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  1. Not sure about the Callisto models. I only auditioned the Opticons and the Rubicons.
  2. Thought it might sound better bypassing all tone control circuitry etc???... i've always run my amp in source direct mode anyway.
  3. I want to use Marantz as a power amp, so connect output RCA of the node to the power amp in of Marantz right ?
  4. I just realised my Pm7004 has a power amp input. would the SQ improve if I connect to that input ?
  5. Impressive setup mate. mine is very simple now, planning to build up.
  6. Ah... A fellow DALI 😀 If if you don't mind me asking what amp have you paired with your speakers?. mine are Rubicon 8, and connected to the Marantz I've owned for awhile now. interested to know which amp's pair well with DALI speakers.
  7. Hello I always use my integrated amplifier in source direct mode. Have been thinking about connecting by Bluesound Node 2i directly to a 2CH power amplifier to drive my DALI speakers. has anyone got a simila setup of the Node 2i connected directly to a power amplifier and what has been the experience and SQ?. Thanks
  8. How does the sound compare to a Marantz House sound ?. Never listened to peach tree audio amps before.
  9. I have not heard Denon or Musical Fidelity. MF 3SI vs PMA1600NE, which would be a better match with the 4Ohm DALI's ?
  10. @KRSDarwin .... I got pair of speaker cables from a Sydney retailer, 3Meters factory terminated for around $300.
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