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  1. A more familiar artist for me and one of my favourites. I enjoyed this album Art Pepper Quintet, Smack Up
  2. I approached this one with some trepidation (what with jazz led by a guitar player and accompanied by a tambourine & ors), though I was buoyed by a young Herbie Hancock on piano. Anyway, I needn’t have worried as I really enjoyed this jazz interpretation of spiritual classics. Oh, and a great pressing Grant Green, Feeling the Spirit
  3. Finishing up the day with spinning some compilations vinyl from my teenage (just, at the wrong end) years while I URCM jazz and classical. These play really well after a good deep clean
  4. An enjoyable beer brewed in Darwin by the One Mile Brewing Company. (One Mile is one of the original place names within Darwin and is still used). This beer “No Limit” refers to the fact that at one time we had no speed limit on the Stuart Highway outside towns. They also brew: The “RDO” the ‘Rostered Day Off’, a public service perk; and My favourite, the “4:21”, 4.21pm (yes 21 minutes) being the official NT public service knock off time. Cheers
  5. Is that a compilation? I have feel like making love in my other album and has a different cover or maybe mine is Howdy @hlov, I believe “Bad Company” (1974) was their first studio album and “Straight Shooter” (1975) was their second studio album. In 1976 they had their third studio album “Run with the Pack”. All three were in the top 5 in the US and UK (they are a UK band but sound quite American in many ways).
  6. A great album but for me this is the one I love the most. Can’t beat “Feel like makin’ love” and “Shooting Star” Bad Company, Straight Shooter
  7. Now this one might be overdone for some but I have always seen it advertised and given the positive views I finally picked up this 45rpm Groove Note pressing. Great sq And an enjoyable album Vanessa Fernandez, When the Levee Breaks
  8. This wax decidedly suits the album cover and the lounge music impressed upon it, particularly some of the space lounge music. Certainly not the last word in sq or in artistic output (prefer his spaghetti westerns themes, the available suite is shown) but will be satisfied with the fact that as a package it reflects a particular style, feel, look and sound at a particular point in history. Ennio Morricone, (Themes) Lounge
  9. @metal beat that can’t be right can it? I see some yellow vinyl peeking out 😉
  10. Earliest is 1951, an ‘unbreakable’ Decca pressing of Stravinsky’s Le Sacre Du Printemps, plays amazingly well. The vinyl is thick and rock solid. Almost feels like shellac. Compared to the cover, which is relatively flimsy. This pressing is from England. Also have some jazz from ‘53 and ‘56. Latest is 2020, recognising the ANZACS and COVID-19, Music from the Homefront.
  11. Picked this up today because it was recorded in 1966 (I find there are a lot of exceptional quality jazz recordings in the 60s) and because it was recorded at the guy’s house. Clare in this case is a guy (like Jody I guess). The liner notes reckon this guy (piano) deserved more fame and prominence than what he received. I love those old liner notes. The front cover concludes with the following advice about the recordings “Play them in a quiet room alone or with persons of a sincerely empathetic nature”. I reckon my wife is very empathetic but I ended up listening to it alone. I enj
  12. Good looking system. The Prima Luna’s seem to be universally loved. I have a friend with the same main speakers as mine (Paradigm Studio 100s) and he drives them with a Prima Luna integrated and they sound brilliant. Amazing soundstage and warmth with drive. I have had 4 step change improvements in my Paradigm Studio 100 main system and the enjoyment I get from it. The first was going from a Denon AVR to using the pre-outs and adding a Musical Fidelity M6si integrated amplifier. The next was adding the Clearaudio Concept with MM cartridge (2013, cost of $2,500). The Concept is amaz
  13. Another acquisition today, good sq: Coldplay, Parachutes
  14. I get a definite audible improvement in every record that I put though the URCM process. Loss of pops and crackles, lower noise floor and often increased separation. With the Kirmuss URCM you generally need at least 3 rounds with surfactant applied by goat hair brush in between each wash (so about a 25min process for 2 records). On one great record I have I ran it though around 8 times and got improvement each time until it now sounds brilliant (original 1960 US pressing of Bill Evan’s Trio’s ‘Portrait in Jazz’). I swear by my URCM and the Kirmuss process but it is time c
  15. Been picking through Air Raid Records to add to my various artists collection. Have been enjoying this one this evening. This one’s got that killer sheen on it (which I knew). Don’t hold too much hope Kirmuss can restore this one but will give it a go. All The Hits (1986)
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