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  1. I take the music with me for long walks. Qobuz offline, phone, AQ DF Red and good headphones.
  2. I did the same. To my ears Qobuz has the edge on SQ, Tidal has the better catalogue. Have them both for 120 days.
  3. When I first heard the Mscaler at a dealer, paired with a Qutest, it did not sound as good as the Qutest alone in my home system. When I took it home on loan the improvement was nightj and day. I could not be without the expanded sound stage and increased seperation between everything. My view is that what the Mscaler brings is system dependent as well as a matter of personal taste.
  4. My NVA amps are designed to be left on and have the power switch at the back. I only switch them off if I am away for some time.
  5. My Mscaler has never done this connected to a microRendu via USB.
  6. If Amazon HD could be accessed through BubbleUp I would give it a try. The Amazon Cloud can e accessed throgh this app. I would also want to access it through Audio Player Pro.
  7. I will be sticking with my Dragonfly Red for out and about and the Chord Mojo at home.
  8. I believe that what the Mscaler brings is system dependent, particulary concerning speakers. I was not greatly impressed when I heard it at a dealer, but when I loaned one it was a different matter. It totally transformed my system and I made the purchase. The improvement the Mscaler brings mainly concerns the sound stage and the speakers need to be responsive. I am yet to read of anyone with PCM speakers being all that impressed with the Mscaler.
  9. Have both the Qutest and Mscaler running off there own PSs and am not tempted to change them on the basis of what I have read on forums. Rob Watts knows his stuff and there is the issue of invalidating guarantees. However, a better BNC cable has resulted in a marked improvement to the Mscaler.
  10. I would not be buying the mscaler on the strength of what i heard at the dealers. When i got it home on loan it was a different matter. In my better system the improvement was significant and i have really missed it.. Hope I will not have to wait for one much longer.
  11. A speaker where the higher frequencies are directional and the lower frequencies are transmitted upwards to interact with the room boundaries. There is a full explanation on the NVA website.
  12. You do need to audition the Mscaler in your own system. My system is NVA and not sold through dealers so at the demo the only item they had was my Qutest. I was not impressed with what i heard at the dealers but when I loaned it for a week and a half it was a different matter. In my system it does what it says on the tin and really shines with the semi omnidirectional speakers. I am missing it and hopefully it will arrive next week. Expensive, but in the context of my system worth it.
  13. I have found this thread informative and have now had the chance to hear the Mscaler with my Qutest. I was not all that impressed at the dealers but it was a different matter when I took it home on loan. The sound stage took on a new dimension in terms of both width and depth with better defined bass. I cant be without it and have one on order. My system is NVA with semi omnidirectional speakers. My only issue concerns video as I was not able to successfully connect it to my Sky+ box.
  14. Other topics are of interest to me and I am finding the forum as a whole interesting.
  15. Came across this forum via a link when researching the Chord Mscaler. As a Qutest owner it is of great interest to me and the thread here is very informative. The rest of my system is NVA with a microRendu streamer and a vintage Rega Planar 3 TT.
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