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  1. +1 had mine for ages. Great value, great amp. I found the trigger very useful, amp comes on when source is active, so you can effectively remote control your amp from your source control
  2. @pjmbarlick you said it yourself in an earlier listing.. you let things go waaay to cheap!
  3. super DAC, and great value for money. Don't forget that while pitched as portable it can also be used in a home system functioning as a DAC+Preamp, so streamer -> Hugo2 -> Amp GLWTS
  4. Lots of posts over on the naim community forum using the NDX2 with chord Dacs, from the Hugo all the way up to Dave. This one on Dave https://community.naimaudio.com/t/dave-came-round/3367/662 is up to more than 600 posts what pre and power amps are you using?
  5. Just embarking on a project to replace my foscams. So far ubiquity looks the best. Will record to nas (although they have a cost effective nvr), easy to manage remote access (no need to do port forwarding), good app, and POE so only one cable..
  6. Yes @IMDave I agree with your comments about 4K. I think best way to get 4K content right now is probably appleTV, although I will probably hang out a few weeks before I upgrade that to see if apple announce a new appletv next month.
  7. IQ4 plus satellite now installed and up and running. Much better UI on the IQ4 and the picture quality on the LG C9 is pretty good. Only one issue is that my video matrix switch can’t handle foxtel’s version of 4K., so need a direct HDMI connection for 4K. Was kind of anticipating that (even with decent audioquest cables) so will now have to upgrade that, but all in all not a step backwards. Looking forward to the Belgium Grand Prix now!
  8. New LG C9 now on the wall. foxtel IQ4 install booked for friday. Cant believe to advance I need to go to satellite. Fingers crossed.
  9. I did this. Sound quality for me was night and day with Tidal HiFi easily beating Spotify. Tried to kill spotify in my house but teenage children threatened to revolt, so now it is spotify for them and Tidal for me
  10. Thanks for your comments @awayward. I also have fetch tv and find it great for FTA. Are your foxtel recording issues limited to FTA channels? How do you find the 4k aspect of foxtel?
  11. The driver is really to get the most out of the 4K TV., and I am a F1 fan so that is broadcast in 4K, but all the issues Foxtel had with the IQ3 hardware has made me wary, and the fact that I have to go to satellite...well dont get me started..its 2019 and I am forced to downgrade my internet speed by going to the NBN, and get weather dependent TV service by moving from cable to satellite...and I have no choice... but let me not derail my own thread. I am interested in people’s real world experiences with IQ4 and 4K Tvs
  12. Hi all, would appreciate comments from people who have trodden this path...am considering an upgrade from IQ2 to IQ4. (To tie in with new 4k tv) Currently getting foxtel on cable to IQ2. I understand that IQ4 is only satellite delivery.. are people experiencing issues with this? Can anyone comment on the benefits or otherwise of IQ4 over IQ2.. basically is it worth doing?
  13. I too am interested whether anyone is doing 4k over cat6.. @crizz11 how did you get on? I currently am using a 4x4 matrix switch to deliver foxtel into 4 rooms over cat6, but with the impending arrival of a 4k tv need to upgrade the matrix switch. Does anyone have any experience with the Blustream switches specifically with 4k and foxtel
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