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  1. If you're watching The Mandalorian via an Apple tv try turning off Match Dynamic Range and set the format to 4K SDR. Similar experience?
  2. audiofeline, you have reminded me, I bought one of those as well! I think the alarm setting was considered redundant because the display was so bright it simply prevented sleep. I got it because the Discman D250 was so good how could they get that wrong? That was over a quarter of a century ago; sounds like Sony's got a long running joke! I've found Sony's service agent in Melbourne to be really good but Sony themselves have room for improvement.
  3. Relevance is, at whatever price point to look at the company's knowledge base and expertise. Panasonic for instance also make excellent broadcast and replay equipment. If you can stand in front of the array of displays at a big retailer and believe the Sony, Panasonic and sometimes LG OLEDS are 'mostly base level at best' you can save your money buying a tv with a name you don't recognise. Support? - https://www.flatpanelshd.com/focus.php?subaction=showfull&id=1229341472 'The Best TVs' click score twice so the best is on top. I'm not saying he should buy a Sony anything, I'm saying if he's looking at Onkyo he should look at other options which is the question he asked.
  4. Adding earmuffs to ear plugs only seems to reduce loud noise (from machinery) slightly more than the first employed option. It may be that sound can only be attenuated a certain amount because it's transmitted through your head and body. Short of wearing something like a motor cycle helmet as well, attenuation capability appears limited. Lower frequencies seem less affected, it's the higher frequencies that are easiest to affect. Do the dummy heads for binaural recordings wear glasses? Probably not, perhaps a company that makes those recordings would be willing to try and upload the files.
  5. Sony produce films, television, music, formats and the equipment to play it; does Onkyo have a similar knowledge base?
  6. Both, have listened to cello and violins at events unamplified and it's not the distortion free sound as such but the effect the music has on you, the state of stimulation it causes.
  7. It seems logical that faithfully reproducing music that is exciting will lead to fatigue just as a live music event does. It would also follow that a system that does not cause this form of fatigue is not reproducing faithfully. Leaving aside fatigue caused by distortion/harshness etc. anyone else find that the more stimulating and accurate a system, the more the requirement for a break occasionally, or just buy a roll of tickets and stay on the rollercoaster 'til closing?
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