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  1. From the new to the very very old. Many short recordings of singing, chanting with clapping sticks and often the didgeridoo Indiana University, Archives of Folk and Primitive Music, Ethnomusicological Series (1964), Songs of Aboriginal Australia and Torres Strait
  2. Picked this up secondhand at the Melbourne HiFi show on the weekend Keith Jarrett with Dewey Redman, Charlie Hayden and Paul Motian, The Survivors’ Suite
  3. I believe this has been described as 90s slacker rock, a great listen Dope Lemon (Angus Stone), Smooth Big Cat
  4. Back from Melbourne Hi-Fi Show (which was great) and had these waiting for me. Not sure it counts as laser etched but it is well recorded and there are some great songs. The artist is Angus Stone (with some friends), from Angus & Julia Stone
  5. Hi Wen, In a straight shootout the Project Carbon Debut would be the winner over the decades old Rega Planar 2 (note I have the old (original) Planar 2 with a Linn Basik LV V arm and Denon headshell modified by earlier owner with Tangospinner Astor sub platter and Herbies mat - photo below), more authoritative and detail. However the gap narrowed noticeably with the Garrott K1 cartridge installed in the Planar 2 and the Planar 2 suits the rest of my system. Cheers
  6. To Clive and all the fellas, A great night with atmospheric venue, fantastic food, wonderful beer, marvellous stories and even better company. Thanks to all and especially semordnilap Evil C for organising and leading.
  7. Hi Flash, I struggle a bit with Miles Davis generally, but even more so with his later stuff, including Doo Bop. My go is generally Brubeck, Evans, Pepper or Mulligan but always looking to explore and increase my understanding. I do agree with your headshell comment, having just fitted my Garrott K1 to a Linn Basik headshell. Cheers
  8. Hi Flash, I wouldn’t dissuade you from the Denon, especially because I haven’t heard it, but I have used the Project Carbon Debut for some time in my office system and it performed very well, particularly with a tube phono stage and a tube integrated amplifier. I reckon further improvements would have been delivered by the Garrott K1 cartridge I now use. I have currently substituted my Project with an old model Rega Planar 2 to combine aesthetics with some older world charm and system matching. Good luck with the journey.
  9. My son tells me Dope Lemon also issued another yellow vinyl version with similar patterns, but I can’t upload the video he sent me. Also very cool. The Dope Lemon albums may still be available at https://store.sound-merch.com.au/collections/dope-lemon i just ordered one of each (one for my son), so will see if all works out.
  10. Also picked up another of my favourite artists and groups, this is a combination of Brubeck Goes to College and Brubeck Goes to Junior College. Great music and good sq. Pressed in Australia. When I do a good clean I will have to do a sq comparison. The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Brubeck on Campus
  11. Acquired yesterday from Air Raid Records, Darwin’s second hand record store. Didn’t know the performers, purchased it to give the sq a go. Lived up to the promise on the sq and enjoyable music. Lew Tabackin, Trackin’
  12. From something old to something new, an artist that hails from Darwin. 2017 album by a company related to Skinnyfish Records in the NT and well recorded. I would describe the music as blues/soul. Caiti Baker, Zinc
  13. Thanks Steve, That I would not have guessed. Thanks also for showing a photo of it operational. Cheers
  14. Hi Mark, Nope, same sq. Cheers
  15. I’ve gone and done it again, some classic compilations from my youth
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