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  1. The RX-V's provide good bang for your buck, they can be had for $50-$250 used. While yamaha does it better than most, they will be the weak link in your system. You probably need to go to a hi-fi show or have a listen elsewhere to hear what is out there. While your happy with the RX-V, your immediate need is with the phono stage, try to find something that you will fit into your next system. You should get a decent improvement by going to a separate phono. I'm not into vinyl but a collegue raves about his "Vincent PHO 8", it's something of a budget unit, they produce valve based un
  2. Marantz CD4000, mostly recapped, reads anything. NAD CD521BEE, sounds better than the marantz. Meridian 206.
  3. Saw this post on AK https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/harmon-kardon-pm660-any-good.559211/ which includes the lines... "The phono stage is superb and not bettered by any integrated I've ever seen or owned. " and "You'll never need a better integrated." The author not known for hype. He also points out that they have an issue with dry solder joints on the output transistors and the switches generally need a clean. Suggest check for dry solder joints (goggle for pix), you will need a magnifying lamp to pick them up, then simply reflow solder. Many refurb threads on A
  4. 1) At 20years old, it shouldn't need a recap, volume pot "shouldn't" be "oxidised" unless it's been in a dirty/dusty enviroment, look for other signs of dust etc... Might be one of the blue input or spkr(?) relays. Did you try different source (AUX?CD?TUNER...?) Also crackle on one or both channels? Does increasing the volume normalise/break through the crackle? (probably a relay in that case). 2) Tape monitoring LED indicates tape monitoring activated, this is a recording not playback function, need to cancel the led by pushing the tape mon button, from owners manual
  5. Nah, it's broken, send it to me and I will put it down humanely, I will even pay for postage??? Seriously though, underrated, at 45years it's about due for a refurb, give it a good listen and go from there
  6. $2000- for a Yamaha AS2100, that sort of money would get you a refurb'd Pioneer SA-9800(fluro) or a sansui alpha (907 series). You would need $2500 for the yamaha CX/MX-1000 and maybe $1500 for the CX/MX-1 combo. Sold my full refurb'd Yamaha CA-2010 for $1000-, ok it only does 30W+30W in Class A, interesting choices, fortunately we all have different tastes...
  7. Yikes, while the SA9900 is a beast, it would want to be fully refurb'd for that money. That is almost Yamaha CX-1000/MX-1000 territory. Certainly get the CX-1/MX-1 or others from Luxman/pioneer... Improving any component should give you better sound. The SA-7500 is probably due for a refurb, however I'd resist the refurb urge unless you have a strong attachment to the amp. While 40W is not a lot it, from internet spkrs are probably SPL 92-95db (1W/1m) so it should be plenty loud. "Noise" at quarter volume is a bad sign of a tired amp, so a power amp would be a good idea. I
  8. Same noise in both channels? Would point to a common source like power supply.
  9. Great to see another vintage lover... While the SA-7500 is nice, moving up the food chain will give improvements however suggest getting into separates. The pioneer spec series is highly regarded as to is the yamaha series though there are plenty of others. I refurb'd a Kenwood C1 and was surprised by it's performance, however I prefer my Yamaha CX-1000 and CX-1, I run a HK Citation 19 power amp with a Yamaha M-70/C-70 waiting repair. Also it comes down to what sort of sound you want, eg, that warm sansui sound great for vinyl, Budget Luxman pre/power would be desireable but maybe still too ex
  10. Consider fitting a basic speaker protection kit, they perform power on/off mute as well as excessive Vdc detection. Kits on the bay from China, maybe $30- in parts including separate transformer. Other option is an external spkr switch so you can deselect before powering down, not a neat solution but I'd be concerned about damage over the long term, both options are simple, you shouldn't have to "live with it"
  11. Maybe something like this (you haven't specified power requirements) https://au.element14.com/xp-power/acs40us05/psu-open-pcb-40w-5v/dp/1109806 though sm types tend to be a bit noisy... what noise figure are you looking for...
  12. Agree, turn stereo off after listening sessions. Use switch on connection boards if needed. 1) Standby was invented so you could switch on using a remote, only basic circuits are operating waiting for that IR code... Power amp stage is powered down. The Naim's are fully powered up, maybe 30W/hr or 720W/day @ $0.40/KW/h about $0.29/day or $26.70/quarter EDIT:Relculated using 10W+10W+10W per item Note:These are ballpark figures using the NAP owners manual for guidance. 2) When not playing audio, power consumption/current draw is lower 3)
  13. Thread under General HiFi called "Recommended HiFi/AV Repairers", probably involve some leg work. Nice if someone familiar with the amp took it on, we don't need more amps in landfill...
  14. It's better than landfill, I need another project, happy to take it off your hands for $100- probably get more on eprey, they go crazy at times, but you've got the sell fees...
  15. You've confirmed that the noise is coming from the transformer, not out of the speakers? Apology for basic question, varying troubleshooting skills...
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