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  1. Wow looks great. How's it compare to an R305?
  2. Great set at an even better price. Clarity on these puppies is off the chain! GLWTS
  3. I've got a long thread on this currently in the beginner forums but you actually can. I've connected my REL R305 to a Primare Class D, took a while to figure out and an email to very helpful REL support but it works. This image is from the REL official website: If I didn't just pickup a second hand REL R305 I would've jumped all over this...is the S series the current replacement for the older R series? GLWTS!
  4. Thanks guys, I just got a really helpful email from REL support which I hope will help fix my problems. Just an FYI for anyone else out there with a Primare & REL or high level sub combo: Will report back once I try it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Geoff. It seems that the A30.7 works in a different way to conventional amps - The short version is that the A30.7 uses the BLACK amp output terminals as active and the RED as ground on channels 1,2,3 & 4. Channels 5,6 & 7 are conventional - It seems that this is the problem that you are getting. Please see information below and make the connections accordingly - A REL can connect to the Primare A30.7, however, since the A30.7 has a different output orientation depending on the output channel, it is important that the instructions below are followed. For Channels 1, 2, 3 and 4: The Primare A30.7 uses the BLACK speaker output for active signal to the speakers and the RED speaker output as ground. - Connect the Red wire to the Right negative (black) speaker output and Yellow wire to the Left negative (black) speaker output on the A30.7. - The Black wire on the high level cable should be left unconnected. Please trim it so there is no bare wire and tape it so there is no chance of shorting. Instead of using the Black wire for ground, connect a RCA to RCA cable from the preamp driving the A30.7 to the REL LFE input. - DO NOT connect the Black wire of the REL high level cable to chassis ground. For Channels 5, 6 and 7: These connections are conventional since the Primare A30.7 uses the RED speaker output for the active signal to the speakers and the BLACK speaker output as a ground. - Connect the Red wire to the Right positive (red) speaker output and Yellow wire to the Left Positive (red) speaker output on the A30.7. - The Black wire on the high level cable should be left unconnected. Please trim it so there is no bare wire and tape it so there is no chance of shorting. Instead of using the Black wire for ground, connect a RCA to RCA cable from the preamp driving the A30.7 to the REL LFE input. - DO NOT connect the Black wire of the REL high level cable to chassis ground This should solve the issue you had - Please let me know if you have any problems or further questions.
  5. Very strange....I've tested the REL sub on a different Bel Canto Class D amplifier with the same speakon cable - and just connecting the yellow & red with black floating works fine with normal sub output. This suggests that the speakon cable is fine & that the sub itself is fine. However, I've brought the sub back home and on the primare 30.7 class D poweramp, no matter what I do I cannot get the yellow & red cable connected with black floating to work - zero sub output. There is sub output only when the black cable is plugged into the (-) terminal on the amp, which is risky and not recommended as per REL & the reason for creating this topic. It works with either yellow or red onto a (+) channel with a black cable (-) connected. Just not with the yellow & red (+) cables connected without the black. It has been suggested that perhaps the Primare amps polarity has shifted and it needs a service which I would consider doing. In the interim, I've plugged the RCA sub out to the low level input with a cheap cable borrowed from a friend, and it seems to work fine this way. This may be the way to go, except I can't plug another RCA cable into the LFE port as the preamp has only 1 sub output. Google doesn't have much to add, perhaps I might be the only Primare & REL owner with this issue! Hopefully this will help other as they are a great sounding combination to me. Image of what REL recommends (which doesn't work) is provided below again for reference;
  6. Thanks again for all the suggestions mate. The hi/lo knob is turned to 12 o'clock (mid setting), it's very loud and works but only when the black cable is in. I might have to use the low level input instead of the high level one because I've exhausted every link on google with 'REL and Class D' or perhaps buy a new speakon cable but they are quite costly and may also not help because the fact that it works with the black cable plugged in suggests that the cable isn't broken. Otherwise it would be time to move the sub on which is a big pity, I was very excited about picking up a REL to complete my set up.
  7. Yep, great question, I saw that high & low level inputs can't be run together. The RCA is plugged into the LFE RCA port for grounding purposes which seems to have worked fine as suggested in the thread. Just pulling my hair out over no sound output without the black cable plugged in. Given yellow & red are signal cables they really should work, and have worked for other forum members which leads me to believe maybe the cable is faulty. The amp itself is working fine, the LS50's are producing sound normally from the exact same ports coming out of the poweramp that the REL yellow & red cables are plugged to. Or maybe something within the internal circuitry of the sub isn't compatible with yellow & red cables just from my particular amplifier? Because it does work fine with black cable plugged in which means sub itself isn't broken.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion, The hum is kind of all gone with the RCA LFE cable connected. REL is connected to the same power supply on a different high current port on a PS audio dectet that the poweramp is also connected to. Main issue now is no sound coming from sub with only the red & yellow cables in =(
  9. Thanks for the reply. I haven't tried grounding the black cable to the chassis, but it seems like the sub sound disappears as soon as the black cable is taken out of the L- Poweramp port. Thanks for the feedback that red and yellow should work. Perhaps either the cable is broken, or the amp doesn't like the yellow and red cable only, but that would be odd because the Kef LS50's which are connected to the same amp outputs work fine. So it must be something to do with the speakon cable, or the sub. Bit of a predicament, leaving the black cable in on a class D amp is too risky. I've googled high and low and noone else on the internet has reported this problem of no sound from yellow or red. This R305 is super old so out of warranty, I'm not sure REL would help..Maybe I should just bail on the speakon cable and use the low level RCA inputs. Pretty frustratingly niche problem though, was hoping to be good to go with the whole set up. Surely Primare Class D amps can't all be incompatible with these sorts of subwoofers?
  10. Just reporting back an update....the RCA cable from LFE to the sub connector on the preamp did indeed ground the circuit and there is no hum with the black cable disconnected. However....not that the black cable is disconnected as per the REL official website...there is no output from the sub anymore with only the red & yellow cables connected. Given that connecting the black cable in may damage class D amps...not really sure what to do now. Potentially give up on the speakon cable and just use the low level RCA connection, which is pity because the speakon cable is very good...Seems like the REL in my amp setup is critically reliant on the black cable connected in order to produce any sub output. I tried pulling the black cable in & out and clearly sub output was fine with black in, and nothing with black cable out. Basically, sub output works with black cable in. No sub output with black cable out Any troubleshooting ideas would be great
  11. Thanks, I suspected so. I've seen multiple forums posts though saying that adding subs into 2 channel stereo set ups can help to free up the 2 channel speakers mid range but doing the heavy lifting in the low frequency range. Perhaps a mini DSP or a regulatory device is needed for this?
  12. If the hi/lo input to the sub which piggy backs off the same output from the Poweramp as the LS50's covers the low frequency wavelengths, particularly as I have set crossovers at 80Hz, does this reduce the load on the LS50's? I read that it does but I'm trying to figure out how. Because the analogue output from the Poweramp will be going to both the LS50's as well as the sub. How will the LS50's know not to play the lower sub 80Hz frequencies if the Poweramp is outputting the same signals to both the LS50 & the sub simultaneously? Hopefully my question makes sense
  13. I'm still waiting on an RCA cable to try and ground through the LFE channel. Fingers crossed that will get rid of the hum with the black cable not connected. Will report back
  14. haha 'Audiophile Estate' now taking off the plan requests Sounds like the neighbours aren't fans of V-shaped sound sigs! LS50W's are really great speakers...whatever they've done at the factory they sound better than the passives on side to side comparison
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