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  1. Back from a week away for work. You miss your stereo system over the time so it’s great to be home with the main system. I did manage to squeeze in 30 minutes of record shipping and added this one. Surprisingly good sq. Brings back memories, including dodgy ones thanks to Jacko. 1985 Let’s Go
  2. Been away for a week for work so it is really great to be back in front of the main stereo system and enjoying a new piece of coloured vinyl I picked up. Very good sonic quality on this one and a great collection of songs. Ahhh, Saturday morning Stax Number Ones
  3. Can you play them or are they just visual effects?
  4. A 1984 French Blue Note repress that plays superbly and came with this unusual insert. I really enjoyed this record. Freddie Hubbard, Hub Cap
  5. Howdy Janjuc, Are they all playable and how is the sq? Cheers
  6. More Bill Evans but unusual in that his trio is joined by a flautist. Not 100% my cup of tea but the ensemble behind the flute still sound great What’s New/Bill Evan’s with Jeremy Steig
  7. Moved on to a favourite artist of mine, Bill Evans in a trio that was short lived. Lively light jazz which I enjoy recorded live. A 1983 Japanese pressing of a 1967 recording with great sq. Bill Evan’s, Philly Joe Jones and Eddie Gomez, California here I come
  8. Some different jazz to kick off this morning’s listening, jazz with Spanish guitar. Very good sq on this mono Australian pressing of a well recorded album. The Modern Jazz Quartet guest star Laurindo Almeida
  9. From the same series, an excellent recording of enjoyable jazz. I also enjoyed the Blue Note story as told on the inner sleeve Bud Powell, The amazing Bud Powell
  10. A 1984 French re-issue of a really enjoyable jazz album originally recorded in 1954. Recorded live by Rudy van Gelder (at the start of his career with Blue Note) at the Birdland Jazz Club it has a great intro by a female MC who talks about people hearing any clapping recorded and some nice words by Art Blakey. Links to my previous post as Horace Silver (on piano) is part of the band Art Blakey, A night at Birdland
  11. Thanks @scuzzii and @Ericcklau but just picked up about 120 jazz albums from a collection and undertaking the mammoth task of URCM and listening to some great new music. You will be sick of my posts by the end of it. Cheers
  12. I see this album advertised for sale quite a bit but was never tempted to purchase it. Recently however I acquired a 1985 French DMM pressing and after a good ultrasonic clean I have been listening to it tonight. I have been missing out. This is jazz I really enjoy and the sq of this record is exceptional. The Horace Silver Quintet, Song for my father
  13. Now this is different jazz, ‘word jazz’. Experimental I would say. Dulcet tones and some unusual stories, but not what I would understand as jazz. ‘Ken Nordine and the Bob Katz Group, Word Jazz
  14. ‘Power from the needle to the plastic” yes we are wired for sound in 1982 Various Artists, 1982 ... in the Sun
  15. Some laser etched vinyl that sounds great. I believe the album has been recently released in its various colours but not the original laser etched as far as I am aware. Split Enz, True Colours
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