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  1. Are they stolen ? If not then somebody is stealing them
  2. I run two AVRs with the second one running my 4 heights. Just set the secondary one to 0.0MV, run your setup and use the primary AVR volume from then on. You can also play with MV on the secondary AVR to get the Atmos effect just right and easily adjust it for specific movies/music/audience preference etc.
  3. Off topic but this is apparently the best way to fit tweeters - bouncing off the windscreen gives them a longer travel path and wider dispersion to create the impression they are further away. Lotus couldn't get a decent sound out of the Elise stereo until they brought in some expert and that is exactly how he overcame the problems of such a small car
  4. Damn - how did I miss this thread for 5 days Exactly what I am looking for and would have bought the lot as well .................
  5. I am interested - do you have any specs available ? I did an internet search but couldn't find anything
  6. Or buy a Chrome Cast and plug it into your AVR - thats what I did. They recommend the latest version of Chromecast and I tried it first with another brand and it didn't work so I guess there is a real reason they recommend Chromecast only.
  7. Sorry - my finances say I can't afford or justify them at the moment.
  8. Yeah the KAYO app is pretty poor And how long do events last on replay before you can't watch them anymore - I don't think its very long for the minor events as I missed some of them that I didn't have time to watch ......
  9. yeah thats the one I was talking about - my memory isn't too good. Turns out Capirossi was disqualified for running up the inside and taking out Harada but was later re-instated because telemetry showed he tookthe corner at his normal speed and it was actually Harada that had slowed, causing the accident. Anyway my point was just that brake checking is not allowed - now back to the current championship...............
  10. I didn't mean "passing manoeuvre" in a straight line - I was more talking about shoving it up the inside in a corner where there is still room to get around the corner (although a lot of those are naughty too). My issue with the move is they were in a straight line and he physically moved him over to the very edge of the track and didn't allow him track to be able to brake or turn. He should have stayed on his line and he still would have passed him without ruining his race. I don't believe brake checking is allowable - you are expected to maintain your speed, acceleration or deceleration as per 'normal' lap. However it is very hard to enforce unless blatantly obvious. In other words you don't expect the rider in front to suddenly slow for no obvious reason. Just look back to the mid 90s 250GP when Capirossi (from memory) had his last round win stripped for slowing in the mid-corner causing the rider behind to crash. Everybody thought it was a deliberate brake check but it turned out the following rider, desperate to win the race and the Championship, had actually gone into the corner way faster than he had in any previous lap so the decision was overturned.
  11. Gardner was robbed - Bladassari's move to punt him out wide was not on, in my opinion. He deliberately moved him over and gave him no room to turn or brake.......fair enough in a last lap passing manoeuvre but not in a straight line into a corner.
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