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  1. Agreed. I guess the higher prices than what were predicted just got me thinking about where its all going. And I don't begrudge anyone in business a margin - I have a business, do many friends. I guess you just like to think (as a consumer) the manufacturers try to get the product to market in a competitive way, for all countries. Look forward to the reports back when it is all up and running. Cheers.
  2. I might be off the mark a little -but not that much... $6k US based on a conversion of 64.5c is A$9,300. A$10,000 if you call if for $0.60 conversion Freight I might be short on at $300 "assumed". But I also assume the distributor does not import from Harmon 1 carton at a time. I also assume they come on the slow boat (I beleive that is what I was advised), not a plane. Cost may be up since Covid, granted I don't now for sure on these products, but I do know every contractor I deal with that has continued importing during covid (when the product was available to send) by the container, out of Asia or the US, is not reporting significantly increased shipping. But it is maybe increased for some industries, certainly air freight. But I am not seeing it. Duty is still 5% I believe. GST is on everything (cost/freight/duty). So I stand by the vicinity of $11k give or take based on the dollar being 65ish. I could understand the local cost and mark up if that was raw supply cost, BUT included is A$9300 at full US RRP which already includes whatever margin they apply there built in. ie. I am sure the Harman wholesale cost to the AU distributor is quite a bit less than $6k US. My experience is the US are also notorious for "street prices". So RRP does not seem the norm over there. So something starts to get stinky in my opinion. But as I said, we are well used to that in Australia, its been going on a long time. However the US direct distribution model may account for some of it, I was not aware of that - too many fingers in the pie here maybe? I am all for retailers having a fair mark up. But maybe in Australia we have a distributor with a hefty mark up that is then doubled for a retailer who also needs a healthy mark up. I can purchase quite expensive marine electronics (cartons comparable or larger to this audio gear), through local AU suppliers at prices comparable to US prices and in some cases just better (allowing dollar conversion plus freight + duty + GST). Makes it real easy to support the local - they are often within less than 10% of the risky imported scenario, if not equal. I like local (and often buy) as much as the next guy, but only where reasonable. I could say the same for a JVC projector I have. Pretty fairly priced new in AU where I purchased it, and comparable to a US import scenario. Although that was not the case with every AU retailer. I don't think Covid has seen consumer grade purchases inflate unless there was demand and shortage of supply, like a face mask. Day to day non-essential consumer goods don't seem to be effected much - if anything businesses I see fire sale items to keep turnover moving. Bunnings/Aldi and Woolworth etc are clear exceptions... I am sure a few items have had delayed delivery, juts like these units that were due out earlier than now. But that wait should not see inflated RRP prices now they are available. That was a "short" term supply delay, not a massive increased demand delay. But maybe the premium end audio industry just operates on a different level, or maybe our AU distribution model here is expensive as we are too small and have too many people in it. Maybe local "street prices" here will be below RRP and thus our local deal will look ok in a few months. I don't buy a lot of high end audio, so can't say I am too knowledgeable about what this gear really costs vs list RRP. Some industries seem structured for heavy "discounting" from RRP. Either way, they cost what they cost. Just my opinion on this compared to other "hobby" type leisure industries electronics I see. PS. I hadn't read this conversation on SN, but it does come up on most forums a bit!. Sorry...
  3. EDIT>... Deleted original post. I take back my comments. These are $6,000 and $7500 US. I thought they were $4500 and $6000 US. But still seems lie we get shafted here. I still calculate abut $11k pulls up the total cost from the US, all freight, duty, GST. The AU price and margins seem a bit rich. Interestingly i have a boat and a lot or marine electronics in Australia are not grossly different to that in the US (after converting dollar and GST) - In fact a lot of US buyers import back from legitimate Au stores as it works out well for them compared to US prices. For the liukes of Garmin etc. I guess different business models for different industries.
