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  1. Hi Quan, If your still looking, but I am in Brisbane. I have a pair of Mission 753s in black timber veneer (not the Freedom model). I have owned them since about 1997. They were a near new trade in/back when I got them, if I recall correctly, new retail in Aus was in the $4k range (others might be able to confirm). So basically in my possession nearly all of their life. All original. Very very very little use. They are not perfect condition, but for their age, are probably as close as you would ever get other than a set never removed for the carton. I have seen the o
  2. It has been a little while since this was discussed. Has anyone in Australia purchased one of these, via the US I assume?
  3. Hi Marc, Do yo have the SDP-55 up and running again, or still using the Trinnov?
  4. Agreed. I guess the higher prices than what were predicted just got me thinking about where its all going. And I don't begrudge anyone in business a margin - I have a business, do many friends. I guess you just like to think (as a consumer) the manufacturers try to get the product to market in a competitive way, for all countries. Look forward to the reports back when it is all up and running. Cheers.
  5. I might be off the mark a little -but not that much... $6k US based on a conversion of 64.5c is A$9,300. A$10,000 if you call if for $0.60 conversion Freight I might be short on at $300 "assumed". But I also assume the distributor does not import from Harmon 1 carton at a time. I also assume they come on the slow boat (I beleive that is what I was advised), not a plane. Cost may be up since Covid, granted I don't now for sure on these products, but I do know every contractor I deal with that has continued importing during covid (when the product was available to send) by the c
  6. EDIT>... Deleted original post. I take back my comments. These are $6,000 and $7500 US. I thought they were $4500 and $6000 US. But still seems lie we get shafted here. I still calculate abut $11k pulls up the total cost from the US, all freight, duty, GST. The AU price and margins seem a bit rich. Interestingly i have a boat and a lot or marine electronics in Australia are not grossly different to that in the US (after converting dollar and GST) - In fact a lot of US buyers import back from legitimate Au stores as it works out well for them compared to US
  7. I have been wondering the same re RRP - and why there is not a 20% difference in AU as per the US. I also wondered where I had read the $10k RRP claim, so thanks for pointing it out here. I called a Melbourne JBL Synthesis dealer ( I am in Brisbane) last week, they basically said they would not know the price until stock arrived, and that was unknown, and that JBL can be notoriously slow sending stock. So any update would be nice. I was banking on them being closer to $10k, or at least 20% less than $13k. Otherwise you start wondering why you would pt take the
  8. Of the Marantz units, that was at the top of my list. But I am following up some other processor potential options at a bit higher price point, but yet to make a decision.
  9. Sorry - missed this post. It was not on my agenda, but as I have looked deeper into options, it has been moved from a long way off to potentially much closer. I am now looking at units that all have Atmos capability. Mostly processors with up to 16 channels, including dual subs. I have also worked out how I can cable 4 or 6 ceiling speakers without too much pain. Also started thinking about ensuring additional space to house an extra separate amplifier. So fair to say I have come round to it - somewhat more quickly than I planned.
  10. Hi Guys, I am a long time on and off lurker to this forum, but rarely post. I have spent my time absorbing info mainly!. Thanks to those regular contributors, there is a wealth of information shared. My dilemma and questions After a bit of a longish delay, I have just finished fitting out a new HT. I have had various bits of gear for some time, f=rom previous rooms etc. , but technology has started to date parts of it. So I am looking for ideas/options/opinions on "higher end" 7.1 processors. I am also open to any options/offers poeple might have that have upgraded
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