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  1. KRSDarwin


    Thanks a million Music2496. I successfully downloaded multichannel and MQA tracks from the site you referred to. It is a fantastic site for test downloads and some great music brilliantly recorded. Funnily enough I had just purchased and received the 2L album The Nordic Sound on SACD and BluRay but couldn’t work out how to copy them in multi channel by dbPoweramp. After overcoming some natural incompetence (namely not scrolling down in Device Setup advanced options to find Multichannel which was set on 2.0!) I am now successfully listening to real multi-channel (both PCM and DSD converted to PCM) from Roon Nucleus SSD through my AVR and integrated amp with HT Bypass. Personally satisfying Roon proof in photos below! Thanks again for your help, it is very much appreciated.
  2. Self designed cabinet might be an option - we designed this 0ne for our room (based on Peactree Integrated Amp) and had it built to order, stores audio gear and records and accessories
  3. KRSDarwin

    SOLD: FS: Musical Fidelity M6i

    Yep, not for sale but can say whoever gets it will love it
  4. KRSDarwin


    Thanks Music2496 I had been to the above but for my HDMI connected AVR the device setting did not show the multichannel options. I played around for a while and came to the preliminary view that the issue was the recorded music on my Roon SSD was all 2 channel, even though its original source was often multichannel. Hence my query on getting multichannel into my library (whether by copying, downloads or Tidal). I’ll keep searching! Cheers
  5. KRSDarwin


    Further to the above, can anyone point me in the right direction about copying multichannel into my Roon library (I currently use dbPoweramp) and whether Roon Nucleus can manage multichannel out of the HDMI output to my Dednon AVR4520. I can get the Denon to show 5.1 and have sound issuing but the Roon file info is showing 2ch, even for tracks that on original CD were 5.1. Also having trouble finding multichannel on HD Tracks. Any info referrals or leads and responses welcome. Cheers
  6. KRSDarwin

    New to quality audio

    Hi Brad, I’ve been encouraging my son to join the site because of his interest in music and Hi-Fi. In fact it may be you are the Brad your Dad posted about and I responded with a photo of my son’s current set-up and the IKEA cabinet he selected and made up himself for his gear and burgeoning record collection. Hope you get lots out off the site, I have found it useful when considering upgrades or asking questions. Cheers
  7. KRSDarwin

    My System this morning

    Great job! how does the sound compare?
  8. KRSDarwin


    Hi all, just finished installing a 15m Ethernet run to connect our upstairs NBN to the Roon Nucleus in our downstairs main system (initially installed Nucleus in our second system as no cabling to downstairs). Nucleus USB1 output to Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ for MQA decoding to go through Musical Fidelity M6si and Paradigm Reference Studio 100s, USB2 output to Oppo HA1 with PM1s and HDMI out to Denon AVR 4520 for multi channel (yet to try). Self installed 1TB SSD and loaded FLAC files (about 15,000 tracks). Had to persevere to get backups and libraries working as I wanted but Roon website and communities were very useful and some responses to queries I posted resulted in breakthroughs. Love the Roon interface and have discovered heaps of music through Tidal and Roon radio (including leading me to purchasing Keith Jarrett Koln Concert in vinyl) . Have been enjoying the MQA decoding by Roon (in part) and the Brooklyn (balance) but to my ears it is not always clearly better (Schiit Jotunheim and LCD3s or Oppo HA1 and PM1s which are not MQA often just as good). Using Roon controllers (computer, iPads and iPhones) to control 11 outputs (including Sonos items). Roon has been stable and delivering great listening results and lots of interesting reading. There are some compromises, for my main system the Brooklyn and M6si require me to manually (or via their remotes) control volume. When I have Roon do it the sound quality decreases (which is why Roon recommend using device volume control I guess). All in all however Roon and Nucleus has been another significant step forward in our Hi-Fi system and the quality, variety, experience and enjoyment of music.
  9. KRSDarwin

