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  1. Third in line if the sale does not go ahead 😁
  2. Thanks @furtherpale, very tempting, but short of funds at the moment, will need a couple of more months of savings. 😞
  3. Thanks for the heads up @furtherpale Will have to pass this one, need to save up for an upgrade.
  4. @Suopermanni any chance of a review of the DX7pro ? 😀
  5. I have this amplifier, but in black. Love the amp, and feel it is the last amp I will ever own.
  6. Thanks @wen Can they accomodate 8 AWG cable? This time around I was thinking if it is worth getting done by a specialist :-)
  7. I want to terminate my speaker cables properly, my DIY work did not go well. who can I take them to in Sydney? just two runs only so install 8x quality banana plugs. Any referrals will be much appreciated. Cheers
  8. Love the DALI sound, good luck with the sale.
  9. I had one of these and found them to be good value for the money. GLWS.
  10. Item: Atlas Equator Integra RCA Interconnet 0.5m Location:Sydney, NSW Price: $80 including postage Item Condition:excellent Reason for selling:No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info: Bought These about four months ago from Lifestyle store in Sydney. No longer need them. They are in excellent condition. Clear sound, plenty of reviews on the internet. Pictures:
  11. All .... Thanks for the information, recommendations and suggestions. I replaced my atlas equator interconnect with the VDH 3T Valley, and moved the speakers 10cm more forward, with them now 30cms from the wall. As a result, I have a much improved midrange and happy with the output. i could not believe that a change of interconnect and nett 10cm increase in distance from the wall could have on the sound output. Truly appreciate all your feedback, but will continue to experiment 😀
  12. Hi - I would like to improve the midrange and vocals, make them a bit weightier. Replacing the amp and speakers are out of the question. is there anything that can be done with interconnects ?. My Amp is a musical fidelity m6i, speakers are DALI Rubicon 8's , source is Bluesound Node 2i connected to AMP via RCA Atlas Equator cables. Any recommendation of brand / type of cable will be much appreciated. Thanks
  13. It is able to drive my DALI's effortlessly.
  14. Yes it does, different sound. Pairs well with my DALI’s.
  15. Just got it yesterday, initial impressions are it sounds really good. Love the clarity and instrument separation.
  16. Hi, i bought a musical fidelity M6i. I found out that does not have a standby option, just on or off. The remote does not have an option to put the amp on standby either. is it OK to leave it ON 24/7 will it shorten its life ? Or should I be switching it off after each listening session? Advise from the experts please 😀. Thanks
  17. Not sure about the Callisto models. I only auditioned the Opticons and the Rubicons.
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