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  1. Man not the 602s. I mean the 603s. I'm pretty happy with them and find the amp is more then capable. Yeah those richters are on there stands. They sound pumping. Not sure about the tonal characteristics of the room. I haven't got into that as of yet.
  2. Yeah I did listen to these. Was pretty found but I fell in love with the B&W 602s. Thought they would match perfectly. But went a bit over budget
  3. So i scored a Marantz PM8000. Excellent condition, I'm currently running a pair of Richter wizards MK1, it sounds quite brash, I also tried the speakers on a rotel A11 and it was worse. What speakers would you lads run with this amp? budget is around 2000. And I cant find to much information on this amp, It is a Class A amp with 95watts per channel.
  4. Names Josh, Been looking at posts and info for awhile and decided to jump in and collaborate with you all. Thanks
  5. Hey Chris. I'm in the same boat as you. What gear do you currently have?
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