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  1. You may quite like the very capable and very popular Sony ES series power amps I recently got my hands on the TA-330ES from around circa 1990. I'd never used Sony before hand for audio, though it's left me exceptionally impressed. Granted, I don't use it on my main system though the imaging and control of various kinds of music has left me very impressed. If you're on a budget for very reasonably priced and well constructed power amps, definitely give them a try.
  2. e-Go are great indeed, though as mentioned insurance will be very handy especially for your expensive hifi. I've personally used Barnett's of Wollongong and they're truly superb. Friendly and personal touch which makes dealing with them effortless. And they're very competitive
  3. Yup, I can +1 for the PMC speakers. I've heard them with Naim and Creek integrated amps in a showrooms and friends' houses a few years ago. Was exceedingly impressed
  4. Thanks djb Yup, it's a slightly eclectic combo though it hauls pretty good. I have noticed the Sony doesn't move the same amount of air in the bass as the integrated Tag. Any ideas?
  5. Hey SNA! Frank here from Melbourne just introducing myself and am glad to be part of the fantastic forum and community that is Stereo Net Australia! I'm a long time reader, first time joiner of the group - will be great to get to know one another and learn much about this brilliant field I've been a very long time audiophile (starting around 10 years old with A/V mostly). I've been slowly working my way learning and "graduating" to greater pieces of equipment for music listening. Currently sport conservative Marantz CD-67 SE, Tag McLaren 60iRv integrated as well as my new baby - Sony NA-330ES power amp. Speakers are custom built myself (floorstanders using Peerless and Seas components).
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