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  1. I use DH Labs Silver Sonic in combination with their Mirage USB cable providing the input from the streamer. Found them to be an improvement on the Blue Jeans BNC and Audioquest Carbon USB which they replaced and are very good. The DH Labs cables are not cheap but are far from silly prices.
  2. I take the music with me for long walks. Qobuz offline, phone, AQ DF Red and good headphones.
  3. I did the same. To my ears Qobuz has the edge on SQ, Tidal has the better catalogue. Have them both for 120 days.
  4. When I first heard the Mscaler at a dealer, paired with a Qutest, it did not sound as good as the Qutest alone in my home system. When I took it home on loan the improvement was nightj and day. I could not be without the expanded sound stage and increased seperation between everything. My view is that what the Mscaler brings is system dependent as well as a matter of personal taste.
  5. My NVA amps are designed to be left on and have the power switch at the back. I only switch them off if I am away for some time.
  6. My Mscaler has never done this connected to a microRendu via USB.
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