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  1. i want either 15 inch or 18 inchinch i want the same watts as the pb16 ultra i would like to use a amplifier with them my budget is $1000 each for the subs or up to $1200 max each for the subs as i say i wany diy subs that are a lot cheaper that can compare to the pb16 ultra subwoofers i want to use my denon 8500 and emotiva xpa2 gen3 and emotiva a300 to drive the speakers then i want a additional amplifier to power the subs that you recommend as well again up to $1200 to spend on the amplifier thanks
  2. hi my question is im after buying 2 diy subs that will compete with the svs pb16 ultra subwoofer i want them to go down to the same low frequency for all out bone rattling wall shuddering effect and want them to perform as good as the svs pb16 ultra subwoofers but i want them at a lot lower price to pay what diy subs could i use to do this role my setup is emotiva t2 for fronts and rear dutys as well and additional t2s for additional extra rears plus using a denon 8500 for reciever a emotiva xpa2 gen3 amp and a emotiva a300 to enhance the front speakers a oppo 205 4k player blue jeans speaker cables a emotiva c2 centre speaker then i want to use 6 atmos in ceiling speakers either from klipsh or montitor audio or kef model to be worked out later which to use for the best wide dispersion and sound quality and holographic effect to be detimined
  3. hi i want to use very wide dispersion in ceiling atmos effect in ceiling speakers that sound incredible from above where you can hear every fine detail effect from above that sound holographic with a complete 3d field bubble effect all around you i was thinking either monitor audio 380 idc or kef 200rr thx or klipsh cdt-5800-c 2 version or any other in ceiling speaker that would do an even better task for what i asked for i asked dolby laboroties whats ideal to use they said choose in ceiling speakers with the following effect In general, when choosing overhead speakers, our general direction for overheads is the following my room is 20 feet wide 11 feet depth 15 feet height Ideally timbre matched to the listener level speakers Ideally power matched to the listener level speakers Ideally as wide of frequency performance as possible with bass signals redirected to the LFE High diffusion (plus/minus 45 degrees) for ceilings 8 to 15 feet high so what do you all recommend to use
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