    Currently Spinning

    Found Keith Jarrett Koln Concert via Roon, purchased it cheap on CD ($10) and now been spinning the vinyl edition, a great listen in all forms.
  10. Hi k, I started with Denon 1911 AVR and budget Paradigm ‘Cinema’ series speakers then over the years upgraded the AVR to a Denon 4520 (with pre-outs) then made a sizeable jump with Paradigm Studio 100 Reference speakers then really lifted the Studio 100s performance with a Musucal Fidelity M6si integrated amplifier which only drives the Studio 100s while the centre (upgraded), rear and sub speakers are still driven by the Denon 4520 (and the whole system works together when cinema or surround sound listening because of Denon pre-outs and MF Home Theatre bypass ability). Like you I have a living room setting with 80% audio and about 20% AV. I do believe you can do better than my Denons (Marantz, Yamaha etc) but I am used to mine and it’s all set up and now serious listening is the Studio 100s driven by the MF. The good news is I was pretty happy with my system all the way along the journey, I generally didn’t realise what I was missing out on until I took the next step (and improved my listening and music appreciation skills) and I used a trusted local audio dealer (Paul from Northcoast Stereo) to guide me along the way combined with reading lots of hi-fi mags and research on the internet. I do think you should aim for floorstanders rather than study/bookshelf speakers, otherwise I reckon you are on the right track. Good luck and enjoy.
  11. KRSDarwin

    Elac ub5 vs Kef ls50 or wait for Elac carina?

    Hey anewmission, we must be thinking along the same lines! I have plans/dreams over the longer term to have a dedicated music room (main system is part of living room) centred around a tube amp (Primaluna Dialogue Integrated Amplifier) driving Quad Z4s as I don’t have experience with either of these (other than through my great Hi-Fi dealer when he has them in) but would love to explore tubes and ribbon tweeters and thought they might be a good match to start a dedicated system. Would mean kicking one of my sons out of his bedroom but he is nearly finished school and he loves Hi-Fi and music so I’m sure he wouldn’t mind, just have to overcome resistance from my wife. Cheers
  12. KRSDarwin

    My System this morning

    Morning all, later than I planned because was up last night enjoying the system. Last week ran 15m of Ethernet cabling to allow Roon Nucleus to be installed as part of the main system (top right with Oppo BDP-105) and feeding by USB1 the new Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ (have to love the lights and MQA decoding) and by USB2 the Oppo HA-1 and PM-1s and by HDMI the Denon 4520 (for multi channel but yet to try out). Also received my vinyl version of Keith Jarrett’s Koln Concert which sound great. Cheers to a relaxing Sunday with music.
  13. KRSDarwin

    HiFi Stand Recommendations

    Hi Chill3, have you thought about designing and building your own unit? We did that to meet our room specs and equipment. Wife modelled it on Peachtree Amp. Has open backs, holes to pass cables between compartments, toughened glass shelves that are height adjustable as gear changes as minimises on shelf height while retaining strength, front has perforated steel so most remotes work, 3 bottom drawers for records and sides for audio DVDs and cables and misc equipment. We had ours made in Darwin by a local cabinet maker (who assisted with and added to the design we took to him). Now 5 years old, cost $4,250.
  14. KRSDarwin

    Elac ub5 vs Kef ls50 or wait for Elac carina?

    Hi anewmission, I haven’t heard the Elac’s and so can’t say the KEF LS50s are better. But I have lived with the LS50s (mounted on IonForge stands to bring driver centres to ear height) and a NAD D3020 (fed by computer running Roon and Sonos) in my study for nearly 3 years and I love them. The LS50s are detailed, fast and have incredible imaging and with such near field listening the bass is all I need. The LS50s look brilliant and are heavy and so exude quality. I agree with an earlier post that it would be best to listen yourself to each of them in as near a reproduction of your system and room as possible, but just wanted to record the fact that I have found the LS50s to represent excellent value for money and fantastic listening. In fact the LS50s are one of the last things in my whole system (main or second or work) I would seek to change. Good luck and enjoy the journey.
  15. Hi all, continuing with the Jotunheim theme from Odyssey I acquired my Jotunheim and LCD-3s after lots of research online, stereophile, other Hi-Fi mags and SNA forums. I am very happy with the results to date, main characteristics to me have been detail and volume without fatigue (but the LCD-3s are physically heavy so I replaced the standard headband with the carbon fibre model). Oh, and the LCD-3s look and feel superb. I did try the LCD-3s with my Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ and it was not so good at all, a real disappointment after the Jot. Schiit have made a conscious decision not to go with MQA and their Multibit DAC in the Jot still gave a great performance. The Brooklyn seems to compliment my Oppo PM-1s. The Jot and LCD-3s are now in my study system, as per photo.