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  1. Ok guys ended up grabbing a NAD C 538. I was a little unlucky as the first one I purchased didn’t work when I got it home, I wasn’t too happy, it wouldn’t open and close properly, wouldn’t play discs and it was very noisey. So had to take it back and got another ( tested that one before in store before I brought it home ) So I’m all good for now, obviously I will still keep my eye on the classified section just in case something else pops up that may interest me 😂 Thanks for the reply’s, ideas and opinions
  2. Yeah that’s very true. I’m considering just getting the Yamaha CD N301 with a media adaptor. Give me a few extra options also. The Yamaha players seem to get good reviews by most
  3. Thanks wen Saw that, wasn’t in Sydney and it’s now sold.
  4. That’s some really good advice for down the track, but for now I would be happy with just a half decent Disc player. Thanks for your reply
  5. Will check out that one 🍻 thanks warweary
  6. I currently have an Onkyo A9755 amp with Dali Ikon 7s and am looking to get a CD player for the system. I purchased a used NAD C 540 and it sounded brilliant listening to some Opeth, Dream theater and Alice in chains. But that’s about as far as I got before it stopped working. Lasted about 3 hours. So im looking for a CD player, have heard good things about the Yamaha s300 and mixed reviews about the s700. My budget would be up to $600 at this stage. Should I go new or used? Any recommendations for makes and models? Does someone have a decent CD player for sale in Sydney? I only just started getting a system together. Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks wen Unfortunately I’m in Sydney otherwise I’d be all over it.
  8. Cheers for the reply Jeddie. I ended up getting a Yamaha A-S500, which I’m pretty happy about. Will probably look at getting a Sub now though, give it a bit more punch. Would probably want to only spend $500 or $600 at the moment, probably used. Any recommendations what brands I should look at, and what I should avoid.
  9. Just seen the Simaudio Moon, that’s what I’m kind of after. I’m assuming the Pre out is where you would connect a sub? Is that correct. Also the one I just seen on eBay had no tone controls, just a volume. How do you adjust sounds or do you do that with the signal coming in?
  10. Yes, they are the mark 1s. Will look into that amp. So many options out there it’s not funny. Will have to keep an eye on the classifieds section here
  11. Thanks for the reply, will look into those ideas. I probably rushed into the speaker purchase without looking into it enough but will look more carefully into my options for amps.
  12. Hey Guys First post here, this is all very new to me I’ve never looked into world of HiFi before. It all started when I was in JB hifi and seen a set of DALIs on sale for $600, Zensor 5s ( floor stock ) and made me think I want to get a decent system for myself after all these years. I started looking around and ended up looking for used gear also. Fast forward a little and I have ended up with a set of Used Dali Ikon 7s, I’ve hooked them up to an old Kenwood amp ( 80s model KA-45 ) I’ve had in the garage for years for now and they sound really good. I want to get a new amp, probably something with a remote, for just the two towers and possibly a sub down the track. I listen to a bit of everything but mostly rock and metal though, Zappa, Dream Theater, Opeth etc. Any recommendations on how I should run these IKon 7s would be much appreciated, with the right amp will I be able to get away with no sub? I will be using CDs and music from laptop etc. Thanks in advance.
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