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  1. Yep, you have a serious case of cable-itis and may need an interconnect intervention with a dose of power-cord parsimony and ethernet eradication. It appears that no matter how lean it looks at the front a monster mess lies behind. Speaking of which, I admit to being regularly peeved viewing reputable audio brands advertising their wares with nary a cord, cable or interconnect to be seen. You should contact them to see how they manage it and produce the great sounds and looks advertised.
  2. Yep, this is not Cilla. 1978 pressing, picked up today secondhand at Air Raid Records. Ralph Towner, Eddie Gomez and Jack de Johnette, Batik
  3. A Stockholm jazz quartet, nice light jazz Agnas Bros., Lycka Till Med Musiken (Good luck with the music)
  4. After lunch peaceful piano works by Keith Jarrett Keith Jarrett, The Melody at Night, With You
  5. Keith Jarrett is one of my favourite ECM artists. This is an unusual recording, not jazz and not classical, more like world music. Made by Jarrett in his studio in May-June 1985 without an engineer. He plays all the music. The initial instrument is a Pakistani flute he acquired in Sweden (linking to another thread tonight) in the 60s. Herr Eicher recorded as a producer, with Jarrett. Album acquired from the great Air Raid Records, Darwin Keith Jarrett, Spirits
  6. Nice thread revival. Was listening to some multichannel music when started reading this thread. Inspired me to put on one of my all time favourite jazz albums, Jazz at the Pawnshop (ran the SACD multichannel track). Fabulous Swedish album. Lucky enough to have been to The Stampen in Stockholm with the family, had a very good meal and listened to some really enjoyable music. Purchased some Swedish vinyl down the cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan, which I will spin and post on the weekend. Cheers
  7. This month is ECM’s 50th birthday 🎂. Over 1,600 albums. There is an enjoyable article in Stereophile November 2019 of an interview with Manfred Eicher of ECM “You can’t record everyone”. I would have posted a link if I could, alas technical incompetence foils me.
  8. Hi Daffo, my LS50s are paired with a NAD D3020 which is 2 x 30w in 8 ohms and the sound is sensational. Admittedly, as you can see, it is near field listening but no issue with SPL My pairing was partly based on a Stereophile review. Unfortunately I haven’t heard the LS 50s with the Peachtree. I don’t think your watts per channel will be an issue. Good luck.
  9. Hi MLXXX, I described Robert Harley’s book as excellent as that is exactly how I found it. It covers a very wide gamut of Hi-Fi issues in a logical sequence and with great explanations and thoughtful views that are explained. I got a lot out of the book and would happily recommend it to anyone interested in Hi-Fi (especially those of us that are newer to the journey). Cheers
  10. Been working with my (now 17yo) son over the last couple of years to build his system. Mostly secondhand gear, some of it mine. He purchased the cabinet from IKEA and put it together himself. Family and friends are also great for upgrades. A friends family has my old Bose Lifestyle 18 (first “system”), my sister and brother in law have my Denon AVR 4311 and Paradigm Cinema series speakers and Paradigm sub and Denon CDP (second system), my parents have my Focal Bird system and Rega Apollo CDP.
  11. No horse in the race but Robert Harley in his excellent book “The Complete Guide to High End Audio” suggests that you should forget about optical unless you have no other choice (extract provided containing his reasons). Earlier in the chapter he said companies promoted TosLink (optical) because it was cheaper to make and easier to meet regulations on radiated noise. I’ve used TosLink for my Sonos and HA1 and couldn’t tell the difference, but then again that’s a step (or 3) away from high end audio.
  12. Highly, highly recommend a listen to this guy, Orville Peck. A Canadian singer and this is his first album. It’s country with echoes of Elvis, Roy Orbison and (dare I say it, opera). I’ve been listening to it via streaming (hanging also purchased the download) but today my vinyl copy arrived. Excellent sq. Give it a go cowboy Orville Peck, Pony
  13. From the new to the very very old. Many short recordings of singing, chanting with clapping sticks and often the didgeridoo Indiana University, Archives of Folk and Primitive Music, Ethnomusicological Series (1964), Songs of Aboriginal Australia and Torres Strait
  14. Picked this up secondhand at the Melbourne HiFi show on the weekend Keith Jarrett with Dewey Redman, Charlie Hayden and Paul Motian, The Survivors’ Suite
  15. I believe this has been described as 90s slacker rock, a great listen Dope Lemon (Angus Stone), Smooth Big Cat
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