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  1. Purchased this album for my son who is a bit of a fan of this Australian band. Gave it a quick spin before I sent it off and urrrgh ... heavy metal that is just not my style at all. Throaty singing with a wall of sound that my office system could not pick apart. To each their own but in this case less was more but the splatter vinyl does look good Parkway Drive, Horizons
  2. Thanks John, I have seen that advertised. Given I have just been moving speakers around experimenting I have decided to invest in the book, I can also let my son read it for his system. Cheers
  3. Thanks Arthur, I have a pair of floorstanding Paradigm Studio 100s that I have traditionally had toed in towards the prime listening position. Excellent clarity and bass but not the last word in soundstage. Having read your post and this thread I experimented with the more extreme toe in (put a tea towel under the Gaias to allow easy and fine movement). I was surprised by the definite results. The appearance of a much better soundstage and for possibly the first time the speakers almost disappear. The cost however has been a muddying of the bass. I will keep exp
  4. Great restoration. Thanks for all the explanations and photos, it made for a really good read. PS. Good to see someone enjoying crib.
  5. A bit of blues, the band but not the OST, enjoyable album Blues Brothers
  6. A good pickup from Air Raid Records today, went through Ryan’s Degritter and sounding great OST, The Wanderers
  7. Howdy @Ian for king, Not to deter you from your current course of action, I thought you might enjoy this video. I have ordered an amp from Decware similar to the one referred to but don't expect it to arrive for some months. Cheers
  8. One of my favourite musicians and songwriters. This is a great pressing with high sq and an album that picks up most of his great songs, including from Simon & Garfunkel days. Paul Simon, The ultimate collection Paul Simon
  9. This album was recorded by Steve Earle as a result of the death of his son, Justin Townes Earle in 2020. All but the last song was written by Justin Earle, the last song was written by Steve Earle about his son. A well recorded and quality album which plays beautifully. One of my favourite album covers. Steve Earle & The Dukes, J.T.
  10. Very good but not as great a difference over my Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ than I thought it might be. I feel the Brooklyn DAC+ was more precise and maybe the DirectStream heads back towards a slightly more analogue sound. I am now only using my Oppo BDP-105AU as a transport and I do believe the DirectStream brings out more in my CDs.
  11. A lazy Sunday and enjoying a revised system set-up bought about by upgrading to a Roon Nucleus+ and a PS Audio Perfectwave DirectStream DAC with Bridge II (acquired through SNA Classifieds). To ensure domestic harmony (an enjoyable and important part of this passion) most components have to be neatly out of sight. With the very great assistance of @hedalfa we re-cabled (mostly with Bill’s Cables) and reconfigured the system on Wednesday night.
  12. The manual for Paradigm Studio 100s recommend bi-wiring or, better still, bi-amping. I bi-wire my Studio 100s from Musical Fidelity 550K Superchargers and obtain an improvement in clarity.
  13. Thanks Stump, Have also ordered the book and SACD and am keen to see if it can add anything to my system set-up and sound. I found Robert Harley's The Complete Guide to High-End Audio (Fifth edition) an excellent read. First of all it recognises you can get great sound without spending extraordinary dollars. It recognisises the importance of listening and the room and then provides both simple explanations of system components and performance as well as further in depth reporting on certain aspects of hi-fi. PS. One of life's little coincidences that makes
  14. Last spin for the evening. A truly excellent album with fantastic lyrics and a very distinctive male vocal Crash Test Dummies, God shuffled his feet
  15. I have been looking for this album for some time and my new copy arrived from Elusive Disc in the USA this week. This was my first spin and we (myself, wife and visiting relative) really enjoyed it. Worth the wait. The Flaming Lips, Yoshimi battles the pink robots
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