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  1. Hi guys, really appreciate the input. Have an update, I have decided to go with 7.1.4. Still using the in-wall Focal 300IW6 for both side and now rear surrounds, which I will locate at about 1.2M of the floor. The front Atmos are in-ceiling Focal 300ICLCR and the rear Atmos will be Focal in-ceiling 300ICW6 as I am limited for space above the ceiling at the rear of the room. All these will be running from the amp in a Denon AVR-X6700H. The front sound stage will stay running from my existing pre and amp. Kinda made sense to get it all done at the same time. And the Focal 900 SR would be
  2. Nice, all my speakers are Focal. I already I have the 300 IW6 as the surrounds and 300ICLCR5 for Atmos waiting to be installed. The existing on wall surrounds that are on my back wall are the Aria SR 900.
  3. Hey guys, some really interesting discussions here. I have the installers coming at the end of November to run the cables for the Atmos and surrounds. I will get them to run extra cables to allow for the .4. The left rear .4 is going to be an issue as the air con is directly above that location. Once the surrounds and front Atmos are in, the speakers on the rear wall are kinda at the mid point of ideal location for either 5.1.4 or 7.1.2 being 1.9M off the floor. So I reckon I will do some testing and see what I like best. Hell I’m sure my deal can lend me something to test the 7.1.4 too,
  4. Thanks guys, my thought process has been that with 7.1.2 I will have height sound and rear sound. But with 5.1.4, I miss out on the rear sound. And if the seat position was right on the back wall 5.1.4 would be best. However I have some room around me, so 7.1.2 might work better? I game a lot in there, so the rear sound would offer better placement of objects. Happy to hear ideas.
  5. Hey guys, I am adding some additional speakers to my existing 5.1 system. Currently I have 5.1 with the surrounds being on my rear wall, which isn’t ideal. So I’m adding some in wall speakers to the left and right of listen position, which will become the surrounds, and a pair of in ceiling for Atmos. Now for the rear wall, these are currently an on wall Focal Aria surrounds that are currently about 1.9M off the floor. I can move these down to the ear line of the fronts, centre and surrounds making 7.1.2 or move them up the and use them as additional Atmos making 5.1.4. The room is 4M w
  6. Thanks guys. I already have a cassette blind, but it looks really cheap and nasty and protrudes outside the windows frame, but blocks the light pretty well. WAF is heading towards the plantation shutter. And anything behind the shutter won’t really be seen. looking at the screenaway, looks like they only go up to 2700mm. Might be an issue. the other thing i have found is these - https://blackoutez.com which look good. Anyone used these?
  7. Thanks for the heaps up. Any ideas on what I can use?
  8. Great thanks guys. Probably looking for something a little thinner than a roller blind to go between the window and plantation shutter. any other ideas?
  9. Hey Guys, im reworking my theatre/listening room. I have a window that is 3300mm wide and 700mm high that is west facing. We are going to install a plantation shutter into this window and I want to block out as much light as I can. So I will need to install something between the window and shutter to ensure that it’s dark as possible in the room as I have a projector. any one got any suggestions here?
  10. Tweaky for PM!!! no actually, you speak too much sense to be a politician.....
  11. Yeah I stuff around a lot, and it took me about 30 hours.
  12. Finished it on Wednesday after some long sessions. To be honest I loved it, thought it was so much more detailed in every way compared to the first. I think it does such a good job of exploring several different characters in the game and gave great context to different perspectives of them. It was beautifully crafted, not only graphically and game play, but the way it unfolded. I can see that some would find it polarising, but the online hate campaign has been ridiculous. Goes to show that there are a heap of people cant deal with the big event that happens pretty early in the game and t
  13. Yeah can be mount horizontally, which is great. I reckon it looks pretty cool.
  14. Event is now 6am AEST on Friday https://www.playstation.com/en-au/ps5/
  15. Shhh, don’t let the secret out about Adelaide being an awesome place to live either.......
  16. Congrats, great speaker. Naim Supernait 3 is my choice. Same parent company as Focal, and there is a heap of synergy’s there. What flipped me to Naim was hearing some Focal Sopra 3 on a Supernait 2. So running Kanta’s would be awesome.
  17. For what it’s worth, a guy from work is running some Aria 926 from an Atom and it’s a awesome match. They are driven very well from what is rated at 40W amp. So I think that Uniti Star at 70W for 948 won’t be a problem at all and the Nova is even bigger at 80W. On the Focal site they recommend a Nova for 846 and Star for 936. The core is a pretty cool piece of kit too. Naim watts aren’t watts like other manufacturers . The NAP300 is a massive amp (and $16k) is a 90W amp.
  18. It’s a shame they aren’t around anymore. I just retired a sonique thunderbox sub from almost 20 years of use..
  19. Hey guys, what’s the serial number please? First 3 digits will do. Can’t make it out from the picture. And assume it’s a 230V model?
  20. Hey guys, been ages since I posted in this thread and there has been heaps of updates to the system. Ended up buying a Naim 272 and 300DR to run the Sopra 2, also did some room treatment with panels at first reflection point. Been listening to way more music, and having a great time with the system. Took ages to run the speakers in and get the placement right, and now running with no toe with keeping them as far as possible away from the side walls. Also got some more Naim amps for the rest of the HT speakers. So happy with the all aspects of the system. Thanks guys for all th
  21. Surprised no-one has put these up yet. Focal Grande Utopia.
  22. Yup, sure is. The beryllium tweeter can be a little hot for some. Reducing the toe certainly gets rid of that
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