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  1. Looks amazing! Certainly an upgrade target for me when I learn the ways! GLWTS
  2. wow blast from the past! love it Sharp & Sony MD players were the best back then - I used to rock these on the bus to school every day, they were much smaller than discmans! GLWTS!
  3. G-Dubz

    FS: KEF LS50

    I love these for a small apartment music & netflix setup, my first foray into the audiophile space. Great near field sound. They need a fair bit of driving to get up near the wireless active version but I think the passives will last a lot longer. GLWTS!
  4. Hi i'm interested in your remaining balanced interconnect if it's made of all copper, I think I missed out on the other pair which is a pity. PM sent
  5. G-Dubz

    3 teir tempered glass equipment rack

    Nice stand! would be perfect for me if only it was Vic! GLWTS
  6. G-Dubz

    SOLD: FS: Isotek Evo 3 Powerboard

    Hi there, Does this need an Isotek power cable to go with it also? Cheers
  7. G-Dubz

    FS: 4 Shelf Glass Stereo Rack

    Very keen if it was in Vic!
  8. have been waiting yonks for balanced copper cables 1m! but this one is unfortunately out of my price range =( They look fantastic, GLWS
  9. Will do! 👌 Have been watching the classifieds like a hawk trying to pick up some cables & a rack lol narrowly missed out on a rack last week it's such an active scene. Very cool!
  10. Fantastic advice. Thank you. The amps & speakers are all good to go just on standby while I look for cables & a rack. Just wondering what sort of brands I should start looking at for entry-mid level copper only interconnects? And also what sort of entry level speaker wire would suit this setup? Cheers
  11. G-Dubz

    SOLD: FS: Taoc ASR II-3S rack/stand

    Hi, first on waitlist/backup
  12. G-Dubz

    SOLD: FS: Audioquest Dragonfly V1.2

    PM sent with intention to buy
  13. Hi there, any XLR balanced cables left? Can pickup. Cheers
  14. G-Dubz

    FS: Misc Cables

    Are any of the XLRs balanced copper cables? Seems like it's silver plated from the audio art website - thanks