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  1. The new EHT boards ameliorated the situation, but unfortunately did not solve the problem completely. One speaker is still about 3db quieter than the other. We'll ask One Thing Audio if they have another idea. If it is the coating then I assume they are basically in for a complete exchange of the panels. But it looks more and more like it is not the set I would want to buy.
  2. Looks like there is a new competitor in Germany for servicing Quad the ESLs: http://www.dis-elektrostaten.de/cms/142-2/ The pricing is very competitive: 450€ to have all three panels of a speaker exchanged. Does anybody have any experience with this company?
  3. Thanks haygeebaby, it helps a lot. Actually the ESL-63 was on my list. I've had a listening session where I could directly compare them to the ESL 57. I prefered the latter. Now I am waiting to see if the new eht boards solve the issue with the pair by Quad Musikwiedergabe, and whether the treble panels are ok or whether they have arced. Once that's clear I'll decide.
  4. I've thought about that too. In the end, buying a refurbished pair used will be cheaper if you need new panels. The electronic components are relatively affordable at One Thing Audio. But new panels add up. On top of that I am not skilled at do it yourself. I can not solder, and I don't have the tools. So for me it makes more sense to buy a used pair that has been refurbished. I do have very good nearfield speakers by Geithain for critical, close listening. And I have a set of surround speakers for movies and the party stuff. What I am missing are a pair of speakers for relaxed, yet engaging listening. They don't need to be super clinical and neutral. I have the Geithains for that. Rather they should be captivating on classical and smaller, intimate music. I liked the ESL 57 very much for that. Out of interest, are there any other speakers you would recommend for that purpose in the same pricerange? Much as I liked the ESL 57 musically, they are obtrusive in a room, and could cost effort and money to keep in shape.
  5. Thanks for the heads up Steve. We will know after the new eht boards are in. Sheldon Stokes and One Thing Audio both said new eht boards was the first thing to try. If indeed the panels are damaged/deteriorated I'm not buying this pair. I would want a pair that is likely to run for years without bigger problems. So I really hope to find a pair that doesn't need high maintenance to keep it running.
  6. Sure, thanks for asking @haygeebaby. I have gathered all the necessary information from One Thing Audio and Quad Musikwiedergabe about the two sets on offer. The One Thing Audio is a complete rebuild - all panels new, transformer and audio supply rebuilt, clamp boards fitted. This is basically in ideal condition, and costs accordingly. The Quad Musikwiedergabe has had all panels exchanged in 2007, plus new cascades. The current owner will now exchange the eht boards with new ones from One Thing Audio. The rest of the psu, and the audio transformer are still in original state. On top of that, they have no clamp boards fitted. Meaning the treble panels might have arced since 2007. I'll ask the owner to check when he fits the eht boards. Still, the One Thing Audio pair are clearly in ideal condition. Quad Musikwiedergabe doesn't have clamp boards, may have arced panels, has an old audio transformer, and parts of the psu are original as well. So I made an offer for the One Thing Audio, which has been declined. The lowest the owner will go is higher than what I am willing to spend max. I asked him to contact me if he thinks we can find an agreement. Don't know if he will. So now I am debating whether I should go for the Musikwiedergabe pair (if the new eht boards fix the volume imbalance, no arcing occured on the panels, and clamp boards are fitted - so, a lot of ifs). I am sure I could get a good price on this pair. If I should pass on both offers and wait for another one (they seem to come maybe twice a year in my region. Or if I should pay up on the One Thing Audio pair.
  7. Ok, I have heard the German set. It sounded fine, except for a small shift in the stereo image to one side. A frequency measurement revealed one speaker to play at a slightly lower volume than the other. The owner is going to change the eht board of both speakers with new ones from One Thing Audio. I hope that fixes the problem. I have asked Quad Musikwiedergabe exactly what work has been done in 2007 - which parts are still original, which are new or revised etc. If that instills enough confidence in the overall shape of the speakers I'm probably going with the german pair. At the moment, however, I feel that One Thing Audio might have been more thorough with their restauration, and thus that overall condition of the British pair is better. After all they stated that they have completely rebuilt both speakers. It's true that Quad Musikwiedergabe is expensive. Their resale value isn't much higher here than One Thing Audio though. In addition, I assume that only certain parts have been serviced in 2007. I'm located in europe, so shipping cost applies on a smaller scale.
  8. Thanks Tesla. There is not enough space for a stacked pair. Maybe in the future 😊 True, these speakers are all running since a few decades, so four years will not be a decisive factor. I'll decide based on my preference after having heard both.
