I will be down your way soon and I might pick up some cables when I visit the new store
  3. Hi mate, thanks, that was my thoughts but I do see some value in taking a photo of the actual box. As you can see it is sealed with the tape used as they opened it to include the Amazon dot, this hopefully gives a bit more reassurance to a prospective buyer.
  4. Item: RX-A2080 9.2 Ch Atmos Receiver Location: Gold Coast Price: $2100 Item Condition: Brand New, Never Opened Reason for selling: got a great deal, don't need two AVR's! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Happy to help with any questions surrounding setup, specs etc Will Post to Australian Post Code at Buyers Expense Pictures:
  5. HI All, I am an AV guy with many years of retail and some installation experience with a focus on Home Theatre Audio, multi room wifi audio and other cool stuff Pretty keen to be apart of an online group with similar likes and hopefully make some good connections here. I am leaving the retail space and am planning on getting out on my own and hopefully create a website of my own selling AV gear as I would love to stay and play in this space. Thank you! Dewysan
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