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  1. Indeed, @djb however in the examples mentioned it was a material upgrade as opposed to simply turning over. I.e. I went from a Pro-ject Debut Carbon to a Pro-ject 2xperience Sb, and finally to the RP8. Really, it was just a matter of the bug taking hold, and my willingness increasing to invest in higher-end equipment. I won't be replacing my turntable now, I am however currently considering options for a substantial upgrade to my amplification 🙂 Plenty of research (much of which is reading the information from the brilliant minds on this forum) going into that decision as we speak! Sounds like a lot of fun @Pegasus , I will be in touch!
  2. Thank you, Andrew. I had been looking at the QAC page, actually. I sense you enjoy cheesecake!
  3. Thank you, Ralph. I'm about half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
  4. Evening all, Long-time lurker, first time poster. I'm fairly new to the hifi hobby (around 12 months). My system currently consists of an RP8, Vincent Phono, NAD integrated amp, and a set of Polk Rti-A7 speakers. Given I've already gone through 3 turntables, two sets of floor standers, and two Phono stages, I'm sure the next 12 months will prove to be increasingly interesting as the bug takes deeper hold! Best regards, Dan
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