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  1. Hi Mark, I’m up north so no help to you at all. But I have over the last couple of months I’ve been learning and experimenting on cartridge replacement and alignment. Has been great fun and over time given the WIG as referred to by the OP. Of course it also meant some funds outlay as I needed to acquire a stylus alignment protractor, a digital turntable stylus force scale gauge, some higher quality and fine Allen keys, screwdrivers and pliers. These are of continuing use and makes life much easier when doing the job or periodically checking. I would encourage you in DIY if your system lends itself to it. PS further refinement about to be made to tonearm to increase the slope for the Garrott Brothers Cartridge. Still learning and experimenting.
  2. And tragically filling in my collection of 1980 ‘best of’ albums. This one I first purchased on cassette during a family holiday in Tasmania at the same time I acquired my first Sony Walkman. Played that cassette to death but associated with extensive bouts of car sickness on Tassie’s winding roads. Come on Eileen ...... 1982 The Winners
  3. Something different, acquired today at Air Raid records in Darwin. Through the RCM and sounds great. A single track on side 1 of an extended version of Stars on 45 (at least to what I am used to). Has that similar hook and drives as Hooked on Classics Stars on 45 Long Play Album Very enjoyable
  4. And on to: REO Speedwagon, Wheels are turnin’ Purhased second hand on the strength of the cover art. Cleaned up with RCM and an enjoyable play.
  5. I purchased a Kirmuss RCM in the Black Friday sales last year (down to $1,600). Has had a fantastic effect on all my vinyl. Still use the trusty Spin Clean as a first pass for grimy records. In fact having a session with a mate this arvo (who just happens to own Darwin’s only and best second hand record store) to spin some vinyl, clean a few records and have a coldie or 2. A couple of weeks ago we did some before and after comparisons by listening and Audyssey . You could hear and see the difference. Lower noise floor, much less artefacts and clearer.
  6. Sunday morning post bike ride spin: Spandau Ballet, Journeys to Glory
  7. And for something different Various Artists, The Secret Policeman’s Ball
  8. Before a swim and a Queen tribute concert in Darwin this evening: Phil Collins, No Jacket Required (second hand copy but plays really well)
  9. Couldn’t resist some NOS that I came upon at Decibel HiFi recently, arrived yesterday and will install when some full fine thread zinc plated bolts and nuts arrive from interstate to improve my jury rigged counterweight: Garrott Brothers P-77 Cartridge My Acos-Lustre tonearm has height adjustment so I should be able to get the tonearm with the angle recommended for the cartridge and replace my Garrott Brothers K1 which I have really enjoyed.
  10. Hi Les, we purchased them about 8 years ago, my wife had a look online as well but can’t see them anymore, so not sure if they are still available. Cheers
  11. Hi, if you are happy to post then I am keen so have sent you a message. Cheers
  12. Hi Les, looks like you’ve got it sorted but these items from IKEA (of the famous Kallax record and hi-fi component shelving) are versatile and handle double albums (we have 4 and stack 2 x2). You can also display a bit of CD album art. Cheers
  13. Master Quality Authenticated, a way to fold down and then unfold music that many believe gives greater resolution and quality. You have to have a MQA decoder or ‘endpoint’. At least Tidal has MQA tracks which can be accessed through Roon. Personally I find MQA decoded via my Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ as good as or better than SACD on most occasions (but not universal)
  14. Recent acquisition, another very good double album with good coverage of their great songs Cold Chisel, The Best of Cold Chisel, All For You
  15. Re: Madonna, Immaculate Collection I purchased it at Sanity in Darwin (Palmerston). I don’t usually shop there and it was the first time I have seen vinyl in there. The store person said they had just come in. I think the price was between $49 and $55. Below photo is the pressing details from Discogs. Cheers
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