  9. Hi everyone, Trying to decide between two pairs of Quad ESL 57 speakers, I could use your input. The first pair is in perfect optical condition. It has been rebuilt completely by One Thing Audio in 2011. They have the protection widget, and come with the Rupert stands (the original feet are not provided, though). Cost would be between 1600$ and 1800$ roughly. I’ve heard them and they sound like they should. No noises, both speakers play equally loud. The second pair was rebuilt by Quad Musikwiedergabe in 2007. Optical condition is perfect as well. They come with spider legs, as well as the original feet. I assume that it has a protection widget fitted, but I will make sure that it actually does. I will listen to them next week. The price would probably be a bit cheaper than the first set. Around 1300$ to 1500$ I guess. Assuming that the second set plays perfectly as well (in addition to a good listening session for me, the current owner will also measure the speakers and send me the frequency response). Which one would you buy? My primary concern is longevity. If I buy a set I would want to be able to run it for years without troubles (playing them on Quad 303, and taking care not to arch the panels despite the widgets). Of course you can never know, but the ESL 57 has a good record for longevity if treated well. As both pairs have been completely refurbished 8 years and 12 years back respectively, how long would you guess I can use these before a next service is due? Currently I have a slight preference for the Quad Musikwiedergabe set. It has black grilles, which I prefer over the gold grilles on the One Thing Audio pair. And it comes with original legs as well as spider legs.It is slightly cheaper as well. I have heard another pair refurbished by Quad Musikwiedergabe, and it sounded stunning (will listen to the pair that is on sale next week). But the last servicing has been done twelve years ago. So I am wondering when the next service will be due. TLDR: Quad ESL 57 Which pair to buy? One Thing Audio completely refurbished in 2011, for 1700$. Perfect condition. Or Quad Musikwiedergabe completely refurbished in 2007, for 1400$. Perfect condition. Which out of these two is more likely to give me years of problem-free operation?
  10. Thank you all for the very good info. If I can't find a refurbished Quad amp I'll buy in original state and send it to Dada Electronics. The Nad is interesting as well. I might have a chance to hear one driving some ESL 57's. I will check that out. As to the speakers, I am a low volume listeners and won't use the Quads for party levels. Nevertheless I will make sure that they have clamping boards fitted.
  11. Interesting info. Thank you andy. Any of the amps listed above you'd prefer over the 303? Thanks @Mr 57 Apart from being a safe bet for driving ESL 57s, the Quad 303 seems to be robust and long-lasting amplifier. And it has a pretty good resell-value. I guess that's pretty tough to top at my budget. But if another amp at that price measured significantly better and worked with the ESL 57 I'd certainly be interested.
  12. Hello everyone, Currently I am on the lookout for a pair of Quad ESL 57 monitors in good condition. The purchase will eat up most of my budget. Unfortunately, these speakers seem to pose quite a challenge for an amplifier. My amplifier budget is 250$ max, and I am investigating my best option. The amp should not have too much power, otherwise it could cause arcing in the panels. 50 watt per channel or under should be fine. It should be happy to drive a reactive load. My save bet would be a Quad 303. I can find one in good condition within my budget. I can be certain that they will work well with the ESL 57. However, I've read that they are nothing special, and that modern amps easily surpass them. I should mention that I am not looking for a 'character' amp or anything. I am looking for low distortion, and something that does not introduce a sound of its own. It should drive the ESL safely to reasonable sound levels (95db would be more than enough for me) without causing arcing or taking damage, and with as little distortion as possible. I've compiled quite a list of interesting amps. Does anybody have experience with any of them driving Quad ESL 57s? Would any of them be a better choice than a Quad 303? Or is there an even better option within budget that I have not listed? Which amp would you choose? Thanks in advance for any pointers. Allo Volt+D: https://www.allo.com/sparky/volt-plus-d-amp.html Audiophonics TPA3116D2: https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/integrated-amplifier/audiophonics-amplifier-21-class-d-tpa3116d2-2x-50w-4-ohm-silver-p-9946.html and https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/integrated-amplifier/audiophonics-amplifier-21-class-d-tpa3116d2-2x-50w-100w-4-ohm-black-p-12676.html Dayton Audio DTA-1: https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/integrated-amplifier/dayton-audio-dta-1-digital-amplifier-ta2024-stereo-2x-15w-4-ohm-p-4638.html Amptastic Mini-1: https://www.amptastic.com/ AudioSource Amp 100: https://www.kenrockwell.com/audio/audiosource/amp-100.htm Cambridge Audio Topaz AM5: https://www.cambridgeaudio.com/en/products/hifi-and-home-cinema/topaz-am5 Finally, here is one that is slightly over budget, but I might be able to find one used (I've read that Hypex Ncore are pretty mighty) Audiophonics PA-S125NC: https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/power-amplifier/audiophonics-pa-s125nc-stereo-class-d-power-amplifier-ncore-2x75w-8-ohm-p-12756.html
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