  4. I have been wondering the same re RRP - and why there is not a 20% difference in AU as per the US. I also wondered where I had read the $10k RRP claim, so thanks for pointing it out here. I called a Melbourne JBL Synthesis dealer ( I am in Brisbane) last week, they basically said they would not know the price until stock arrived, and that was unknown, and that JBL can be notoriously slow sending stock. So any update would be nice. I was banking on them being closer to $10k, or at least 20% less than $13k. Otherwise you start wondering why you would pt take the "free" amps in the SDP35. The only loss appears to be no balanced XLR. But future resale and flexibility would be vastly improved with the inbuilt amplifiers. Same box, no amps... should be cheaper.
  5. Of the Marantz units, that was at the top of my list. But I am following up some other processor potential options at a bit higher price point, but yet to make a decision.
  6. Sorry - missed this post. It was not on my agenda, but as I have looked deeper into options, it has been moved from a long way off to potentially much closer. I am now looking at units that all have Atmos capability. Mostly processors with up to 16 channels, including dual subs. I have also worked out how I can cable 4 or 6 ceiling speakers without too much pain. Also started thinking about ensuring additional space to house an extra separate amplifier. So fair to say I have come round to it - somewhat more quickly than I planned.
  7. Agreed. Exactly the reasons why Room correction and options like the Primare (with no eq on board) were not originally a concern. The room correction I think I need to take more seriously as a "requirement" than I first assumed. At this point there is nothing I am considering that does not have eq on board. The Primare was probably the only one. However I think its video limitations are such that I can't justify it as a consideration.
  8. Yes, I have added this to the list and am now looking at options that have Dirac Live (full) on board. Out of interest, I have read of a lot of on bard up scalers to take advantage of additional speakers (when the source material is say 5.1 or 7.1). Is the consensus that this can be done well, and the 3D audio set up is thus advantageous, when using older source material? Obviously the scaler in the processor would need to do this well for a good result.
  9. Thanks genkifd for the comments. I have probably moved away from the Primare now, i fact it has probably moved to the very bottom of my list, realistically is off the list. Have been looking much closer into the various room corrections - and feeling they have become a must have on my list. Not surprisingly budget is growing as well in the process. I am getting sucked into the hole I was trying to avoid!. Atmos is also looking like a potential "sooner" rather than much later (if ever) consideration for me now. I might update my thinking in a few days time. I am just following up some options/info currently.
  10. Thanks Roachy. What Marantz units did you have? Re the dual sub - I don't disagree with your thinking. I have balanced the 2 I have currently manually. However the ability to separately time align could be missed. Currently I am running a rear sub out of phase with the front. It has the best compromise at the main listening position, but is a primitive tool at best. I assume good room correction, that can mange dual subs, could improve this. This may not be an issue id the sub locations are symmetrical to the listening position.
  11. Yeah. I agree, I think your logic is about snack on and where this is likely to end up. I will still follow up just to see where it goes, but I think it will be a dead end.
  12. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I hear what your saying and those were my considerations. The reason I ask, I came across a new V1 in Australia. I am waiting to hear if it has had the video upgrade already. It’s about half the cost of a V2. From what i can see, all the other boards are available. But I would need to do a bit more checking to verify that. i am not sure this is the right thing, but I will look into it a bit further bad see where it gets to. i can see my idea if “budget” heading north....
  13. Hi Al, just wondering a bit more re thinking for the comment on the V1? In reading about, as best I can tell, V2 is literally the V1 with 3 different boards upgraded, all of which are separately available. The video board looks like it was a free upgrade to all V1 owners ( but that does no guarantee it has happened to them all), the audio board takes it to Atmos I think (and jumps to Dirac Live), and there was a third for their proprietary blueOS. The Dirac live might be the main thing missing, although I think it comes with the audio board upgrade, if done. Obviously there is increased risk of an upgraded V1 having a glitch of some sort. But beyond that what were your main concerns?
  14. Yeah - without auditioning anything, it looks like a very nice piece of gear. But it is probably beyond what I am prepared to spend. New I am seeing prices around $10k local, and $8k (grey imports). Second hand could be an option for a V1 possibly - but there really is not much about at that end of the market.
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