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  1. I enyoyed my Bose qc20's on my daily 1hr 20 commute to and from work for 3 years before I completely destroyed them (one side stopped working and then broke apart and the rubber cover came off the battery). This is after what was good treatment in a suit pocket and obviously a $300 expense. I expected better for those $. I would suggest the cheap otech platinum ones I'm using now, great noise cancelling, sound quality almost as good, but the company disappeared off the Web in early January just two days after my order arrived. Bizzare. At $30 I would have bought 2 more pairs!
  2. I use the original telstra TV, which you can pick up pretty cheap these days, works pretty nice and supports foxtel now as well (in addition to Netflix, YouTube etc). Pq is pretty great to me, but is apparently only 720p, though I wonder about that after the last update. Looks better on my 70" 1080p LG now. Ttv2 will definitely do 1080p if you have enough internet bandwidth.
  3. Hi all This is Steve from Sydney. I'm just your general home cinema nut introduced to this fun hobby by Eastwood hifi way back in the days of the yamaha rxv795. Now obsessed with protection (old panny AE8000, budget Elite screen) , atmos (yamaha rxv 3077) and 3d blu rays (blockbusters and Sci Fi). Look forward to contribute positively to the discussion! Cheers Steve
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