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  1. it is a 15cm X 15cm size. I have another shorter stands which come in the same top plate size so I guess this size is typical for speaker stands. Should fit most normal bookshelf speakers. My surrounds bookshelf 23 cm X 17 cm. No issue at all.
  2. A pair of beautiful silver speaker stands. 120cm height. Suits rear surround speakers for overhead effects as part of a 5.1 set up. Perfect flawless condition. No longer required due to an upgrade to ATMOS with ceiling speakers
  3. ipad 3rd gen in good condition, always used with the cover at home. original packaging, charger, charging cable etc included also case included
  4. Further information: this is a gift as part of a product promotion. So still brand new in a box. 2m long RRP: $599
  5. Further information: This item is a gift as part of a product promotion. So still brand new in a box. RRP: $599. Technical details please check https://www.isoteksystems.com/product/discovery/evo3-gemini/ Photos:
  6. @almikel the s8 is this one https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/174565432160. size (90 x 18 x 27 cm). I doubt it is 3 way. 2.5 way at best. Maybe 5" bass driver. 91db sensitivity though. So I doubt the amplifier can make a huge difference. As I said, volume not an issue. And set it to small speaker and run it with dual subs so bass is also not an issue. Overalls not bad at all but hey who does not want an upgrade. It is not like I only had it yesterday. It been more than 15 years. the Silver 8 is a later generation. Then Silver 300, 500. They can all easily outrun the s8.
  7. Good idea. the 1502 is only marginally more expensive anyway. 300w per channel sounds even more fun...
  8. the RP-8000f and the wharefale evo 4.4 are on my list. just not sure which one has bigger scale sound. Just checking the body size, 8000f will win in scale - I guess. But the wharefale is supposed to be more refined.
  9. Guys, points taken. I have set aside a budget for a stereo power amp. like this one. 200w per channel. https://www.storedj.com.au/crown-xls1002-power-amplifier-2x-350w-4ohm?gclid=Cj0KCQiA5vb-BRCRARIsAJBKc6KWjPCz0YnGSPV8vAMERzIA4iDOaHaDyVeSOOrYOpbQ7hLhV27jTe8aAtovEALw_wcB About 50% cost of my AV receiver. about right cost wise. This does not conflict with my speaker upgrade plan though. As my next main floorstanders are going to be higher end so more likely to be more power hungry. And my out of date s8 are going to be my new surrounds (one of my current surround is sort
  10. @Janjuc I agree a better amp will help but the biggest improvement is always from the speaker itself. E.G for an 8" sub increase the amp from 300w to say 1200w will certainly be better but the improvement will never beat the one from upgrading the sub from 8" to 12". And I am very sure the power upgrade to the 8" will be a waste of time and money in my room. At the end of day, 8" is still an 8". that is only that much you can do with an 8". Hope this makes sense. X3600H has 105w per channel for two channel mode. It is not that short of power by any standard. And I already say
  11. @Snoopy8 s8 is not that bad, volume is also not the issue. I don't typically push to high volume. But loud sound <> big sound. Say you have a bookshelf that is very efficient and you run it with a good amp at the very high volume without distortion. But say if a piano sound coming out from it will never sound like a bigger piano than the one from a larger floorstander even running in a medium volume. That is the difference between scale and volume. I guess there is always a room for improvement. Especially for the s8, it is no where near high end anyway.
  12. Silver 8 is later generation than my silver s8 I guess. definitely not the same model. mine was purchased back in early 2000. Just look at the slim body, I am sure there will be speakers that scale bigger.
  13. I used REW only to find out the good placements for the subs. then run Audyssey XT32 that comes with the X3600h for room EQ. seems all every advice so far focuses on room correction etc. I get that it helps to maximize what you already have. And I have done a lot of more than average HT users. For example, my previous sub has improved a lot by using REW finding the best placement but still can not hold a candle to the new PB3000 sub. With 40% larger MDF and bigger and more advanced driver, it simply just goes deeper and louder. there is only so much you can do to improve by appl
  14. I used REW and then Audyssey. But that mainly is for the my subs set up. I can always raise the level for the main but louder sound is not equal to big sound. What I am after is a bigger scale sound. The s8 is a slim litter floorstander. I guess there is always a physical limit to it. right?
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