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About Me

In December 2003 I purchased a Bose Lifestyle 18 (expensive for me at the time) and loved it, particularly the bass.  After about 8 years of good service it started to have a few issues so, as is my want, I did lots of reading on replacements and came across the Hi-Fi magazines and articles promoting the benefit of a separates system. Created on paper a system of separates with a budget and (with some trepidation) visited Darwin’s only real Hi-Fi dealer.  Paul was great and made fantastic recommendations on rebalancing my system and wisely (under) spending my budget.


Started with a Denon and Paradigm Cinema series system which I truly enjoyed.  Over the years I have upgraded our main system, used Sonos to introduce music throughout our home and outside area, created a second near field and headphones system upstairs and a system at work.  Most recent upgrades revolved around Roon, Nucleus and MQA.  All the while I have maintained a great relationship with Paul, my trusty Hi-Fi dealer.  I subscribe to most of the Hi-Fi magazines (with my favourites being Stereophile and Australian Hi-Fi) and more recently found SNA.


Most of our listening is 2 channel stereo.  Wide variety of music but over the years gravitating more towards jazz.  Listen to, and enjoy, ABC Classic FM in the car.  Listen to rock and pop when exercising (mostly bike riding) in the mornings. 


Recently had my first foray into the world of tube amplifiers and (hand crafted by a SNA member) tube phono stage. To date have very much enjoyed the experience.  Experimenting with original Rega Planar 2 with Linn Basik arm and Garrett and Rega cartridges in my office system (still have the Prohect Carbon Debut with OM10 cartridge as backup). 


Main: Musical Fidelity M6si, Paradigm Studio 100s, Clearaudio Concept TT MC, Oppo BDP 105, Roon Nucleus to Mytek Brooklyn DAC+; Denon AVR 4520 with CC 490, Cinema ADPs and Seismic 110 sub; Oppo HA1 & PM1s, Sonos

Second: NAD D3020, KEF LS50s, Schiit Jotunheim and Audeze LCD3s

Other: Devialet Phantom White, B&W Zepplin Air and Sonos 1, 3s & 5s

Office: Bewitch Integrated Tube Amplifier, Paradigm Premier 100B bookshelf speakers, Rega Planar 2 (original) with Garrett K1 cartridge (Project Debut Carbon TT in reserve) and Calibre-318SE hand crafted tube phono MM, Musical Fidelity A3.5CD player




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