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  1. That's fine. I'll mark one sheet down as yours, just let me know once your able to pickup. Regards
  2. Item: Martini Absorb XHD 100mm in White (2400 x 1200 x 100) Location: Croydon Park (2133) Price: Selling the unopened pack (3 sheets) for $220. Selling the opened pack for $70 each sheet (2 sheets) (1 sheet left in the opened pack) Item Condition: One pack is unopened, still sealed in the original plastic wrap it came in. The other is opened and is missing one sheet, but the other sheets inside have not been taken out Reason for selling: These are excess as I only needed around one pack. Were originally purchased from Network Building Supplies at $240/pack. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: As they are rather large these are for pickup only Pictures: This picture is from when they first arrived. They are now in the garage, out of the way of any potential harm
  3. From the various threads i've gone through, it seems that with a fairly large thickness/airgap it should make a noticeable impact.
  4. In case you were directing that question at me: I wanted to stay away from any glass fibres as I would be sleeping in the same room. These sheets I got will be used in all four corners of my room, 200mm each corner with 500mm airgap
  5. This was from Network Building Supplies. For whatever reason the prices vary a lot between stores; the craziest quote I got was $800 a pack. They've also just arrived today.
  6. In case anyone is looking for some updated pricing in regards to XHD 100mm in black, I was recently quoted around $270/pack (3 sheets per pack) with a minimum order of 3 packs (Sydney). This was the only decent quote I got, every other quote was 2-3 times the price I was expecting.
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