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  1. For what it’s worth, a guy from work is running some Aria 926 from an Atom and it’s a awesome match. They are driven very well from what is rated at 40W amp. So I think that Uniti Star at 70W for 948 won’t be a problem at all and the Nova is even bigger at 80W. On the Focal site they recommend a Nova for 846 and Star for 936. The core is a pretty cool piece of kit too. Naim watts aren’t watts like other manufacturers . The NAP300 is a massive amp (and $16k) is a 90W amp.
  2. It’s a shame they aren’t around anymore. I just retired a sonique thunderbox sub from almost 20 years of use..
  3. Hey guys, what’s the serial number please? First 3 digits will do. Can’t make it out from the picture. And assume it’s a 230V model?
  4. Hey guys, been ages since I posted in this thread and there has been heaps of updates to the system. Ended up buying a Naim 272 and 300DR to run the Sopra 2, also did some room treatment with panels at first reflection point. Been listening to way more music, and having a great time with the system. Took ages to run the speakers in and get the placement right, and now running with no toe with keeping them as far as possible away from the side walls. Also got some more Naim amps for the rest of the HT speakers. So happy with the all aspects of the system. Thanks guys for all the advice, really appreciate it!
  5. Surprised no-one has put these up yet. Focal Grande Utopia.
  6. Yup, sure is. The beryllium tweeter can be a little hot for some. Reducing the toe certainly gets rid of that
  7. They sure are. I was in the store last week.
  8. Tripping circuit breaker doesn’t sound good. Have you tried a separate circuit?
  9. Vision Living on Goodwood road are a Naim dealer.
  10. Throwing it out as an idea. Have you checked phase on the speaker cables?
  11. Ah ok. I used to have 826v running from a Emotiva XPA-3, and never really found them lacking in bass for music. But I did have a LFE sub for movies.
  12. So the original naim DAC was made from 2009 and discontinued in 2018. The DAC-V1 is still in production and came to market in 2013. Might be a few years off? Your guess is as good as mine.
  13. The rumour going around is that the 272 replacement will have the updated streamer from current streamers that naim released in 2018. And the 272 was released in 2015 Umm not really sure why you would want a 272 and supernait in the same system?? the 272 is a preamp and the supernait is an integrated amp. NDX 2 or ND5 XS2 and supernait, sure. Or 272 and naim NAP amp would be the way to go.
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