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  1. I take the music with me for long walks. Qobuz offline, phone, AQ DF Red and good headphones.
  2. I did the same. To my ears Qobuz has the edge on SQ, Tidal has the better catalogue. Have them both for 120 days.
  3. When I first heard the Mscaler at a dealer, paired with a Qutest, it did not sound as good as the Qutest alone in my home system. When I took it home on loan the improvement was nightj and day. I could not be without the expanded sound stage and increased seperation between everything. My view is that what the Mscaler brings is system dependent as well as a matter of personal taste.
  4. My NVA amps are designed to be left on and have the power switch at the back. I only switch them off if I am away for some time.
  5. My Mscaler has never done this connected to a microRendu via USB.
  6. If Amazon HD could be accessed through BubbleUp I would give it a try. The Amazon Cloud can e accessed throgh this app. I would also want to access it through Audio Player Pro.
  7. I will be sticking with my Dragonfly Red for out and about and the Chord Mojo at home.
  8. I believe that what the Mscaler brings is system dependent, particulary concerning speakers. I was not greatly impressed when I heard it at a dealer, but when I loaned one it was a different matter. It totally transformed my system and I made the purchase. The improvement the Mscaler brings mainly concerns the sound stage and the speakers need to be responsive. I am yet to read of anyone with PCM speakers being all that impressed with the Mscaler.
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