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  1. Dear MaxPlumage, Yes, I believe a power amp or integrated amp would be a better buy than an upgrade to your AVR, especially if you are into 2ch stereo (you might find you gravitate there with the integrated amp, as we did). My suggestion was to consider an integrated amp over a power amp. To keep the box number down but to increase functionality, thereby expanding your system capabilities. By the way, while we live in Darwin we are in Canberra at the moment for a 10 day holiday and monuments tour for our 2 boys. Having a great time and finding Canberra fantastic. Cheers
  2. Hi D, No problems so far with movies or extended music listening. Backs are open so air can circulate (no fans other than on our ceiling) and front are perforated for RF and ventilation. Have some space around the components. Cheers
  3. Hi MaxPlumage, We have had a Denon AVR 4520 for some time with 5.1 surround sound (and zone 2 garden speaker). The Denon used to be our source for 2ch stereo, movies and Sonos streaming Spotify and Tidal. However a real and very audible lift to our system came by using the Denon PreOut for our FL and FR speakers and adding a Musical Fidelity M6si Integrated Amplifier. Much more grip and control over the (2 front) speakers and really lifted their performance. We then also had a much improved phono-stage (with MC as well as MM). Recently we installed a Roon Nucleus, so now enjoy true 5.1 channel stereo streaming (when you can find multichannel tracks) with HDMI into our AVR. We still use our Denon for TV, movies and multichannel but use the Mf M6si for 2ch stereo. In this way we kept and still use our Denon, spent about the same $ as the Anthem MRX on an integrated amp and had a genuine lift in performance with some more features and options. Photo of complete system below. Good luck.
  4. An unusual album acquired second-hand today. Authentic twang and drawl in the singing and heartfelt songs.
  5. Acquired our ClearAudio Concept in 2013, enjoyed it with Denon AVR for a long while. Substantial lift in performance in January 2017 when we partnered it with the Musical Fidelity M6si. Another step up in August 2017, after I knocked the MM cartridge and ruined the stylus, when we installed the Concept MC Aluminium.
  6. Posted this elsewhere on SNA today, but I paid homage to RSD by purchasing second hand at a pop-up record store in Darwin. After a good clean I have been spinning our new acquisitions. So far have been excellent, especially Steve Winwood, Brian Ferry, Redgum and Women’s Coal Mining Songs.
  7. Acquired today, second hand, as part of Record Store Day. Spinning this evening. Still sounds like Brubeck, especially the first track.
  8. Still on rotation after being purchased today
  9. Acquired today in homage to Record Store Day, from a new little pop-up record store in Darwin. Only second hand records available but the ones I purchased are in reasonable condition and I gave them a good clean. Some old Australian bands to bring back some memories. Currently spinning Brian Ferry.
  10. My son now has my (his) Stax SR-307s with SRM-323S Driver, on IKEA cabinet he assembled himself
  11. Now that’s another topic - Floorstanders v Bookshelf speakers! Welcome to the rabbit hole.
  12. Yep, recorded specifically for 6 channels. A very helpful SNA member put me onto these free 5.1 samples available from here:  http://www.2l.no/hires/ you also can have multichannel CDs and SACDs.
  13. Hi Nick, I started with Bose surround system many moons ago, graduated to AVR with 5.1 system but because we play 85% music have moved to 2 channel over time as a result of reading, discussions with others, experimenting and listening. I way prefer 2 channel for most music listening but still enjoy full 6 channel surround sound using AVR for music recorded in this format (much less availability) and for the odd movie. If I could only have one I would go 2 channel for music. Agree with Snoop about going to a proper Hi-Fi retailer to hear for yourself.
  14. Hi Ian. We have a few Sonos speakers in bedrooms and a bathroom for the kids. Started with Play 3s and upgraded to Play 5s. I took the 2 Play 3s, paired them on Sonos and put them either side of my oldest son’s bed. We reckon the paired Play 3s sound quite a bit better than the individual Play 3s and the individual Play 5s (1st Gen and 2nd Gen) in my other son’s and daughter’s room. There is definitely something added by the stereo mix and it is quite enjoyable and a fun listening experience. We play jazz, hip hop and rock with a smattering of classical. Sounds even better if you are at the bottom of the bed with the speakers directed to you. We have a single Devialet Phantom White but it was a much better sound experience I heard from multiple Devialet Phantoms played together in the Adelphi in Singapore. Also seems to be the views on other SNA forums. There is no way however that the paired Play 3s can compete with our LS50s driven by NAD D3020 or Paradigm Studio 100s driven by a Musical Fidelity M6si. Nor would I expect them too, given the relative price and sources in my system.
  15. Hi RBBruno, I haven't used Chromecast so you should take this commentary with a grain of salt. I have used Sonos for a number of years and about a year ago introduced Roon over the top. Originally I hosted the Core of Roon on my desktop computer with USB from computer to my study system (NAD 3020 and KEF LS50s) and then to the rest of the house by way of Sonos (Sonos Bridge, Sonos Connect, Sonos Amp, Sonos One, Sonos Play 3s and Sonos Play 5s) to 6 different rooms plus outside garden with 8 different speakers systems (including the main system). Very reliable solution, easy to add components over time, easy to setup and control and good listening. In terms of Chromecast v Sonos, for one persons' view with experience of both refer: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/sonos-chromecast-audio-best-for-you/. I would endorse what the article says about Sonos but can't offer anything regarding Chromescast. Sonos has some limitations - only CD quality (16bit) and only 2 channel. For a long time this was not of concern to me as I had a SACD player in my main system and a turntable. Then 2 things came together, finding Roon (with Tidal) and reading about higher quality playback and MQA. I adjusted my system by purchasing a Roon Nucleus (after being very tempted by an Antipodes EX plus secondhand Playback Designs Merlot DAC). I ran a 15m ethernet cable from my router (connected to NBN in our study) to our downstairs living room and installed the Roon Nucleus (now containing the Core and 1TBSSD with over 20,000 FLAC tracks) and connected the Roon Nucles by USB1 to Mytek Brooklyn DAC + (for high resolution playback and MQA decoding) and by USB2 to Oppo HA1/PM1 and by HDMI to Denon 4520 AVR (for multi-channel playback). Study compute sits on the same intranet as Roon Nucleus and then the computer outputs by USB1 to NAD 3020 and KEF LS50s and separate USB2 to Schiit Jotunheim and Audeze LCD-3s (which I am listening to as I type this). All other rooms and audio still serviced by Sonos (connected to intranet/router by Sonos Bridge) with Roon. So they way I see it, my better equipment (which can make the most of high resolution files, MQA and multichannel) is served by Roon with ethernet, USB and HDMI connections (no wi-fi, Sonos or otherwise) and my other more casual listening (including Devialet Phantom White) is served by Roon using Sonos to deliver CD quality. This is serving me and my family well. Everyone has access and control by iPads and iPhones. There are streaming/wi-fi systems that can transmit greater than CD quality and may be better than Sonos (but maybe not quite as simple to use). An example is Bluos: https://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/bluesound-vs-sonos/ which may have the edge on quality of streaming. At this stage for me in my system however I think I have it pitched about right and I can't really justify replacing our reasonably extensive (and stable) Sonos equipment with another system. Good luck on your journey. I hope you get as much enjoyment and functionality as I (and my family) has.
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