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  1. I think it is actually an emoticon when you post from a phone that doesn't get converted to text properly ?? And on topic - good bass is the best thing ever. I am still working on my setup but the plan will be 14 drivers in a well treated room.
  2. C If it was a serious SNA thread fair enough. But you already had your answer of $5k and I never said it wasn't worth that. And I kept my hobby out of here - I didn't once mention anything to do with Stereo 😉 And in my defence I have been working away for 8 weeks with another 9 to go and work is 12hours of doing nothing followed by days off doing nothing and with nowhere to go since I am posted to the middle of the desert. So I am going stir crazy and need something to keep me occupied. Anyway you are right - enough from me now.
  3. So you are a former automotive and motorsport engineer and couldn't do your own simple research to find the value of a car - pfffft But let me clear up my position here : I was just trying to wind everyone up 😁 I seem to have succeeded too.
  4. I was merely commenting on the original post of "it drives fantastically" - not whether it can carry or tow more, or can be compared directly etc. A base V6 Commodore does not and will not ever drive "fantastically". I have a V6 VZ ute and it drives OK, I also have a VZ V8 Monaro and it drives OK, and yes I know the VE is a step up, but they still won't hold a candle to a Subaru (or many other cars) for "driving".
  5. I would disagree with that. I demo'd a Brand New VE and then jumped back in my 1998 Subaru Outback with 370,000km on the clock and the Outback was a far superior car - braked, handled, steered and rode much better !!!!
  6. With that size requirement I think the Sunfire is going to be your best bet. I have never heard one but from my research a few years ago they seem to be well reviewed/respected and give impressive SPL for their diminutive size.
  7. Room look very nice Have you done the sub crawl to hear where the best placement is ?
  8. As long as the AVR is rated to handle 6 ohm then you are good to go. DO NOT set the AVR to 6ohms - you are risking harming your speakers, you will get less power and more distortion. Yes I know it doesn't make sense but I have just read an article that the 4 or 6 ohm settings is simply so the units can pass a UL standard test so that they can be sold as 4 or 6 ohm capable. https://www.audioholics.com/audio-amplifier/impedance-selector-switch-1
  9. My entire home theatre is second hand except for 3 of my 11 speakers. It consists of couch, 13 subs, 2 amps, xbox, JVC 4k e-shift projector, AVR, 4 xminiDSP, Shield TV, and several spare AVRs, 2 x 5.1 setups in other rooms and still with more spare speakers. My theatre cost me about $5k instead of more like $15k and I have had very few issues with any of the gear. In fact my whole house is almost entirely furnished with second hand - definitely the way to go.
  10. I used 70x35 all round and mine is manageable with 2 people. You want Cheap, Lightweight and Strong - but you can only pick 2 at a time.
  11. Beautiful setup. I would love to buy just the speakers but I guess you won't be splitting them
  12. Yes secondhand is the way to go - speakers depreciate like crazy - especially some of the better, but lesser known brands. But first you need to tell us your room dimensions and listening habits - movies (action or drama ?), music, volume etc, and we can help narrow suitable speakers down. Also 7.1 gives very little improvement over 5.1 IMO after doing extensive back to back testing of both in my room.
  13. Yes but you are in the wrong place for that sort of question - it is like asking the Lamborghini Owners Club if you should buy a HSV !! You said you wanted awesome sound - you need a sub. For games you can probably get away without one but then you need better speakers. You might be better off with a decent Logitech PC 5.1 setup - not sure how they connect up to the PS5 though.
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