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  1. Maybe not, but this does alright AND has “I’ll find my way home”: Various Artists, Hit Wave ‘82
  2. Acquired this second hand from Air Raid Records in Darwin that reportedly came from a collection from the Australian Air Force Base in Butterworth, Malaysia. I like the album but in particular the near transcendental song “I’ll find my way home”. Jon and Vangelis, The Best of Jon and Vangelis
  3. Inspired by earlier posts of other albums by this great Australian band and to complete the trilogy, the independent record store version of: The Teskey Brothers, Live at the Forum
  4. My son sent me a Year 12 essay he just wrote on Todd Phillips’ film “The Joker” and Pink Floyd’s album “The Dark Side of the Moon”. So I gave my 1973 Australian (quadraphonic) pressing a spin while I read the essay. The essay was a very good piece of work. Though the cover of the gatefold album has seen better days the sq is excellent. Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon
  5. A dodgier decade than the 70’s, the 80’s, but some great songs on this compilation including “Madam Butterfly” and “Flame Trees” Various Artists, H’its Hot! 84/85
  6. My eldest kids put me onto this band a few years back. Just had the chance to pick it up on vinyl. Enjoyable record with the great song, “Pumped up Kicks”. Foster the People, Torches
  7. This album sounds deep, lush and lovely (2017 180gm European pressing) Roxy Music, Avalon
  8. Pre-dinner blast from the past with some great songs
  9. Yep, was surprised to see that album in this thread. Even more surprised to be going through some vinyl at Air Raid Records when I came across this gem. Just had to pick it up, VG+ for a sweet $15 (*). Giving it a spin in honour of this thread. Mrs Mills, All time party dances and other favourites. (*) nah, @Air Raid Records graciously gave it to me for free.
  10. Hi Michael, welcome to a SNA. I have had a Clearaudio Concept TT for over 7 years and I really enjoy it. I have had 2 significant jumps in sq when using it. First I was running the TT with the Clearaudio MM cartridge it came with through my Denon 4520 AVR (which has built in MM phono stage). I thought it was very good. Then I introduced a Musical Fidelity M6si integrated amplifier and it revolutionised the sound. Chalk and cheese. It made my Paradigm Studio v5 floorstanders sing. I was very happy. Much more musicality with real force. The bass can go incredibly deep but stay taut. Then one day I clumsily knocked my MM cartridge and ruined the stylus. I bit the bullet and replaced the Clearaudio MM Cartridge with a Clearaudio MC Alumunium. The MF M6si has a phonostage for MM and MC. I obtained another significant step up in performance. Decidedly more detail on all recordings and blacker backgrounds on good recordings. I am sure there are lots of good combinations for the Clearaudio Concept TT but the MF M6si has been a winner for me. I also use its HT function for surround sound music and TV/movies as well a most of its other inputs. Good luck. It would be good to hear from you as to what you end up with. Cheers
  11. For a bit of variety and surprising sq given the flimsy vinyl, enjoyable songs from the 80s picked up secondhand from Air Raid Records in Darwin Various Artists, Hitwave ‘81
  12. A speculator for me which I spun for the first time yesterday. I struggled with it a bit in terms of the lyrics being a bit hard to distinguish in the noise (possibly should have suspected this from the band and album name). On this one, for me, the aesthetics surpass the performance so one to donate to my eldest son to see if he gets more out of it. Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, And Now For The Watchamacallit
  13. Hi John, enjoyed the music but to be truthful I found the sound a little compressed with a background that could be blacker (or noise floor lower?) and not enough space around the notes. I enjoyed the bass notes. Will try it on Tidal later today to see how it stacks up. On the other hand, I find this a very good quality recording and one of my favourite albums: Orville Peck, Pony
  14. Enjoyed my first listen to this album, Boy & Bear, Suck on light
  15. A band from the past with a MOV reissue. Not so convinced about the sq. Will give it another listen on the main system. Fairground Attraction, The first of a thousand kisses
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