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  1. In my office I currently run a late 1070s Technics Direct Drive SL-1100AC with an Acos-Lustre tonearm (and Garrott Brothers K1 cartridge). I wanted to try a direct drive turntable and to match in with my tube amplifier and office. It is great. This replaced a 1978 Rega Planar 2 with Linn Basik LVV tonearm and Denon DL110 cartridge which is now in service at my sister and brother-in-law’s place. Both acquired secondhand from SNA members in excellent transactions and freighted to Darwin without incident.
  2. @Air Raid Records, mate as we discussed this evening, this thread might also provide some ideas and options.
  3. Some smoky transparent vinyl which I played at work on the weekend.
  4. A Darwin artist, enjoyable record and very good sq Caiti Baker, Zinc
  5. Truly excellent sonic quality of high quality Japanese jazz on the label Three Blind Mice, which appear to pay very special attention to the quality of the recording.
  6. Ha, I went back and listened to it again (while reading Bobby Darin’s lyrics) and you are spot on. From the first verse the lyrics are subtly different and later on they vary quite a lot with at one point Ellla singing that she actually can’t remember the lyrics. Quite a hoot. Shows you what happens when you are not critically listening and just enjoying music while reading SNA forums.
  7. A mellow evening Ella Fitzgerald, Ella in Berlin
  8. And while on a good thing: Dead Can Dance, The Serpent’s Egg Beautiful music
  9. Followed by some Dad music, Dead Can Dance, Into The Labyrinth An excellent atmospheric album.
  10. @Air Raid Records gave this to my son for making his first 50 in cricket (he is 11). So this evening, after his second day of cricket camp in the school holidays, we had a listen and a laugh at the following: The Twelfth Man (Billy Birmingham), It’s Just Not Cricket Yep there is some blue language but it’s in context and in this case adds to the humour. Brought back the childhood memories of watching the greats in the 80s. Very enjoyable for both of us.
  11. A great live album from this Australian band, acquired from @Air Raid Records. Gotta love the coloured vinyl. I understand this is an all analogue production, recorded live to 8 track tape (and the guy that did that used to live in Darwin).
  12. Beautifully described as the tears of ghosts. I agree. Arvo Part, Alina
  13. These 7: 1) Ellington Masterpieces (Analogue Productions) - a birthday present 14) D. Brubeck Quartet: Time Out (Analogue Prod.) ) - this is one of my 3 favourite jazz albums (with Jazz at the Pawnshop and Koln Concert), I have it in CD, SACD and FLAC 17) Kind of Blue (Mobile Fidelity) ) - mostly because you have t have it, still coming to grips with Miles Davis (though currently enjoying Relaxin', Cookin' and Steamin') 21) LeGrand Jazz (w. M. Davis) (IMPEX) ) - because I kept seeing it advertised (in Stereophile?) 65) Van Morrison: Astral Weeks (WB) - recommended when browsing at 'Title' in Surrey Hills 72) The Band: The Band (Mo-Fi) - because I was unfamiliar with them and wanted to give them a go 73) Love: Forever Changes (Rhino) - was on a list somewhere With another 9 on different vinyl issues. You gotta love a good list.
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