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  1. What streamer is used with these? I use Apple TV to connect to my streamer wirelessly and this works well
  2. Thanks Grizaudio! You could always get this a backup I found that sound quality was improved by using 2 separate Shantis to power clean and dirty side. This is the RPi 3B+ version
  3. Further information: Allo Digione Signature Player Raspberry Pi based streamer/music player This includes a RPi 3 B+, 16Gb micro SD card, 2 x Allo Shanti Ultra Low Noise Linear Power Supplies and Allo Digione S/PIDF transport. Can also supply SMPS it came with. I had been using Volumio Virtuoso and its native tidal support and BubbleUPnP to stream to the Allo Digione Signature Player The Digione signature RPi hat requires 2 5V power sources, one is supplied to the RPi (dirty) and the other is for the I2S conversion and S/PDIF reclocking on the Digione signatu
  4. I had the AlloDigione Signature with 2 Shanti Linear Power Supplies which I thought was pretty good for the money.
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