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  1. So Im only 15 but Im getting sucked into the DIY hifi and audio stuff. I want to make a medium sized 2.0 stereo system using low end Peerless and Daichi components. links: https://www.wagneronline.com.au/daichi-1-titanium-dome-wide-frame/daichi-universal-series/daichi-universal/speaker-drivers/audio-speakers-pa/dt700-6994/3075/pd/ https://www.wagneronline.com.au/peerless-by-tymphany-6-mid-woofer-sds-paper/speaker-drivers/audio-speakers-pa/830657-67560/975521/pd/ Is their any advice for when i eventually make these, components etc. Im probably going to use 16mm mdf, is that thick enough?? And what size enclosure and port is suitable for these drivers?? I was thinking of making the front baffle around the same dimensions as an A4 piece of paper. hopefully all good results, with the drivers n all but knowing me lol. I have made other speakers before, so don't cut short on the geeky side. DIY freak
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