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  1. Also picked up today, Japanese pressing. Enjoyable jazz Charlie Mingus, Pithycanthropus Erectus
  2. Being a Brubeck fan I picked up this different type of gem secondhand today. The star really is Louis Armstrong and the lyrics and music are great. The liner note is also a pearler, made more relevant to me because it was bought new by someone in Darwin from a record store long gone. The album also resonates with recordings and liner notes from earlier Brubeck albums where they toured the world as USA ambassadors with the support of the US State Department. I guess at a time where people travelled less. Dave and Lola Brubeck, The Real Ambassadors.
  3. Maybe understandably compilations don’t make much of an appearance here, but I picked this up at Darwin’s only second hand record shop today (becoming a weekly visitor), cleaned it up and now playing fully cranked up. Great sound combined with a time warp to my teenage years (I owned this on cassette). There aren’t too many songs these days with a name like - ‘Shoop Shoop Diddy Wop Cumma Cumma Wang Dang’ 1983, The Hot Ones
  4. Simple Project Carbon Debut with Ortofon OM-10 made beautiful with hand crafted tube MM phono stage and Bewitch tube integrated amp playing through Paradigm Premier 100B speakers
  5. New rectifiers and new pre-amp tubes for the Bewitch
  6. Before I left work this evening I played some recently acquired (from SNA member) Brubeck on my TT with new hand crafted Calibre 318SE phono stage (from SNA member) into my Bewitch integrated tube amp (from SNA member), with second hand interconnects (from a SNA member ) with new rectifiers and pre-amp tubes - a lovely delicate and natural sound. Where would I be without SNA? Dave Brubeck, Hey Brubeck, Take Five
  7. Just added a hand crafted tube MM phono stage to my work system (courtesy of a fellow SNA member - you may recognise from here), replacing a Project Phono Box USB and feeding into a Bewitch integrated tube amp. More detailed and extensive listening to be had but a more delicate and natural sound. Happy as a pig in poo and looking forward to more listening. I think I have a dodgy rectifier tube so just ordered some new tubes. Having lots of fun and learning stuff while enjoying my music even more. What’s not to like about this caper.
  8. Reminds me of the Adelphi Centre in Singapore.
  9. Not spinning right at the moment, but given Janjuc’s last post I recalled one of my purchases at this year’s RSD. In music there is something for everyone They’ll never keep us down, Women’s Coal Mining Songs
  10. Something to frighten the birds. Enjoyed it more than I thought I would Santana, Santana
  11. Following on from Martin, recently acquired from fellow SNA member and gave it my first spin this morning. Much of it had a Middle Eastern / Saharan feel Jan Garbarek, Works
  12. Acquired from Darwin’s only second hand record store yesterday and cleaned up with some other recent purchases. Some of my favourite artists on this one - Brubeck, Mulligan and Desmond Dave Brubeck, Gerry Mulligan, Paul Desmond, Alan Dawson and Jack Six, We’re all together again for the first time Not the biggest fan of the opening track, Truth, but the rest are really great. Especially Unfinished Woman and the extended version of Take Five. Added benefit of interesting liner note read.
  13. Slow at typing and rugby not helping. But PM away. Cheers
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