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  1. Thanks, will drop the idea... 😁
  2. Hi - Hoping someone here can help or advise. Recently I tried to replace the AC inlet IEC on my M6i AMplifier. Idea was to replace the stock with a furutech NCF, Looking under the hood, it does not look that easy, there is small pcb board soldered underneath the IEC, so not straight forward, connect the three cables to the new inlet I was hoping. Anyone here done it? Or know the purpose of that pcb? What is it doing?. no mention of it in the documentation. Thanks Hari
  3. Item: 4 x (5x20mm) 8A Slow Blow fuses Price Range: market Item Condition: New Extra Info: Has to be reputed HiFi fuse eg IsoClean, HiFi Tuning, Telos, Furutech etc
  4. Did you bypass the power switch on the back ?.
  5. Please let us know if it improves anything....
  6. Hi Chris, , needed slow blow, 5x20 2A, but ordered a Telos X2 from Grooveworks this afternoon. Thanks for the offer though.
  7. Yeah, I was hoping I dont cop that waste of money thing 😁 Looks like a small amount to take a punt on improving soundstage etc. luckily the C658 has only one fuse ....
  8. Hi All, After reading multiple forums, I decided to upgrade the stock fuse on my NAD C658 DAC/Streamer. There are two choices available in Australia as in stock is available locally, and are priced almost the same. They are Furutech TF High Performance and HiFI Tuning Supreme. Any recommendation on which on or sonic signature of the two, never done a fuse upgrade before so any advice or recommendation is much appreciated. Cheers Hari
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