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  1. I currently have the HW-K850 which is essentially the frist generation of atmos soundbar Samsung did that came out in late 2016, it's 3.1.2 system but being a first gen product it had some niggling issues which persist to this day but it's performance when fed the right content has always been superb so hoping the Q80r can be a step up in performance and in stablilty, it comes with eARC so it's future proofed also and will help iron out any issues.
  2. I am kicking the idea of trying out vinyl. It’s been a long time since I had a turntable and it took a lot of thought whether I can deal with what always seemed like the snap, crackle & pops of an album. Anyway, I’ve decided to take a plunge after all the buzz how awesome it is. Of course before I make any final decisions, I always turn to the audio enthusiasts community for their expert thoughts, opinions and education. I’m also looking for suggestions for a nice affordable table with tone arm and cartridge. Being the fact this is new to me and I may hate it, I’m looking for suggestions on the best affordable set up I can do for a new or used in the price range of $1000/$1500. I’m sure I can get a better bang for the buck going used. I just don’t know anything about these animals. My system is older but I still enjoy it which consist of a Mark Levinson 23.5 amp, Proceed AVP 2+6 used for 2 channel audio, Audio Acoustics model 9 speakers, Ayre DAC for digital with Transparent Audio Ultra mm2 cables. Any input and tips are greatly appreciated!
  3. I have a similar question to this thread that I'm hoping someone can help with. I'm about to replace an old Toshiba 47" lcd that has been great. It's about 10 years old and has been in the bedroom. I just bought a Samsung 55" KS8000 last year for my living room. It's been a good tv so far. I'm looking at two different scenarios. Scenario 1 - Just get a new 55" for the bedroom. I'm wanting 4K with HDR I think and needs to be a decent smart tv. I'm considering the TCL 55" P Series, but I haven't found one in stores yet to take a look at it. I can afford to wait for the 2018 model if it doesn't take too long to arrive. Scenario 2 - Move the living room tv to the bedroom and get a nicer living room tv, but still 55". Are there any TVs better than the TCL for $900 or less and preferably no more than $700-$800, or is the TCL really that good for the money? I guess one other question would be is the TCL P series better than my Samsung 55" KS8000? If anyone could offer up some thoughts, I would really appreciate the help. I haven't kept up with tv standards and pricing these days.
  4. Recommendations are subjective and I find it difficult to divorce 3D effects from the plot if I am not enthusiastic about the movie. Additionally, I have a LG 65e6p and I think it is the best 3D TV possible. No 3D movies are in 4K because it would exceed the current 18 GBPS data limit. 1. I urge you to reconsider Gravity. 2. Mad Max: Fury Road. Some prefer the UltraHD version but I disagree. 3. Life of Pi 4. Try Fantastic Beasts a re-imagining of the Potter series. 5. If you like the comic book movies I suggest Spider-man Homecoming but this is not my favorite genre. Perhaps you would be happier with Dr. Strange or Guardians of the Galaxy or Pacific Rim, etc 6. If you would like to see classic literature in 3D, I suggest Gatsby because it immersed me in the Roaring 20's or Heart of the Sea which takes you into the back story of Moby Dick.
  5. First off, I want to thank everyone for their advice and input. It's been really educational for me. So, two days ago I was in a record shop in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago (Pinwheel Records, for anyone that lives up here), and they were selling a used U-Turn turntable w/ built-in preamp, no lift, acrylic plate and upgraded needle (Ortofon OM5E) & Pioneer DM-40BT-W speakers. The turntable (new) is $359 on U-Turn's site and the speakers on Amazon for $199... I negotiated the whole package for $325. I ran Patti Smith's 'Horses' album on the set, in the store, to make sure all was in good order. The kid behind the counter, basically, said, "The owner upgraded his home set, and just wants to get rid of it." So, this is where I am now, and I have been very happy with my purchase since getting it set up. Thank you, again, everyone for the help!
  6. elementary

    Kids sport

    are you talking about chess-like intellectual sports or about active competitions?
  7. $8 - used steam cleaner: Turbo Master220 (from Salvation Army) $19 - used record player/changer (circa 60's from antigue store) $7 - crevice adapter for vacuum cleaner (from a vaccuum store) $4 - small square of black velvet (from fabric store) $8 - micro fibre cloths $10 - record cleaning brush total approximately $60USD - YMMV household items on hand: dremmel tool, scissors, glue, vaccuum cleaner, needle/thread or sewing machine, duct tape, hammer. I think I overspent on the record player, but it is heavy duty, made of steel. Any turntable will do, the point being you need a platform on which to spin the records. If it actually works, then great- you won't have to 'spin' records by hand. Use dremmel tool to cut a narrow slit, approximately 4" long, centered, along length of vaccuum cleaner crevice adapter. Seal end of adapter; cut two lengths of velvet fabric about 5" long, .75" wide. Sew fabric into a tube, inside out, pull tube inside out. Glue to vaccuum adapter along edges of slit. The duct tape and hammer are not really neccessary; however, as every home DIY'er knows, all projects eventually need these two critcal tools! To clean records: 1. Steam clean, (using distilled water), wipe off excess. vaccuum 2. Clean with solution and brush. vaccuum 3. Repeat as neccesary Solution I use is three drops PhotoFlo 200 solution, 250ml distlled water. PhotoFlo is a photgraphic negative cleaning solution, and can be found at better photo supply shops. Yep, it's a manual procedure but cheap almost always requires elbow grease: Light/Strong/Cheap = pick two... system is completely manual.
  8. as for me high-end PC will be almost always be over the PS4 ! PS4 is only is the games are sticked to this engine!
  9. Can someone tell me if this is the best way to hook up an Oppo 205 given my current setup? Oppo 205 balanced/unbalanced out Left and right (using interconnects RCA) to my Marantz SR7012 analog Blu-Ray input. I also have the HDMI out main plugged in there for movies, etc. How do I tell the Oppo to prioritize the analog path when playing music? I know I've read that it outputs both simultaneously, do I just switch to direct mode on the receiver? Is there a better way? I don't want to hook the HDMI analog only out to the receiver because switching inputs on the TV is awful. Movies play perfectly in TrueHD etc, but I have no idea how to tell how its outputting analog audio to the receiver. There really isn't anything in the menu or on the remote to denote this either. Any ideas?
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