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  1. Forgive the non-English music but it's got such a good funk. I'm loving the Japanese City Pop genre from the 80s lately.
  2. Wow I'll have to go back through this thread - looks like there are some excellent recommendations here. My most played recent country album has been The Country Side of Harmonica Sam - A Drink After Midnight. Who would've thought Sweden has such a strong honky tonk country scene. Some of the slide guitar playing on this album is just outstanding.
  3. Agreed - she has some great tracks and I was surprised at how bass heavy Bad Guy is. Makes the most of the subwoofer. I think the tickets for her Sydney show sold out pretty quickly.
  4. There's been some great recommendations in here, I've just checked out Devy's Empath which is great. My personal favourite for the last year or so is Tribulation - Down Below. Has really good grooves and some sensational guitar work. Many repeat listens.
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