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  1. Item: Location: Werribee, Victoria Price: $2000 Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Moving house, screen and projector won't fit in the new apartment. Have to go back to a TV Payment Method: Pickup only - Cash, Extra Info: We’ve owned this for less than two years and have had zero issues. It is still in position so you can see it working, and you’ll have to know how to remove the screen yourself, it was professionally installed and I don't know how they did it. It was purchased from the Big Picture People. I'm keeping the receivers/speakers/bling and just selling the projector and screen. Pictures:
  2. It makes it a self fulfilling prophecy, they won't bother updating because there is no point.
  3. Personally, it was always going to be a brilliant move because the soundtrack was perfect.
  4. We are moving house soon and need to remove our screen. The installers installed it so I have no idea how they did it so I need to remove it correctly. Is it difficult to do? What holes will be left in the wall once it's gone, I really have no idea. Thanks.
  5. Just getting into the scene and realized I don't know anything. I have a home theater, and as I'm about to move house unfortunately the projector can't be installed in the new apartment. Need advice on what to choose instead.
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