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  1. Surrounds need to be behind you in a 5.1 layout. If they must go in front then you really need Rear Surrounds otherwise you (obviously) won't have any sounds coming from behind you. In an Atmos setup your rear surrounds need to be at (or slightly above) ear level. If your only option for rear surrounds is to mount them at or near ceiling height then they will affect your Atmos effects. If you cannot mount rear surrounds any lower and you cannot mount surrounds any further back then you will have a very compromised setup so you have to decide which compromises you can live with. Personally I would set it up initially as a 5.1.4 setup with the surrounds as far back as possible. Your rear Atmos heights may be enough to fill your rear soundfield to your satisfaction.
  2. I don't think it would be a good idea. Atmos is built upon the premise that you have monopole speakers to enable 3d pinpointing of sound. Omnipolar is completely the opposite
  3. I have used e-go for about 15years with no issues with damaged freight. Although I usually do depot-depot but not always.
  4. Down firing will sound good - but angled/aimed at MLP will sound better. But as will all things audio - cost and physical constraints means you need to find the compromise you are prepared to make. Personally I would not compromise on this unless I had no choice. For $700 you can probably get far superior bookshelfs and ceiling mounts. So the last thing I am going to say on this is : Do you want it to look good or sound the best it can ?
  5. These were 800GBP new in 2008 !! Seem to get great reviews too Tempted to get them but freight would be a killer
  6. remember these are only 9mm thick so they are not going to be that effective for anything but high frequency absorption and they need to be mounted with a 9mm air gap to be most effective at that as well. By the the time you buy 3 of them to make it 1" thick they are getting quite expensive. Although I calculated they are very dense - 426kg/m3 (or thereabouts) - not sure how that compares to other polyester products but from my quick search it seems to be at lest twice as dense which I don't think is what you really want. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong on any of the above as I am certainly no expert.
  7. Or you had a bass null/peak somewhere near 80hz due to all of your speakers putting out SPL at that frequency. Now the null/peak is gone with just the sub outputting 80hz (ish)
  8. More accurate to measure your seated ear height, subtract it from ceiling height and that figure is how far forward and rearward the height speakers should be. And that measurement is on the ceiling from directly above your ears.
  9. For 5 channel stereo if you set the Distances and Levels of all 4 speakers in your settings menu then they will all play equally loudly and at the same time.
  10. Yeah you can do it that way - but that's not really what Bi-Amp is designed for. I think it would be better to set Sound Mode (cycle through the modes via the Program left or right buttons on the remote) to 5 Channel Stereo
  11. Zone B is for speakers in another room - so you can play DVD in the main room and listen to Radio etc in another. Try setting the Surround Mode to 5 Channel Stereo - Press the Program left or right buttons to cycle through surround modes I think - the manual isn't very clear on that. You may have to go into the options menu to find it.
  12. Sounds like you have set up 2 speakers on Zone B in the settings (not just connecting to the Zone B speaker terminals) - if so this is not correct. Use the following settings : Power Amp Assign = Surround Subwoofer = None (assuming you have no sub) Front = Large (Small if you have a sub) Centre = None Surround = Large (Small if you have a sub) Distace = Any number you want as long as they are all the same - this is assuming you have them all roughly in the corners of the room and are moving around the gym. If you are staying in one place to listen then physically measure the distance to each speaker and input that measurement.
  13. Fixed 😉 The only difference between a "monitor" speaker and any other speaker is the monitor 'may' be designed (tweeter and woofer aligned) for nearfield listening. But this doesn't preclude them for being used just like any other speaker.
  14. You have to change the distance setting (or delay) setting in whatever you are driving your speakers with. And this will only align them to one position in the room. As you move around the delay required for each speaker to keep them all time aligned will change
  15. Can you stretch to $300 ea for in-ceilings : https://www.lifestylestore.com.au/paradigm-ci-home-h-65a-angled-in-ceiling-speakers-pair.html or even cheaper but not sure of quality : https://www.amazon.com.au/Ceiling-Speaker-Pivoting-Adjustable-ceiling/dp/B0176SKBPM and the baffle angle can be adjusted. and https://www.amazon.com.au/Silver-Ticket-Ceiling-Speaker-Pivoting/dp/B0176SKEAO/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=silver+ticket+82ac&qid=1589131195&s=electronics&sr=1-1 Seem to have good reviews on Amazon but couldn't find any real reviews except this one : https://www.outeraudio.com/5252w-silver-ticket-in-wall-in-ceiling-speaker/ but SIlver Ticket have been around for nearly 40yrs and are well respected Screen Manufacturer so I would consider giving either one a go, although it only has a 15deg angle. or you can really cheap out with these : https://www.amazon.com.au/PIC62A-6-5-Inch-Performance-Directional-Adjustable/dp/B003NVQULG/ref=pd_sim_23_7?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B003NVQULG&pd_rd_r=69b4cc71-737b-412a-99a0-7c54de5c345a&pd_rd_w=q1lxN&pd_rd_wg=XoPwo&pf_rd_p=55d1bb5b-2eeb-474c-99fd-28efe0d279ff&pf_rd_r=C66YJEX7QGQPNCK228J0&psc=1&refRID=C66YJEX7QGQPNCK228J0 (I have not heard any good things about Pyle though and again these are only 15deg angled)
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