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  1. Nothing wrong with this coloured pressing. In 2018 heard a Swedish band do Cream and Creedence covers in The Stampen (of Jazz and the Pawnshop fame). Cream, Disraeli Gears
  2. Was reading another thread on record cleaning when the OP referred to this great album, so had to give it a spin. Bad Company, Straight Shooter
  3. I have generally had great results from Dutch Vinyl and Discrepancy Records in Australia and Elusive Disc in the USA. Also +1 for buying secondhand records and cleaning them up with an URCM. You can pick up some real gems and interesting history. Being in Darwin I use Air Raid Records for this and Ryan and Leanne, the proprietors, are great. I have found JB hit and miss.
  4. Bit of surf music to lighten up the day. The boys are not taking themselves too seriously Jan & Dean, Gotta take that one last ride
  5. Howdy @eman, good to hear from you. The amp is sounding sweet and still delivering great service, along with the other components. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your replacement amp in the bushfires. I have @mwhouston retro-thermonic "Calibre 318SE" tube MM phono preamp and it is a real pleasure. Cheers
  6. On red vinyl, acquired today from Air Raid Records secondhand: U2, Live, under a blood red sky
  7. Continuing on with my retro afternoon 1981 ... Rocks on
  8. Had a great morning with Ryan at Air Raid Records (Darwin) and picked up some vinyl missing from my various artists collection, especially this one which is in great condition. Some awesome songs and a good pressing. Playing it through my work system which is total secondhand SNA (Ya gotta love this site).
  9. I very much enjoy this guitar duo. Favourite album is Live in Japan but this recent acquisition is not far behind. Only one side as the reverse is etched vinyl (but not the playable type like Split Enz True Colours). Good sq Rodrigo y Gabriela, Mettal EP
  10. A great album with good sq on this orange pressing Icehouse, Man of Colours
  11. Howdy Shane, The following SNA topic may assist you: For more specific recommendations it will help if you share your amplification, sources, music tastes and some room details. Photos may help. Good luck and look forward to seeing what you end up doing and how it sounds.
  12. Another recent acquisition which I didn’t realise contained two of my favourite jazz artists, Keith Jarrett and Jack DeJohnette. Very good pressing and enjoyable jazz that seems to stray into other categories at times. Charles Lloyd Quartet, The Flowering of the original Charles Lloyd Quartet
  13. A very enjoyable recent purchase. More mellow and reflective jazz Bill Evans, Undercurrent
  14. Another new album (2 LPs) and more to my taste than the one mentioned in the previous post. A Canadian band with enjoyable songs. Sq is good on translucent blue and grey vinyl. City and Colour, A pill for loneliness
  15. K = King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard: Fishing for Fishies
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