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  1. In 2011 I put in a Paradigm Stylus 470-SM (cost $550) for our garden area and ran it from a Denon AVR as Zone 2. Can play anything including Spotify and Tidal via Roon. Has been excellent. The eaves help with the acoustics. 9 years later in 2020 still working perfectly.
  2. Hi Eric, I would like the following if still available: Item: BILL EVANS QUINTET INTERPLAY RIVERSIDE Japan VINYL LP Japanese press Location: Turramurra 2074 Price: $45 Item: BILL EVANS TRIO EXPLORATIONS MILESTONE SMJ-6038 Japan VINYL LP Japanese press Location: Turramurra 2074 Price: $50 Cheers Kevin
  3. Yep. My main system is Paradigm Studio 100s floorstanders driven by a Musical Fidelity M6si integrated amplifier each purchased new. However, as a result of odds and ends I have cobbled together another system in my teenage son’s bedroom that is built around $300 second hand Wharfedale bookshelf speakers and a Rega Brio-R integrated amplifier both purchased second hand. Sure it hasn’t got the bass or the detail but the second system is in the right environment and offers intimate musical enjoyment and a different experience at less than 1/10th the price. Would I give up my main system for the second system? no, but can I gain great enjoyment from the second system in its context? a definite yes.
  4. The family pet, “Peanut”. So named because he is shaped like a peanut, is the same colour as a peanut and because he has a brain like a peanut. Can pass as a seal. Is unfazed by music and likes to sleep while we listen.
  5. Hi Eric, May I have: Item: MANHATTAN JAZZ QUINTET MY FUNNY VALENTINE PADDLE WHEEL K28P-6410 Location: Turramurra 2074 Price: $25 Item: SONNY CLARK TRIO SAME OVERSEAS ULS-1801-V Japan VINYL LP Location: Turramurra 2074 Price: $35 Item: SONNY STITT SAME ROULETTE YY-7004-RO Japan VINYL LP Location: Turramurra 2074 Price: $30 Thanks.
  6. End of a lovely evening with my parents over for dinner. In the background we went through the following Dave Brubeck Quartet albums. Very relaxing and perfectly consistent with an intimately comfortable mood: Time in Outer Space (dedicated to Capt. John Glenn) Jazz Impressions of Japan Jazz Impressions of New York The Dave Brubeck Quartet in Europe Jazz Goes to College
  7. Followed up with this ‘time’ album (originally titled Brubeck Time). In my view it has the distinction of having one of the most unattractive album covers, in terms of both colour and artwork. Luckily however the jazz is good (though the sq is only average). Dave Brubeck Quartet, A Place in Time
  8. Embarking on an evening of Dave Brubeck. Kicking it off with the album below which contains one of my favourite Dave Brubeck pieces, “Unsquare Dance”. Excellent liner notes from Brubeck himself, displaying his incredible knowledge of music and structure and some of the stories and work behind the pieces. This version of the album is the 1961 Australian mono version. The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Time Further Out (Miro Reflections)
  9. Well why not follow the lead and kick off Saturday morning listening with a 1984 Australian pressing. It is very good, purchased second hand and ran through the URCM but could probably do with a little more. Has some real weight and depth to the sound, oh and great songs Legend, the best of Bob Marley and the Wailers
  10. Hi Eric, May I please have: Item: BINGO MIKI & INNER GALAXY BACK TO THE SEA THREE BLIND MICE TBM-5010 Japanese press Location: Turramurra 2074 Price: $40 Item: ERICH KUNZEL TCHAIKOVSKY 1812 OVERTURE TELARC 20PC-2009 Japanese press Location: Turramurra 2074 Price: $40 I will give that vinyl bass a try. Cheers
  11. Some fun. Great movie and great album.
  12. Queen, News of the World, good quality vinyl and album cover, part of a box set re-issue
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