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  1. https://www.focal.com/en/custom-integration/in-wall-in-ceiling-loudspeakers/1000-series Look pretty good, beryllium tweeter, MDF closed back, and a good range of different models, including a sub with 3x 6.5” drivers. The flagship IWLCR is a monster at 1162x306mm and 23kg.
  2. Yeah WAF is important. Mine made a comment the other day about how much clearer that the monsters are behind here her when she is gaming with the new speakers installed. I think it freaks her out a bit. That a win right?
  3. How did you go with the SR900 location? Try some more places? On the .4, I don’t think it’s too much for your room. My room is slightly bigger and it works great. With your lounge on the rear wall, directly above could be considered top middle or top rear, and there is a large gap of no speakers between the front sound stage and your rear speakers on the rear wall. So .4 makes more sense for you? Having said that, and as I said before I would rather have 7.1.2 over 5.1.4 any day.
  4. Nice!. Just remember with audyssey that it will make allowances for frequency response changes due to the room. The SR900 is 85Hz to 28kHz, and low point is 67Hz, so I would be setting at 80Hz, but 90 is cool too. Let us know how you go.
  5. So Krix is a well known Adelaide based brand, yes they are pretty good, however I believe that they import their drives from China and make the cabinets locally. Considering that you already have Focal Aria in the system, why wouldn’t you stay with the same brand, with the same driver and tweeter technology across the board. And these are all made in France buy a company that makes the entire product, not just parts of it. Also Moving to another brand will change the sound signature between front and rear, and this doesn’t make sense to do. about the left surround, yeah makes sens
  6. Please consider 7.1 as well. As I stated before, I would rather have 7.1.2 over 5.1.4. But with that 6700 you can run 7.1.4 and then your zone2 from a small amp. I reckon your local rep is full of it. Focal have been in Australia for years, both in home and car audio markets, and they appointed a new distributor last year (maybe year before). There is no way they would be pulling out of ANZ. Normally when you here things like that is due to the local shop having other factors at play, this reseller market has a lot of political forces at play.
  7. Ok, so I have tested and it works as expected. i reconfigured my speakers, so that 7.1.2 was assigned to main zone, and 2 speakers for zone 2, by reassign the top rear speakers to zone 2. I can play a atmos sound track from my shield in the main zone, and play music via HEOS in zone 2 at the same time. The movie came from the 7 ear level speakers, the sub and the top front speakers, and music came out of the top rear speakers. Which is what I expected. Keep in mind that if you are doing 7.1.4 in the main zone. You will need an external amp to run zone 2. But if y
  8. I don’t use HEOS, but I know the older versions couldn’t do TV audio to anything but the main zone. Where the 6700 does that. I can check it out later and see if it lets me. Will report back.
  9. Yeah cool, try as many places as you can. Nothing wrong with experimenting 👍
  10. You can always test placement of the left and right surrounds with what you have and compare it to them being on the rear wall. Try moving the SR900 to the left and right of the seat position, recalibrate the receiver and have a listen. You could sit the speakers on top of something (a box) to get them to approximate ear level and try it. Listen to something that has a good surround track and compare before and after. That will tell you if you are on the right track. If you think that its better move them there, if not leave them as is. I wouldn't be replacing the SR900 at this sta
  11. Yeah spot on the SR900 that he has would be ideal for 2 rows of seats being used as side surrounds.
  12. Yeah for sure, 100% on conflicting info. I try to stick with the manufacture recommendations on this kinda thing. If you look at the Aria 900 user manual, linked below, page 28 it states; ”Do not place surround speakers too far behind the listening point, as this will lead to degraded sound perception from them. Aim for placement along the side walls for more enveloping sound effects” https://www.focal.com/sites/www.focal.fr/files/shared/catalog/document/notice_aria900.pdf the Dolby Atmos Home Theatre Install Guide has them left and right of the listening
  13. Yeah cool, I think you need to sort out the seating before the speaker position. And think about the primary seating position, being in either the front or rear row, as this will change the location of the side surrounds. I reckon if you put a row in front, you will sitting in those most of the time, and if that’s the case, layout the speakers for that row, with the side surrounds at 90 degrees to the front row, of just behind. Also need to be thinking about the height of the head rests in relation to the speaker height, make sure that you can seat every speak from each seat, so don’t mo
  14. Sorry, I meant you will have better impact if the SR900 are on the side walls, it will give presence to the surround part of the audio track. I found when my surrounds where high on the rear wall they weren't effective. Now that I have surrounds at 90 degrees, they offer much more in location and presence. With your lounge being so close to the rear wall, there basically isnt much distance between the seating positions and the speakers. So they cant build a decent sound stage and if the are sitting in the left seat, there left surround is right next to the speaker. Having a loud s
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