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  1. I have a DP 57L and it is amazing. I just love the look of it - part flying saucer, part lump of wood. do you have any idea what the difference is between the M and L versions?
  2. My M25 has the same issue. Sometimes one or two are out other times the whole lot are working. Seems to be no rhyme or reason to it either. Do you know if it is simply needing replacements? And in the interests of not hijacking the thread, I too am toying with the idea of moving the power amp on... too many channels! I am in northern NSW.
  3. Jedi Knights - New School Science. Couldn’t decide which rpm to go with so went with a bit of both.
  4. bargain. I too have the auroras and i just love them immensely. I also love these later models with the off centre tweeter and yellow kevlar. They just look great and sound even better. I never want to part with mine. glwts!
  5. Soweto- Dollar Brand/Abdullah Ibrahim. The title track which takes up side one in its entirety is such a killer tune. I will be forever grateful to the guy who gifted me his collection which included this and several other Dollar Brand albums. Great first album for what is a brand new cartridge. Happy days!!!
  6. There is one currently for sale in northern nsw - gumtree....
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