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  1. Thanks....but in that shot they are in my mate's house - already removed from mine sadly!
  2. Further information: These speakers have an absolutely amazing sound and great bass - they are simply too big for my room. When I initially started to make these I was going to recreate a pair of Klipsh Heresy, but for some reason thought "why not do a pair of larger speakers that will look like Cornwalls with the grills on instead?". Well, I'll tell you why I shouldn't have done a pair of Cornwall clones - despite the fact that they look and sound absolutely amazing - The wife says they "are too damn big and way too awesome" (she may or may not have actually used the word awesome). Anyway, I now have to settle for a pair of Tannoy Legacy Eatons. The Eatons are now here and I need to recoup some of the money I spent on these beauties. The price I am asking barely covers the cost of the high quality parts and the cabinet construction is great (if I do say so myself). Parts/construction: Audio Nirvana Super 12" AlNiCo Full range drivers Custom veneered cabinets made from 19mm veneered MDF Dimensions - 850mm high 588 mm wide 396mm deep and heavy Cabinets are all biscuit joint construction and absolutely solid and heavy Fibreglass insulation Waxed veneered timber Flared ports with internal diameter from 85mm to 110mm at flared mouth Furutech Alpha s-14 speaker wire inside Genuine WBT-0710CU binding posts mounted to internal metal brackets Two sets of Cornwall badges for mounting to alternate grills Cane for grills - natural radio weave Linen for grills - 18 stitch natural lambswool floba eavenweave Unused binding plates Unused speaker spikes (for bases if wanted) leftover veneer and MDF for low base/floor stand if required Designed so that when the grills are finished they will closely resemble Klipsh Cornwalls (but they look great without grills as well) - I just really wanted them to look like Cornwalls with the grills on. I have included some photos of the construction process and some info on the drivers themselves below. I have a video of the inside which shows the cabling and the insulation I can email to you. If you are really interested it would definitely be a good idea to come and inspect and listen. Any questions please simply ask. Thanks for looking Photos: NB....some of the pictures are not the best quality but they look great up close (the top of the last photo looks funny because of the light only) .
  3. Does anyone in Brisbane have the new Klipsch Heresy IVs I could have a listen too? I’m tossing up between the Tannoy Legacy Eaton and the Klipsch Heresy IV. Cheers, Ray
  4. Can we get a photo from the rear? Does this have the enclosure?
  5. The Stooges - The Stooges Various Artists – Midday Moon (Best Ambient & Experimental from Aus and NZ) Thanks Jon
  6. Item: Audio Research D100 D110 Price Range: Negotiation Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I'm looking for any condition as I am after the parts - but working would be acceptable too. Thanks for any assistance provided Cheers
  7. Thanks for the response Ray. But I'm looking for radio weave style cane and linen fabrics. I was hoping for the vintage Klipsch look.
  8. Does anyone have any recommendations (and suppliers) for speaker grill fabrics and canes (for an older/retro style look)? I was looking for a natural/light beige linen and a radio weave style cane for two pairs of speaker grills (1 set of each). Thanks in advance.
  9. Email sent with questions re: 1. A Saucerful of Secrets remaster from original mono mix RSD $50 2 Instellar Overdrive 12” single Rsd release $30 3. Piper at the gates of dawn Mono mix Rsd release $ 75 or $140 for the lot 2. Dark side of the Moon 2003 30th anniversary edition $75
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