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  1. You're right . I'd forgotten about that. The madness continues.
  2. You know, I've got to say that this practice of projector companies to have different model numbers for different countries really pisses me off. It's incredibly annoying to read a review of a newly released projector in the US and then have to spend hours or sometimes days to seek out what the hell it is called in your country and get some confirmation that the model you think it is is actually it. If it's a brand you don't follow there can be numerous models still on the market and you have no idea which is the current model. JVC is particularly egregious. Take this sentence from Projector reviews describing the same projector from a few years ago. The DLA-RS600U and the virtually identical DLA-X950R are JVC’s flagship models for the US Market (called the DLA-X9000 in Europe). Why can't they just call the damn thing the same worldwide. They can have designations in the serial numbers to country code them. There's no reason to have it in the model number. It just seems like at every turn the home entertainment industry goes out of their way to make it difficult for interested consumers to buy their products. Like Panasonic limiting their 4k players to Best Buy and Value Electronics. You have an entire country of consumers who want to buy the players, but the product is limited to one chain store and a single hifi shop. I live in Sydney, the biggest city in Australia and there are exactly two shops that carry the new JVC's and only one has a demo unit set up (the N5). Thank god JVC seems to have named this line the same worldwide. So I can only demo the N5 and imagine what the N7 is like. The BenQ website lists one place under its Where To Buy link: Big Picture People, which is exclusive to Victoria and Queensland. They don't make it easy on us.
  3. Out of curiosity, what city are you in and which dealer do you use?
  4. Just joined because I'm investigating the new JVC N7 and following early adapter reviews.
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